Best Grammar Checker Software for macOS | Including Free Proofreading Tools

Today we all live in a world where we are judged on the quality of English we speak and well the world was judgy before but now, it’s ruthless. Make a grammar mistake anywhere on the internet and an army of Grammar Nazis will charge at you.

There are so many languages in the world and each has its beauty but still English is the universal language, sometimes even your intelligence is judged on the basis of the quality of English you can speak.

It’s okay not to be great at the English language, it’s just a language but if you really want some help with your grammar, well I will be suggesting you some great grammar checkers you can use for your macOS. Whether you are a blogger who needs to check their articles or just have a fast look at your social media posts etc, these will help you.

Now choosing even my dress for the day is a stressful process so I get choosing an application from the millions available out there can be a hectic process. You have to go through so many features and look if it’s best compatible for you or just a sham.

Well, let me help you, at least with this decision. I will present you with the best of the best apps with all their features listed and also with their pros and cons. I hope the descriptions help you to get the best grammar checker for you.

Why Proofreading is important?

We are so used of using slangs daily that sometimes, even without our notice, something sneaks up in our writing and well if you are a writer, editor, or something in a similar profession, well you definitely can’t risk any mistakes in what you publish.

It’s not just for them, but even if you are working, you have to write professional emails and there cannot be a mistake. Many companies make it a necessity for you to be good at English to be working with them and we are humans who sometimes make mistakes unknowingly, which absolutely cannot happen in an email to your boss.

If you are a blogger, well then I don’t even need to tell you how dire a grammar checker is for you. We all know how messed up Google algorithms can be at times, and with lots of mistakes in your blogs, I am pretty sure it will tank your rankings.

It’s not just Google but well as our crazy human brains are wired, we tend to focus on the mistakes more and that happens while reading too. So the visitors of your blog will not want to read it, hence taking your rankings even more.

Proofreading is a must even if you are posting something on social media, basically, it’s a must and checking every word you right is just a waste of your time and so you can use a little help of Grammar checkers as they do it for you and very efficiently too, I might add.

What’s the Best Grammar Checker for You?

So now, as we have discussed the needs of proofreading, the question arrives of what is the best grammar checker for your macOS and how do you choose the best one for you. Well, you don’t have to go looking for one as I have made a list of the best ones for you.

You are all different people with different professions and different requirements and I will be listing the apps that have almost all of the features to help you all and you can pick the best one for you. Well, as you know, not all apps are compatible with macOS or even great for it, so I checked out the best grammar checkers for macOS so you don’t have to.

Even if you only include the grammar checkers compatible with your macOS, it still leaves you with a lot of options. To find the perfect match for you, you have to look for your requirements from it, if it’s free or expensive for your budget, if it works with your other apps or not and so many other things.

Well, don’t get overwhelmed, just go through their pros and cons and you can decide if it’s worth getting or not and you are gold. All you have to do is find the best fit for you among these finest grammar checkers for your macOS.

Best Grammar Checkers for Your macOS

Well, I am not Buzzfeed so my lists are actually what they say they are (I know; I know I am only funny for myself). I hope I made finding your grammar checker for your macOS a little easier as you go through this list.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is literally the first choice for most people. So many professional writers recommend it because well it is the Iron man of grammar checkers. You might like any Avengers but let’s be honest, everyone loves Iron man.

So the reasons for its huge popularity are that it’s great for all and has so many amazing functions. Grammarly uses an AI tech to extensively check everything and finds literally all the grammar and spelling mistakes.

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Grammarly even works as a plagiarism checker which is great news for the writers as it is very possible to have an idea, someone else has already had which can harm your credibility and it also allows you to choose between US English and British English.

Although it has a great free version, the premium one is a little pricey but with amazing efficiency. It also helps you correct your mistakes by giving good suggestions to replace the mistakes with. It is the number one choice of so many people because of its prominent grammar knowledge.

Grammarly has a huge list of pros that clearly outweigh the cons, and the only problem I could find with it is when you compare it to a person as a proofreader who can portray the emotions better than an AI tech ever could.


  • Extensive grammar perfection
  • Uses AI tech
  • Free version available
  • Grammar and spell checks
  • Plagiarism checks


  • Premium version is a little pricey
  • Not as perfect as an editor for writers


2. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a very popular grammar checker among macOS users because of its numerous features and very affordable pricing. It doesn’t just grammar and spell checks but also comes with a dictionary and a thesaurus.

It makes sure texts, emails, articles, etc are just to the point perfect with its numerous flashy features. It has an editor to make sure your work’s style is fine too. It even has a plagiarism checker to make sure the content you are putting out is just yours.

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It doesn’t have a free version, but it sure gives you a free trial so you can check out just how perfect it’s a match for you. You don’t have to worry after the trial period either, as the price is just so reasonable. It’s very cheap when compared to other premium grammar checkers and just as effective.

The support staff are very supportive too. You can reach them during business hours and they will do their best to help you. WhiteSmoke even gives you video tutorials and error explanations to help you understand better your mistakes.

Even though it’s cheaper than Grammarly, but the reason behind it is WhiteSmoke isn’t as fast and accurate as Grammarly. It doesn’t mean WhiteSmoke is bad, it’s not just as perfect as Grammarly, and if you don’t mind a little lagging, then it might just be perfect for you.


  • Accurate Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Comes with a dictionary and a thesaurus
  • Free trial available
  • Affordable price range


  • No free version
  • Lags a little sometimes


3. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid doesn’t just help you by proofreading but also acts as a virtual tutor helping you on your way learning. It works perfectly on macOS and is so great for all macOS users.

It does an extensive search through your texts and finds every single grammar, spelling, or even punctuation errors and helps you correct it by giving perfectly appropriate suggestions to switch it with. It even tells you if you overuse a phrase or word too much which let’s be honest, isn’t too attractive.

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It helps you get your work error-free and helps you to create a sentence structure. It gives you a trial period as well. The prices of ProWritingAid are well within a reasonable range. If you look at all the functions, its price is well worth it.

It supports both US and British English so you can write in whatever’s more comfortable for you. It is great for budding writers and bloggers because of its impressive features to help you edit your content easily and even helps you add beauty to it.

It is a little slower than Grammarly and other apps but well if you keep a little patience, the patience sure gets rewarded. It doesn’t have a mobile version working with other apps, so that might be a huge problem for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Extensive grammar knowledge
  • Helps create sentence structure
  • Free version available.
  • Virtual tutor & fine suggestions.


  • Don’t have a mobile version
  • Lags a little


4. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best and the most popular Grammar checker apps out there. It helps you with your grammar, spelling as well as punctuation errors and is very accurate. It has a lot of impressive features that are very helpful and super easy to use.

Ginger has a free version and a paid version. The premium version prices are very close to Grammarly. Seriously, if you have a bigger budget and want the best of Grammar checker for your MAC, well choose any between Ginger and Grammarly.

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If you are a blogger, well you need to check the word count and even for many places you need to check them and Ginger gives you a word count and a character and a sentence count too. It even helps you replace words and phrases that you might have overused. It even formats your matter.

Ginger supports a lot of other major languages so if you aren’t writing in English, it might come in help for you too. The premium version has a virtual tutor too, to help you understand your errors better. macOS users can use it through chrome extensions as there’s no app available for them.

It even gives you a personal dictionary to add words that you have to use but aren’t correct according to the language. Although sometimes accuracy isn’t that perfect and also is a little slower in editing.


  • Very accurate.
  • Free version and premium version available.
  • As good as Grammarly.
  • Edits and formats your content.
  • Supports a lot of major languages.


  • Is a little slow while editing.
  • A little pricey.


5. Reverso

Reverso is another great grammar checker perfect macOS user. It isn’t just a grammar checker but works as a translator too. It helps you translate into so many major languages. It even works perfectly offline so you don’t have to worry about using a lot of your data.

It has an inbuilt dictionary which helps give you impeccable suggestions to replace your errors with. Reverso is totally free so if you are short on budget, you don’t have to worry about that. It is so easy to use that just with a click or two, you can check meanings, synonyms, etc.

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It even helps you with the context of your mistakes to help you learn and improve your skills. The best about Reverso is that it isn’t just for the English language but supports so many other languages so if you want to edit something in Spanish or Italian, well Reverso will help you with it.

It has a word limit of 600 words so if you want help with your emails or something small like that then Reverso is perfect for you but for a writer wanting to proofread larger pieces might have a problem with it. If you don’t mind a little work then Reverso still can be an excellent fit for you as you can check parts of your work one by one.

Reverso is also a little slower than other apps and lacks a variety of features. It has very limited options, but it is impeccable in the services it provides so if you are looking for a free app to help you with small texts then you have found your match.


  • Free & Easy to use
  • Efficient grammar and spell checker
  • Works for many major languages
  • Inbuilt dictionary & can function offline
  • Helps you improve your grammar skills


  • Word limit of 600
  • Lags a little
  • Not a lot of functions


6. Grammar Check

Its name might not give you an idea of what it does, so let me explain. It’s a great and efficient tool that helps you proofread your work and finds all grammar, spell, or punctuation errors. Grammar Check is pretty accurate and so could be very beneficial for you.

Grammar Check is totally free for you to use and make your content the best version of itself. It is very easy to use and as a plus it automatically rewrites your pieces as the best versions of themselves, editing it according to itself just like a bossy editor.

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Grammar Check

It even makes your content SEO friendly and alerts you if your content has anything plagiarised. If there are mistakes or something seems plagiarised, it helps you rewrite it into something perfect. It even is multilingual and supports a majority of major languages.

It doesn’t let you edit yourself so if you want that you might not love it. The suggestions aren’t perfect always and make your stuff a little weird seeming sometimes.


  • Easy to use & SEO friendly
  • Rewrites your pieces editing mistakes
  • Supports many major languages
  • Corrects grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Plagiarism checker


  • Doesn’t let you edit yourself
  • Not very accurate
  • Suggestions are not always right
  • Works only online on a browser



Deciding anything on the internet can be stressful and macOS users face another problem with it, to find apps and tools that work well with your macOS and don’t affect its efficiency can be hectic too. Well, you have a lot to worry about so I hope now you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

I have listed the best Grammar checkers for your MAC. If you want free versions or paid version, want to use it at some social media app or for editing your content, well whatever the features you were looking for in it, I hope you found them.

Choose the best one from the list, most suitable to you according to its features, and start editing, making your work error-free and just right.

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