Divi Discount Code 2023 – Get $25 OFF on Elegant Themes [Coupons & Promo Codes]

Are you looking for the best divi discount code & coupon to purchase the Divi theme builder from elegant themes? Divi is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. It comes with hundreds of ready-made templates and layouts with extended features. It really helps you in designing a visually perfect website for your business.

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Legacy 20% Discount is Being Retired

Elegant theme discontinued their legacy 20% discount,

But hold on, we got your back!

Get 10% OFF on Divi Theme

(This 10% OFF deal is only valid for 24 hours per user, and after that period, you won’t get any other discount on elegant theme products, so hurry up now!)

Previously, the elegant theme offered a 20% discount on their divi theme and other products until the end of 25th January 2022, which is approximately $50 USD savings on the divi lifetime deal. But now, they’ve changed the maximum discount on their divi theme and other products from 20% to 10%.

Now, don’t waste any more time and save a flat 10% OFF on the divi theme before this deal gets expires…

And after the divi discount code, the pricing for the divi theme and plugin will be…

Plan Original Pricing Discounted Pricing Savings
Annual Subscription $89 $80 $9 (10% OFF)
Lifetime Subscription $249 $224 $25 (10% OFF)

Divi is not just a regular page builder or a theme – but it’s a lot more than anything which is available in the market today. With divi, you can do tons of extraordinary things, and the 2,000+ pre-built layout will help you build any kind of website you have ever dreamt of!

This is why divi is one of the market’s most popular themes and a powerful page builder plugin. And if you’re looking to get an exclusive divi discount code while purchasing the divi subscription, then you can try this exclusive elegant theme discount coupon and get a flat 10% OFF (approximately $25 OFF) discount on the divi theme (and it comes bundled with various elegant themes product – just for our readers).

Get $25 OFF on Divi Lifetime

This means you’ll get access to other elegant theme products bundled with your divi subscription, plus a flat 10% OFF on divi discount just by clicking on the button we shared above.

And these bundled products can include the Divi theme, Extra, Bloom & Monarch plugins. Your subscription also comes with unlimited website usage and hundreds of website layouts to easily build your site from scratch (Here is a list of website layouts you’ll get along with your divi and elegant theme subscription).

Here are a few more ongoing discount codes on divi that might help you save a few extra bucks on your purchase. These are the only working elegant themes coupon you’ll get for divi and other products of theirs.

Also note that hundreds of websites are ranking for elegant themes coupons or divi discount codes with 50-70% discounts, but none of these coupons actually work.

It’s because the elegant theme only offers a 10% discount on divi and other products – but if you want to save a little more on their products, you’ve to wait till the black friday or cyber monday offer.


About Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a drag-and-drop page builder, allowing anybody to easily create beautiful content within minutes. The Divi has over 40 different types of elements you can use to create a visually engaging page with minimal effort.

It’s optimized for search engines to help your blog or website rank higher on Google. Divi also includes powerful customization features which allow you to create a fully customized theme in just minutes.

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Divi Theme by Elegant Theme

We know divi as one of the most feature-rich themes available. It has thousands of different layouts, elements, and add-ons that can be used to customize every aspect of your website or blog.

It allows you to create a fully customized theme with no coding skills required. Because of this, Divi is popular among bloggers and designers who want to create an elegant blog or website with many different layouts.

  • Drag & Drop Building: With the divi theme, you can easily create websites using this drag-and-drop page builder. It has all the features you need to create a website easily.
  • True Visual Editing: With divi, you can create an entire website with true visual editing in minutes. They packed this remarkable tool with features that let designers create their own websites easily.
  • Custom CSS Control: The Divi theme from Elegant themes offers a powerful way to customize your website’s layout. You can easily customize your blog posts, portfolio page, and even the widgets that appear on the sidebar with custom CSS control.
  • Responsive Editing: The divi theme will let you create a responsive website from scratch. This responsive editing and design tool is packed with features you need to quickly create a responsive website.
  • Undo, Redo, & Revisions: See or edit any change you made using this page builder. You can undo or redo every change at the click of a button and easily revert changes on your web page.

…and a lot more.

They constantly updated this theme with new features, making it one of the most popular themes available. And if you’re looking for a theme with everything you need to create a beautiful website, then Divi is a perfect choice.

Get 10% OFF on Divi


Elegant Themes License Type

The elegant theme offers two different types of pricing for divi subscriptions. The base pricing of getting divi starts from $89 for a year with unlimited website usage and one-year support, and the other plan with lifetime access to divi and all the other elegant theme products.

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Divi Pricing

Get 10% OFF on Divi

When it comes to choosing the best plan, I recommend you to select the lifetime license of divi which comes for $224/one-time after the discount of $25.

This discount is valid for just a few days more… so hurry up and save flat $25 OFF on divi using our exclusive divi lifetime discount code.

Here I’m sharing a brief introduction to their pricing structure and also letting you know which plan is best for you!

Divi Yearly Plan

When purchasing one of the most powerful page builders and themes out there, I generally don’t prefer to buy the yearly subscription when a lifetime subscription is available at such a dirt price.

But if you’re someone who just wants to give it a shot on your website, then you can go with the annual pricing. It comes with a license for the unlimited website at such lower pricing no one could ever deny.

The yearly plan will cost you $89 for an entire year, along with other elegant themes products, including bloom, monarch, and extra. You can also use our 10% OFF divi discount coupon to get a flat discount on your divi purchase.

Divi Lifetime Plan

The lifetime plan offered by elegant theme for divi subscription is one of the most popular plans out there. It is one of the best plans which you ever get for buying a divi subscription. Unlike the annual plan, it comes with lifetime access to divi and other products and premium support.

This plan also comes with unlimited website usage and bundled divi offers like the annual plan, and it will cost you $224 after the discount of $25, which is exclusively available for you (Get a $25 Discount on Divi). Normally, the lifetime plan comes at a price tag of $249, which is a one-time payment for lifetime access to divi.

💡 Things to Remember

Divi comes with two pricing, annual and lifetime. I recommend you choose the lifetime membership because it comes at a cost-effective price with access to unlimited websites, hundreds of website packs, and lifetime premium support. You can claim your discount here.

  • Annual Plan: Choose this plan only if you need a divi theme to use on your website for temporarily and later you want to shift to some other theme.
  • Lifetime Membership: Choose this plan if you’re aware of the features of divi and its powerful drag-and-drop website builder.

Divi Annual vs. Lifetime Plan – Which One Should We Recommend?

Now, you may be confused as to which plan to choose – the annual plan or the lifetime plan. To give you a clear idea about both plans, we have compared and compiled them in this table.

Particulars Annual Plan  Lifetime Plan
Websites Unlimited websites Unlimited websites
Product updates Till the end of the plan Lifetime updates
Support Premium Support till the end of the period Lifetime support
Risk-Free Guarantee YES YES
Pricing $89 per year $249 one-time payment

As you can see from the table, the annual plan and lifetime plan differ only in cost. In addition to access to hundreds of websites, in both plans, you also get access to the most popular themes such as Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch.

So can you decide which plan to opt for?

It depends on the specific needs of your website and budget. The Divi Annual plan provides access to updates and support for one year, while the Lifetime plan provides access to updates and support for as long as Divi is actively developed.

  • Lifetime Plan: If you have already used Divi and love using it, and you plan on using Divi for multiple years and wish to have access to updates and support for the entire time, the Lifetime plan may be of better value. This is the best option for people who already have a taste of Divi and the amazing features it has to offer.
  • Annual Plan: However, if you are only planning on using Divi for a short period of time, the Annual plan may be a better fit for your budget. You can play around, get a hold of what this page builder has to offer for you and decide to opt for a lifetime plan later.

If you ask for my recommendation, then I would definitely recommend choosing the lifetime plan.


Because I have used Divi, it is the best theme and page builder from elegant themes. I have used it, loved it, and I still continue using it. Plus, with our exclusive divi discount code, you can save an extra $25 on your purchase – which is really insane. That is why I 100% recommend it to all my dear readers.

But ultimately, you should weigh the cost and benefits of each option to determine which one is right for you.


How to Purchase Divi Builder in 2023 {With Divi Discount}?

Not sure how to purchase divi theme from elegant themes? We know sometimes it can be tricky to purchase a few things online related to services like this, but if you want to purchase the divi theme and are unsure how to make your purchase along with the divi discount code, then this tutorial is for you!

Here in this tutorial, we will share all the steps which make purchasing a divi theme super-easy for you, and by following this guide, you can purchase the theme within a minute or two.

So once you decide to purchase the divi theme, click here to visit their official discount page. Once you reach this page, the discount coupon will automatically be applied to you.

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Purchasing Divi by Elegant Themes (with Discount)

Once you’re on their official discount page, scroll the page to the pricing section, and here you’ll see the discounted pricing with a 10% discount coupon already applied to your cart.

💡 Things to Remember:

This 10% OFF discount pricing is only valid for 24 hours per user, and after that period, you’ll not get any other discount on elegant theme products, so act now.

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Divi Pricing

Now you can choose the plan that suits you best and then click on the “Signup Today” button just after the pricing table.

I’ll recommend you choose the “Lifetime Plan” it’s because you’ll get this plan at an impressive price, along with lifetime updates and premium support. Don’t worry; your purchase comes covered with a risk-free 30-day guarantee, so if you don’t like the divi theme, you’ll instantly ask for a full refund within 30-days.

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Complete Your Purchase Page – Divi

Once you click on the “Sign up Today” button, you’ll instantly be redirected to the checkout page, here, it will ask few basic details from you and once you entered all details, hit the “Complete Registration” button shown in green color for making the payment.

Hurray! you’ve successfully purchased your divi theme from the elegantthemes website with a discount coupon.


How to Install Divi Theme by Elegant Themes?

Not sure how to install the Divi theme on your website? In this article, we’ll walk you through a guide on installing the Divi theme on your website.

To begin with, you need an account with Elegant Themes. If you don’t have one already, click here to create and activate your account.

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Download Divi Theme

Once you log in to your account, click on the “Downloads” showing on the left side of the menu, and then click on the “Download” button showing just after the “Installing Divi” table.

It will start downloading the divi theme to your system.

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Installing WordPress Theme

Once the divi theme is downloaded into your system, open your website and click on “Appearance > Themes.” It will further redirect you to the theme page from where you can change your website theme to divi and start using it.

divi coupon code, divi discount, divi discount code, elegant themes coupon code, elegant themes discount, elegant themes discount code
Uploading WordPress Theme

Now click on the “Add New” button showing on the themes page and then click on the “Upload Theme” button. Once you click on the upload theme button, it will open a box asking you to choose a file to install.

Select the theme you downloaded to your system and then click on the “Install Now” button.

Once the theme is installed on your website, you can activate it by clicking on the “Activate” button, and your website will be automatically refreshed. If everything went well, you would see a message saying: Congratulations! Your new Divi installation is complete! 

The Backend Of Divi- How It Works

This is the backend of how divi builder works on your website. It’s really easy to use this powerful page builder on your website, and you can change your website using it.

These changes can include basic features like changing typography and colors to high-end features like designing custom layouts, global elements, etc.


Features Of Divi Page Builder

Divi has many advantages that help you execute the designing process very conveniently. You can work on every part of your page and make it fully optimized.

Here is a brief explanation of some of the best divi features:

True Visual Editing with Drag & Drop Builder

Divi theme builds with ease premium quality layouts to customize the look of your website without touching a single line of code. Each page can be customized in several ways – change colors, fonts, or add sections. This makes the theme very flexible and can cater to almost any look you may have.

The drag-and-drop builder enables users to add different elements such as headers, footers, background color, text styles, filters, and menus. With so many editing options available, even the least experienced users will have no problem customizing their designs.

Custom CSS Control & Responsive Editing

The divi builder comes with a responsive editing mode and a custom CSS control option from which you can add custom CSS to any elements you will use on your website or the page.

You can customize them as per your needs, and it also has the option to customize elements on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets for responsive editing. It really makes your website looks pixel-perfect on every device type and helps in attracting more peoples towards your website.

Save & Manage Your Design

With lots of control over your designs and layouts, Divi can save and manage your designs. You can create a new layout for your website and save them as a template for future needs.

It is a useful feature, especially when you’re creating pages with similar layouts or if you want to use similar designs on all of your websites.

Undo, Redo, & Revisions

What happens when mistakingly you’ve deleted any element from your website while customizing the layout? No worry, divi comes with an undo, redo, and revision option, which is helpful in cases like this.

So now you not have to worry about any mistakes; you can anytime undo and redo things while designing with divi builder, and it also saves the revision for future needs.

Global Elements & Styles

Like any page builder plugin, the Divi builder also comes with global elements and style options. You can create global elements for your websites like header, footer, and other layouts as per your need and embed them on your website.

So all these features make this theme one of the best themes out there with tons of features and a powerful drag-and-drop-based divi builder. It will help you build any type of website layout you want without paying a hefty amount to developers and designers.

Unlimited Website Usage

Finally, one of the best things about Divi is its unlimited website usage. Considering that if you purchase their yearly or lifetime plan, you will be allowed to use that theme for as many sites as you want.

In addition, they offer a 10% discount code, which makes purchasing this amazing plugin easier than ever before. This kind of feature isn’t found in every page builder.


Divi also offers some freebies like free website templates, free layout packs, and other things that help you build your site easily without any coding knowledge. This is one of the main reasons why people love this theme and recommend it to others.

So these were some of the best features of Divi that make it one of the best WordPress themes out there. If you’re looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use theme, I highly recommend Divi. It will help you easily build any type of website without any coding knowledge.

And if you use our divi discount code, you will get a flat 10% OFF on all of their plans, making it an even better deal. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab this amazing theme now and start building your dream website today.


Other Elegant Theme Product Available with Divi Theme

When you purchase a divi theme from their website, you will get access to the divi theme and other products that elegant themes offer.

Some of the other popular products from elegant themes are as follows:

  • Extra Theme: It is a magazine theme with many features and options. You can use this theme to create any type of website like news, magazine, or blog site.
  • Bloom Plugin: It is an email opt-in plugin that helps you to grow your email list. It has many features and integrations that make it one of the best email opt-in plugins.
  • Monarch Plugin: It is a social media sharing plugin with many features and options. This plugin can add social media sharing buttons on your website and grow your social media following.
  • Divi Builder Plugin: It is a WordPress plugin with many features and options. You can use this plugin to build any website layout you want without coding knowledge.

Each of these products comes with its own set of features and options. So you can find a product that meets your specific needs and requirements.

And if you use our divi discount code, you will get a flat 10% OFF on all of these products, making it an even better deal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still, got doubts? Here I’m sharing a few FAQs that will help you clear your doubts easily related to the divi discount code and divi theme purchase…

Can I See Divi Demo Before Purchasing It?

Yes, you can find the demo of the Divi theme on their official website. Demo mode allows users to explore the divi theme and allows you to access all of its features before making a purchase.

You can learn more about the divi theme’s capabilities and a demo website link here.

How Much Can I Save with Divi Discount Code?

With the Divi discount coupon code, you can save up to 10% OFF on your divi purchase and a flat $25 OFF on their elegant theme membership purchase.

It is really a good plan to purchase, and you’ll get an elegant theme subscription with lifetime free support and updates with your plan. And yes, you can also use this theme on your unlimited websites.

Divi Annual vs. Lifetime? Which One is the Best Plan for Me?

The yearly plan will cost you $80 after the discount of 10% to you, and the lifetime membership comes at a price point of $224 after the discount of $25 for you.

So if you ask me, I’ll recommend you grab the lifetime membership of an elegant theme subscription. It is cost-effective and comes with unlimited website support, hundreds of website packs, and lifetime premium support. You can claim your discount here.

Is the Divi Theme Mobile-Friendly?

As mentioned previously, the Divi theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It can be viewed on all platforms, including smartphones and tablets, and functions smoothly on them as well.

Can I Try Divi Theme for Free Before Purchasing it?

Yes, it is possible for you to use the Divi theme even before you decide whether or not to purchase it. Using this link, you will be taken to a Divi theme demo page, which allows you to try the Divi theme and all of its features for a limited period of time before you decide to purchase it.

Can I Design Multiple Websites with Divi?

After extensive testing and review by our team of experts, we are happy to report that Divi is most definitely the theme for you if you want to design more than one website with WordPress. And it is also the best theme available if you want a high-quality theme with a comprehensive selection of beautiful layouts and page templates.

Is the Divi Discount Code Still Valid?

Yes, the divi discount code is still valid and can be used to save up to 10% on the purchase of the Divi theme. You can find the latest discount codes and offers on the Elegant Themes website, where you can find out more about how to save.

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to building a visually perfect website, divi gives tough competition to other themes and page builders out there, including some of the popular names like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. When it comes to plan and pricing, no one can beat divi theme, as it comes with a lifetime subscription with unlimited usage at such a price no one could ever deny.

And if you’re getting $25 OFF on the divi lifetime discount or a flat 10% OFF on the divi annual discount, I recommend you to just grab them. It’s because grabbing deals like this is a golden opportunity for you and helps you build a visually perfect website that converts in the future.

In addition to this, it comes with hundreds of layouts especially curated by an elegant theme, which makes your website perfect and makes it easy for you to use almost immediately. You just need to pick a template, tweak it just a little bit, and your website is ready for use in a matter of seconds.

In addition, if you’re serious about building a perfect website for yourself or for your clients, then I strongly suggest you to grab the lifetime subscription to Divi, which comes with a lot of benefits that you’re sure to love. Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful to you in getting a discount on Divi – if it was, please let us know in the comments below, and we will be happy to assist you further.

Happy Blogging 🙂

Divi Discount Code 2023 – Get $25 OFF on Elegant Themes [Coupons & Promo Codes]


Divi is a WordPress theme that’s been designed with search engines in mind. It’s meant to help you rank higher on Google with your blog or website. It has a powerful drag-and-drop page builder that may be used to create many different types of websites.

The Divi theme includes over 40 distinct components that you can utilize to create a visually appealing page with ease. And with its powerful customization tools, you can a website with custom design in minutes.

  • Powerful Drag & Drop Builder
  • Controls on CSS
  • Responsive Editing
  • Global Elements & Styles
  • Pre-made Templates


  • Comes with a lifetime deal & a 10% OFF discount.
  • It has a powerful drag and drops page builder and tons of pre-made templates.
  • Responsive editing & full control over on CSS.


  • None

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