How to Use Elementor’s Website Kits Library for Building a Website

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Creating a website from scratch can be tedious and time-consuming work and sometimes we end up creating a website that isn’t responsive and user-friendly. So, to take care of this, elementor has recently introduced a “website kit” as a part of their 3.3 release. It simply lets you build powerful and responsive websites …

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How to Get User ID in WordPress? (Quick Ways)

get user in wordpress, wordpress get user by id, wordpress get_user_by, wordpress get_users

Not sure how to get a user ID in WordPress? In WordPress, there are many reasons when we need to find the user ID of an account and sometimes we are not quite sure how to get it. Sometimes even when I develop custom WordPress elements, I have to google the way of …

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How to Delete “Uncategorized” Category in WordPress

remove uncategorized category, remove uncategorized category in wordpress, remove uncategorized wordpress, uncategorized

Not sure how to delete an uncategorized category in WordPress? When we install a new WordPress on our domain name, it automatically creates a category named “Uncategorized” and there is no option to delete it. This could result in an extra category that is mismatched with content on the blog and we wanted to …

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How to Add and Update WordPress SVN Repository with CLI

svn command, update plugin svn, upload plugin wordpress, wordpress svn, wordpress svn command

Not sure how to upload your WordPress plugin or theme in SVN Repository after getting the approval? I know, It’s a lot of difficult and hard work process to create a WP plugin, submitted them for review, and getting approval from the WP team. Along with the approval of your plugin, they’ve provided …

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