12 Best AI Video Editors to Increase Your Productivity

In the fast-paced world of video content creation, efficiency is key. That’s where AI video editing tools come into play, transforming the editing process into a more streamlined and productive experience. 

Here, we’ll dive into the 12 best AI video editors designed to increase your productivity, featuring everything from automated editing capabilities to smart content generation. Whether you’re crafting content for YouTube or looking for the perfect app to polish your projects on iOS or Android, these tools have got you covered.

Top 12 AI Video Editing Tools

1. Pictory

Best suited for: Social media marketers and content creators focusing on short, engaging videos.

Pictory is top AI editing software designed for creating short social media videos and marketing content from existing long-form content. It utilizes AI to highlight key moments.


  • AI-driven highlights and summarization of long videos
  • Text-to-speech and automatic captioning
  • Social media export

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Streamlined content creation; great for repurposing content; automatic captioning improves accessibility.
  • Cons: Primarily focused on short-form content; may require additional editing for specific needs.

Price: Free trial; premium versions cost $23/month.

Productivity boost: By automatically summarizing and highlighting key points, Pictory enables users to quickly produce ready-to-share social media content.

2. Movavi Video Editor

Best suited for: Beginners and hobbyists looking for an easy entry into video editing.

Movavi Video Editor is a user-friendly AI video maker that stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. Ideal for beginners and intermediate users alike, it provides all the necessary features to edit quickly but qualitatively.


  • Automated video montage creation
  • AI background and noise removal
  • Advanced motion tracking

Pros & Cons;

  • Pros: Intuitive design; extensive library of filters, transitions, and effects; export online.
  • Cons: It may lack some advanced features for professional editing.

Price: Free trial, annual subscription for $54.95/year, or lifetime license for $79.95/one-time.

Productivity boost: Movavi Video Editor’s automatic features assist users in creating polished videos quickly, without the need for deep technical knowledge.

3. Synthesia

Best suited for: Educators, trainers, and marketers looking for a modern way to create engaging content.

Synthesia is an innovative AI video maker that allows users to create videos from text, utilizing AI avatars to deliver presentations or instructions, making it perfect for educational content.


  • AI-driven avatars for personalized video creation
  • Customizable scenes and backgrounds
  • Text-to-video technology

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Ease of use; unique avatar feature; efficient text-to-video creation.
  • Cons: Limited to avatar-based video creation, leaving less versatility for other types of video content.

Price: Free demo, paid plans start at $22/mo.

Productivity boost: Just type the text and get the video in a minute. That’s how Synthesia simplifies video creation, significantly reducing the time and resources needed for production.

4. Muse.ai

Best suited for: Content managers and educators looking for efficient video library management.


Muse.ai is a powerful AI video editor known for its advanced search capabilities and efficient video management system. It leverages AI to analyze videos for content, making it easier to find specific moments without manual tagging.


  • Advanced content-based search functionality
  • Automatic video tagging and categorization
  • High-quality video encoding and streaming

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Highly efficient search capabilities; intuitive interface; video management.
  • Cons: Limited advanced editing features; best suited for content management rather than creative editing.

Price: Free trial, paid subscriptions start at $15.98/month.

Productivity boost: By automating video tagging and offering powerful search tools, Muse.ai drastically reduces the time spent on video organization and retrieval.

5. Descript

Best suited for: Content creators who multitask across video editing, podcasting, and screen recording.


Descript is an all-in-one AI video editing tool that combines video editing, screen recording, and podcasting tools. It features text-based editing, where you can edit your video by editing the transcript.


  • Overdub feature to correct mistakes in speech
  • Screen recording and podcasting tools
  • Text-based editing for easy corrections and adjustments

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Revolutionary text-editing approach; comprehensive content creation suite; stock media library.
  • Cons: Text-based editing might not suit all types of edits.

Price: Free version, subscription-based, from $15/month.

Productivity boost: Descript’s unique text-based editing significantly accelerates the editing process, allowing for quick corrections and adjustments without traditional video editing hassle.

6. Runway

Best suited for: Creative professionals and teams looking for advanced AI editing tools.


Runway is a cutting-edge AI video editor that offers machine learning models directly in the editing suite, enabling remarkable creative effects and editing capabilities.


  • Real-time video effects powered by AI
  • Magic Tools for object removal and style transfer
  • Collaborative workspace for teams

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: User-friendly interface; innovative AI features for creative effects; collaborative features for team projects.
  • Cons: Some advanced features may require a learning curve; subscription cost may be high for some users.

Price: Free, paid versions start at $12/month per user.

Productivity boost: Runway enhances the creative possibilities and significantly reduces the time needed for complex edits, such as object removal or style transfers.

7. Vidyo.ai

Best suited for: Social media influencers, vloggers, and businesses looking to produce polished video content quickly.


Vidyo.ai is a smart AI video editing app designed to automate mundane tasks like trimming, adding subtitles, and enhancing video quality, making video editing accessible to everyone.


  • Automatic video trimming
  • AI-driven subtitles and captioning
  • Video stabilizer and enhancer

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: It is great for automating editing tasks, is easy to use for beginners, and enhances video quality with minimal effort.
  • Cons: Limited customization options for advanced users, primarily web-based.

Price: Free, paid options from $35 per month.

Productivity boost: By automating routine editing tasks, Vidyo.ai allows creators to focus on content creation rather than the technicalities of editing.

8. Visla

Best suited for: Marketers and creators looking for a straightforward, efficient way to produce videos.


Visla is another innovative AI video maker that can create cool videos from text. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to transform written content into engaging video content.


  • Transform blog posts into video
  • Text-to-video creation
  • Audio-to-video tool

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Intuitive; quick video production; no prior video production skills required.
  • Cons: Lacks depth for more complex editing projects.

Price: Free basic plan, premium plan for $24/month.

Productivity boost: Visla can turn any type of content into visually appealing videos quickly, thus speeding up the production cycle.

9. Rawshorts

Best suited for: Businesses and educators needing quick, effective educational videos.


Rawshorts is an AI video editor aimed at making explainer videos easy and fast to create. Its AI technology assists in converting text to animated videos.


  • Text-to-animated video conversion
  • Drag-and-drop editor with pre-made templates
  • AI-driven media and scene suggestions

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Efficiently creates explainer and animated videos; intuitive platform; good for non-designers.
  • Cons: Focuses mainly on explainer videos; customization options may be limited for advanced users.

Price: Starter (free trial), subscriptions from $25/month.

Productivity boost: With Rawshorts, you can easily transform your generated ideas into animated videos, allowing easier understanding for your target audience.

10. Windsor

Best suited for: Content creators and marketers focused on maximizing video engagement and performance.


Windsor is an AI video editing tool that excels in analyzing and optimizing video content for engagement, offering insights into performance and viewer preferences.


  • Video performance analytics
  • AI-driven editing suggestions
  • Integration with social media platforms

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Provides valuable insights for content optimization; easy to use; helps enhance viewer engagement.
  • Cons: Primarily analytics-focused; expensive subscription plans.

Price: Free version, price range starts from $49/month

Productivity boost: Windsor aids in understanding what content resonates with viewers, helping users to tailor their videos for better engagement.

11. Wisecut

Best suited for: Creators producing interview, vlog, or dialogue-centric content.


Wisecut uses AI to automate video editing tasks such as cutting silences, adding subtitles, and auto-editing for pacing, making it ideal for interviews, vlogs, and more.


  • Auto-removal of silences and filler words
  • Background noise removal and voice enhancement
  • Automatic subtitles and translation

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Storyboard text editing; enhances audio quality; affordable pricing
  • Cons: It may not suit all types of video projects.

Price: Free, premium plans from $15/month.

Productivity boost: Wisecut can save creators hours of time editing dialogue-heavy videos, as well as improve the overall audio and visual quality of their content.

12. Rephrase.ai

Best suited for: Businesses and marketers looking to personalize or scale their video content without the logistics of traditional video production.


Rephrase.ai stands out for its synthetic media technology, allowing users to create AI-generated videos from text, enabling personalized video messages or scalable video content creation.


  • Text-to-video with AI-generated human avatars
  • Customizable avatars and scenes
  • Multilingual support

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Easy to use; reduces the need for video shoots; time and cost-effective.
  • Cons: Dependence on AI avatars limits creative flexibility; quality may vary based on customization and premium plan.

Price: Free trial available, paid versions start at $25/month

Productivity boost: Rephrase.ai revolutionizes content production by allowing for the rapid creation of personalized video content from text.

Wrap up

From automatic editing to advanced analytics, AI editing software is reshaping the landscape of video production, making it more accessible and productive for creators everywhere.

Each AI video editor listed above brings a unique set of features aimed at optimizing the video editing process. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, these tools offer automated, smart solutions to help you edit more efficiently and creatively. 

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