How to Delete “Uncategorized” Category in WordPress

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Not sure how to delete an uncategorized category in WordPress? When we install a new WordPress on our domain name, it automatically creates a category named “Uncategorized” and there is no option to delete it. This could result in an extra category that is mismatched with content on the blog and we wanted to …

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How to Add and Update WordPress SVN Repository with CLI

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Not sure how to upload your WordPress plugin or theme in SVN Repository after getting the approval? I know, It’s a lot of difficult and hard work process to create a WP plugin, submitted them for review, and getting approval from the WP team. Along with the approval of your plugin, they’ve provided …

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How to Fix Defer Parsing of JavaScript in WordPress

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Not sure how to fix defer parsing of JavaScript in WordPress and not sure what does it means? Defer parsing of JavaScript means loading the JS files after all elements of websites (i.e, HTML & CSS) get completely loaded. It is a necessary process that helps in boosting the speed of your website …

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