Divi Theme Review – Should You Consider Divi Theme or Not?

Building a website from scratch sounds exhausting, especially to people who’re new to coding or web development. If you feel the same way, I’m definitely sure you’ve heard about the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. It’s a powerful WordPress theme that simplifies the whole website building process.

The Divi theme offers an easy drag-and-drop builder that anyone can use without writing any code. It also has a library of pre-built layouts and elements that you can customize as per your needs.

So, should you consider using the Divi theme or not? This guide covers all the information you need about Divi before making it your partner in your WordPress journey.

Let’s get started…

About Divi Theme

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Theme

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress theme developed by Elegant Themes. This theme is mostly preferred by people because of its user-friendliness design and ability to create any kind of website. With this theme in your hand, you can create any kind of website, from small to full-fledged eCommerce websites.

Further, this theme offer tons of layouts and designs for your websites, and you can tweak the CSS to make your website stand out from the crowd. All you need to do is, install the Divi plugin on your website or use the divi theme with a pre-built page builder.

Here’s why Divi theme is the best choice for people…

  • Divi theme is a versatile website-building platform that gives you the power to create beautiful designs with staggering ease and efficiency.
  • It is a brand-new theme for creating websites that substitute a far more effective visual editor for the default WordPress post editor.
  • Divi theme is loaded with dozens of plugins, 2000+ Pre-made designs, and 200+ Full website packs. Brand new layouts are enrolled every week.
  • With 200+ website elements, the Divi theme has a module for everything and everyone.
  • Divi’s customization tools are impeccable, as they give you the power to design every facet of your website.

…and many more!

Plan & Pricing – Divi Theme

Divi WordPress theme caters to both inexperienced and professionals. A person with no coding background can easily create a visually appealing website using this WordPress theme.

It won’t be too far stretched to say that the Divi theme is for everyone. In this section, we’ll explore Divi’s versatility aspect.

Divi WordPress Theme for Small Businesses

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi WordPress Theme for Small Businesses

Why is Divi an ideal choice for small business owners? Because Divi eliminates the coding-dependency factor, anyone on the Divi theme can build a website using Divi’s visual builder. No code is required.

The world of WordPress is enormous, and its complexity can scare away users. It is hard to navigate the WordPress ecosystem of plugins and then combine them together. It can get confusing. However, with thousands of pre-made designs and content elements, it becomes fairly easy with Divi.

Here are some features that make Divi the ideal choice for a small business:

  • No code design
  • Full-site editing
  • Hundreds of contents elements
  • Perfect for marketing
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Thousands of free layouts
  • 24×7 premium support
divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Pricing

To access the above feature and start your online business, you must purchase a Divi premium membership from the link below.

Get Divi Theme

Divi for Online Store Owners

The versatility of the Divi theme makes it ideal for online store owners. Divi integrates with WooCommerce, which provides visual builder access to WooCommerce product pages, cart pages, checkout pages, and many more. With the help of Divi’s visual builder, you can fully customize your online store.

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi for Online Store Owners

A/B testing, condition options, built-in social media integration, and support for numerous email marketing services are just a few of Divi’s distinctive conversion-boosting features.

Run Countdowns, Sales, and Promotional Content with Dynamic Display Conditions are some advanced functionality that Divi provides.

It is observed that most of the time, the store you envisioned will require custom code and web design experience. However, with Divi, you don’t need any custom code as everything is customized using its visual design layer.

Here are some more features provided by Divi for online store building:

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Features for Store

To get access to this dream-like store-building experience, you must purchase a Divi premium membership.

Divi for Web Developers

Divi is a paradise for Web Developers because Divi was created ‘by designers for designers’. Divi gives total creative control to you, and you don’t have to worry about touching a single line of code unless you really want to make some serious customization to your website.

Divi’s cloud stores all your digital WordPress assets, so you don’t have to spend more time shaping your new website. They take shape in no time.

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi for Web Developers

Maintaining third-party plugins and blocks can become conflicting, leading to performance issues. But since Divi is more than capable of doing it all by itself, your website will require fewer plugins, resulting in a faster website load time and fewer conflicts.

Here are some more features provided by Divi:

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Features for Developers

All of these features unlock with Divi premium subscriptions, which will cost you $89 per year for using this theme on your WordPress website. In the yearly plan, you will get access to Divi Extra and Monarch features, all paid website plans, product updates, premium support, and permission to use this WordPress theme on unlimited websites.

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Pricing

On the other hand, you can also get all these features for your website in the lifetime package. The lifetime Divi WordPress theme pack will cost you $249 and give you the right to use this theme on unlimited websites.

Divi for Web Design Agencies

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi for Web Design Agencies

Divi is your agency’s best companion. It boosts your team’s productivity and unleashes their potential with its no-code visual builder. Divi’s visual builder gives your team complete control over every facet of your website. All of your team assets are stored in the Divi cloud, so the new website takes no time to take shape.

With Divi’s 14 years of experience, you won’t have to worry about your client’s site becoming broken or getting vulnerable. Divi knows just how to handle them.

Here is what users of Divi are saying about their Divi experience:

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Testimonial

And here are some features of Divi that make it an ideal choice for your agency:

  • Beautiful design presets
  • Easy controls on every part of your website
  • Quick and easy-to-use action interface
  • Bulk formatting and editing of your web pages
  • Advanced web page editing is possible

Plus, you can save extra on your purchase using the divi discount code.

How to Purchase Divi WordPress Theme

Not sure how to purchase the divi theme subscription? I know sometimes it gets tricky to purchase some subscriptions, and if you’re not sure which plan is good for you and you need a helping hand to buy it, here’s a step-by-step guide for you to get the Divi WordPress subscription.

divi theme, divi theme review
Purchasing Divi by Elegant Themes (with Discount)

To purchase the Divi theme subscription, you must visit the Elegant Themes website and click on the ‘Get Divi Now’ button.

You will be redirected to a new page with two subscription plans, which are:

  • Yearly Access – $89/year
  • Lifetime access – $249 one-time payment
divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Pricing

After selecting the plan, click on ‘Join Today’, and you will be requested to fill out your personal details. Fill in all the details required, select payment methods, and click on ‘Purchase.’

divi theme, divi theme review
Complete Your Purchase Page – Divi

Congrats! Your subscription is now active, and you can start using all features of the Divi theme.

Features of Divi WordPress Theme

Divi WordPress Theme is one of the world’s most popular WordPress Theme and WordPress page builders. Here are some key features of Divi WordPress Theme that isolate it from the myriad of other WordPress visual editors:

Immaculate Customization

Divi’s customization features are flawless. You can play around with the theme with all the effective tools available on your dashboard.

Unlike in most WordPress themes, where you have to go back and forth and do check-ups in the back-end as you make any change in your website, Divi’s builder makes this process hassle-free and allows you to observe the changes made in your website in real time.

Divi comes loaded with a wide collection of content elements. Thousands of other free and paid Divi community members’ elements are available for download.

Native Content Elements

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Native Elements

Divi includes many native elements that can be used to build just about any kind of website, whether it be a site to display your blog posts, share your newsletter, or design an eye-pleasing portfolio.

Divi’s versatility caters to all. A vast collection of native content elements is available to fit every user’s needs.

Native eCommerce Elements

divi theme, divi theme review
Native eCommerce Elements

With dozens of  WooCommerce elements provided by Divi, you can customize your WordPress store and get the necessary features your business needs to make it stand out online.

Drag and Drop Building

divi theme, divi theme review
Drag and Drop Building

The easy-to-use tools allow you to add, delete and move elements around on the front end of your website without having to worry about the complex and confusing back-end options. Divi is highly visual, allowing you to do bulk editing, change image settings and dimensions, and add special effects.

You can make all types of changes and do module shifting in your website front end with Divi’s visual builder by simply dragging and dropping.

To assist you in making your page layouts more attractive, the Divi Builder employs multiple rows and columns in the layout. You are also allowed to add a variety of modules to your website layouts, such as online video players, sliders of multiple designs, and call-to-action buttons that can make things easier for you.

Note – You can also use Elementor Pro to make customize your website to another level. Read this blog to know how you can do it.

Each of these modules may change the entire look of your website so that they match your plans and deliver you exactly what you need.

Divi’s builder tool has been updated many times over the years and is now undoubtedly one of the best, if not The best, page builders available in WordPress.

24×7 Live Chat Support

divi theme, divi theme review
DIvi 24×7 Live Chat Support

If you ever need any assistance with any Divi product, you can reach Divi’s support team via the live chat option. If you don’t get immediate assistance, you can close the chat window, and an answer will be sent to you to your registered email.

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Theme Documentation

Divi’s forum has an article available for all, covering almost every feature and functionality of the Divi theme.

You can search for your query on the community forum, and if unable to find a solution, you can leave your query on the forum, and the ever-active Elegant community will answer it in no time. You can interact with the Elegant community and solve your query in real time.

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Facebook Group

Users who adore Divi and want to grow the Divi community are pretty active on the forum. It continues to be a community-based tool, and its community is moderated by wonderful volunteers and Divi theme supporters. Elegant Themes tries to maintain the community environment it began with.

You can add your query in a post, and the other group members will answer it under comments. After your query is solved, it is mandatory to place *SOLVED* at the top of your post.

Unlimited Usage With No Additional Cost

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Layout Pack

Divi has thousands of website layouts and plugins. But if you feel the need to use other commercial plugins, there is no additional cost for that. Monarch, Bloom, Woocommerce, MemberPress, Modula, and Paid Membership Pro are famous plugins packed with Divi.

divi theme, divi theme review
Divi Modules

All of these and many more are included in the subscription only. If you run an agency, Divi allows you to have a diverse user base because you can create different sites without worrying about additional costs.

Divi has over 2000+ pre-made designs and 200+ full website packs to choose from, all included in the subscription pack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Divi that most people have in their minds.

Does Divi offer a monthly subscription?

Currently, Divi has 2 pricing options: Yearly access for $89 a year. Lifetime access for $249 a year. However, customers get a 30-day trial period with their purchase. They can cancel their subscription within the trial period if they don’t find the product satisfactory.

Will I be able to use Divi without any coding knowledge?

Yes, one can use Divi even if they have never written a single line of code. Divi will enable you to experience a swift drag-and-drop feature to create a beautiful website. With Divi, you do not need to worry about long lines of code and testing out its functioning.

Can I add my custom CSS code to Divi?

Yes, you can easily combine Divi’s visual design control with your own custom CSS. Custom CSS will be needed on your website if you are planning to make significant visual changes.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my active subscription?

Divi offers no-question-asked refunds to all users but only within 30 days of the purchase. If the customer is not happy with their product, they can simply send an email regarding the cancellation of their purchase, and they’ll get a refund.

Wrapping Up

Divi Theme by Elegant is the world’s most widely used premium WordPress theme. Divi puts you in the front seat of the website-building process. Divi turns WordPress into a no-code website builder so anyone can use it, whether you’re someone with no coding experience or a web designer. Divi is for everyone.

At this point, choosing Divi is a no-brainer as it works like any other modern-day software. Responsive editing, with easy redo and undo options. You can also go through your whole editing history.

To summarize the whole review, you should consider the Divi theme. Not only will you get Divi theme with the subscription, but you’ll also get access to all their plugins and themes, unlike other WordPress Themes, where you’ll have to pay for commercial plugins and layouts.

Divi also integrates with many useful plugins(Email Marketing, Social Sharing, Online Services, Twitter, Facebook, WooCommerce, Bloom, and Monarch).

To get the Divi theme at a discounted price, click here

So what do you think about the Divi WordPress theme? Do you think that it is enough to cater to the needs of a regular WordPress user? Share your views in the comments below and share this Divi review with all those who are willing to create their WordPress website.

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