7 Best AI Story Generator Tools for Story & Novel Writing in 2022 (with Pros & Cons)

Are you looking for the best AI story generator tool that can help you in writing stories and novels? I know, we all struggle really hard while coming up with new and compelling ideas and we really need to write stories and novels but don’t know where to start from.

If you’re also struggling with all these issues and looking for the best AI story generator tool, then today I’m going to discuss and share with you the 7 best AI story & novel generator tools that will help you write stories and novels in no time.

These tools are perfect for any fiction writer who wants to write a story and needs an idea. It will help you to create an interesting and engaging story without any difficulty whatsoever.

💡 Highlights:

This entire article was written using a tool called Jasper AI which uses artificial intelligence to generate stories and novels. You can also use this awesome AI tool to create your own stories.

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Some of these tools are free to use (until some limit) while some come at a cost. But all of them are powerful, capable, and will help you generate new stories that might not have otherwise occurred to you. You don’t need to worry about grammar or plot, either – these tools will take care of all that.

So if you’re looking for the best AI story generator tools, you must keep reading this article…

Here is a summary of the posts that you should read if you do not have time to read the whole post;

What is AI Story Generator

As the name itself suggests, an AI story generator is a software or online tool which helps in creating new stories, novels, plotlines, etc on an automated basis using the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning. You can understand them as artificial machines that write novels & stories based on the data you provide to them.

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Let Jasper.ai Write Your Story

These tools don’t work like a human writer – but instead, they rely on algorithms for creating stories. Tools like these are really helpful in avoiding problems such as writer’s block and lack of ideas. It will also help you generate stories that might never occur to you otherwise – and that can be a great advantage for storytellers.

These tools are really simple to use and come with a clean interface, you just have to enter your prompt and let your script write itself. These tools can be used for fiction, business, horror, sci-fi, romance, and even politics. It is really a helpful tool to generate new stories that you might never have thought of.

Perks of Using AI Story Generator;

  • 10X Faster Speed: AI story generator tools increase your productivity of writing a story drastically and they let you write 10x faster than a normal human writer. With AI tools, you can easily generate a story in a few minutes.
  • New & Interesting Ideas: AI tools help you to come up with fresh and interesting ideas that you may never have thought of, and this can be very helpful in getting noticed in the market.
  • Zero Writer’s Block: If you’re either a fiction writer (or any other writer) and want to write stories but don’t know where to start from then AI tools can come really handy. You don’t need to worry about any lack of ideas or writer’s block.
  • Improve Writing Skills: Tools like these are really helpful to improve your writing skills. Even an amateur writer can create something extraordinary with the help of AI story writing tools.

…and so on.

Best AI Story Generator for Writers

Now you know all the perks of using these AI story generator tools, so let’s talk about the 7 best AI story generator tools which you can use to write stories and novels.

These tools are really helpful for fiction writers, so don’t forget to check them out.

1. Jasper.ai (Recommended)

Jasper.ai (also known as Conversion.ai) is one of the best AI story-generating tools on our list. The tool is recommended by thousands of writers, and even I used this tool to write this entire blog post. It uses OpenAI’s advanced GPT-3 algorithms to create unique and compiling storyline text based on your input text.

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Jasper.ai (Formerly known as Conversion.ai)

This tool is perfect for anyone who is looking for an advanced AI-based storywriting tool for writing new stories and novels. And trust me, you’ll always be able to get unique and interesting plot ideas from this tool.

Besides generating stories and novels, you can also use this tool for generating anything in general, such as a blog post, copywriting ads, newsletters, product descriptions, and much more. It has a better understanding of what you want it to do than any other tool on the market, so you can be sure that its output will always be of high quality.

Pricing of Jasper.ai

For those who don’t know, Jasper.ai is a premium AI story generator tool that costs $29/mo for their “Starter” plan with a 20,000 words/mo limit and $59/mo for “Boss Mode” with 50K words/mo and goes up to 300K+ words.

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Jasper.ai Plan & Pricing

Get Jasper AI

But when it comes to feature and long-form story writing, these two plans differ in too many ways from one another. Some of these differences include:

  • Starter Plan: This plan only offers 20K words of content generation a month, and the reason I don’t really like this plan is that there’s only a 600 character limit for content creation, which is extremely low for someone who wants to generate creative story ideas. Generally, this plan is only recommended for people who rarely need to create long-form content.
  • Boss Mode: This plan starts with $59 per month for 50K words generation. But this plan can extend for additional word limits based on your requirements and needs with slab pricing.

Have you got confused between the two plans?

That’s understandable because this tool has too many features and prices to make you understand all of them. However, I can tell you that the biggest difference between the two plans is the unlimited word limit and the long-form editor, which has a higher prompt limit.

Therefore, I highly recommend people to use the “Boss Plan” if they’re into writing stories or novels.

Please note: Jasper.ai has recently changed its pricing from regular pricing to slab rates. It means now the pricing for this incredible tool is a bit more affordable for authors and writers and it starts from just $59/mo. I must recommend getting started with their “Boss Plan” at $59/mo for writing engaging and impressive stories and novels.


Jasper.ai is one of the best tools for AI story writing and it will always give you the best results. Using this tool, you’ll be able to write engaging & creative stories without any trouble and without experiencing any writer’s block. It has been over a year since I started using this tool and I haven’t had any issues with it whatsoever.

It is really a great tool with a very easy-to-use interface and it lets you write compelling stories and novels in your own tone without any difficulty. It also helps in improving your writing skills, so you’ll be able to write better with the help of this tool.


  • Jasper.ai is one of the best tools for long-form writing and it easily lets you write stories and novels.
  • It comes with tons of power-packed features, templates, and shortcuts.
  • It also comes with unlimited words, plagiarism & Grammarly support, and 25+ supported languages.


  • I don’t find any cons to using this AI story generator tool.

Get Jasper.ai

2. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is another great AI story writing tool that can be used for story writing & novel writing purposes. Due to a huge hit within the last 3-4 months of writing this article, this website has been acquired by Conversion.ai the same company who also owns Jasper.ai. It also uses GPT-3, which is one of the most advanced AI algorithms by OpenAI to generate unique human-like content.

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ShortlyAI – #2 Best Tool for AI Story Generator

Unlike other similar AI story writing tools, ShortlyAI’s interface is super easy to use and I personally liked it for preparing long-form articles (In case you are unfamiliar with my blogs and my content writing procedures, then I would be delighted to let you know that I am using ShortlyAI more than other tools for long-form content writing and this is the tool which helped me to scale my blogs from $0 to $2950/mo).

In case you are someone who is just bootstrapping their business into creative writings and story writings, then this is a tool that you should use daily, and it is most definitely the best for you. In the last 5-6 months, I have written over 100+ articles (combining articles from all of my blogs) using this tool, which has been a very easy task to accomplish. In addition to writing stories and novels, you can also use this tool for writing a variety of other things, including ads copy, plotlines, website contents, emails, etc.

Pricing of ShortlyAI

In terms of pricing, ShortlyAI is very competitive on the market, considering its features and the results that it can give you. It is a bit different from other AI writing tools since it comes with a single plan that you can purchase on a yearly and monthly basis.

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ShortlyAI Plan & Pricing

Try ShortlyAI for Free

The pricing of ShortlyAI starts from $65/mo with powerful command tools, unlimited words (fair usage policy), and continuous updates. There are many different writing tools out there to choose from, but the one I recommend after Jasper.ai for you to try is this one.

Here’s the difference between their annual & monthly plan;

  • Monthly Plan: ShortlyAI’s monthly plan comes at $79/mo (which is approximately $948/yr) and gives you unlimited AI output credits (fair usage policy). This option is only best for people who’re suitable for making month-to-month payments or just bootstrapping their business.
  • Annual Plan: In order for you to purchase ShortlyAI’s annual plan, you will need to pay around $780/yr (approximately $65/mo) for a whole year of unlimited AI output words. For those of you thinking about signing up for their annual plan, I recommend starting out with their monthly plan.

Got confused between annual or monthly plans? 

When I was thinking about purchasing this tool, I made the decision to get a monthly plan, which cost me approximately $79.00 per month. I purchased their monthly plan and got unlimited access to all of their tools, including their AI story generator.

I spent the first few weeks learning how to use them. At first, I wasn’t able to make it work for me but once I understood how it worked, I instantly switched to their annual subscription which offers more benefits to me.

Therefore, I recommend starting your journey with their monthly plan, and once you understood how it works, just switch to their annual subscription.


ShortlyAI is another incredible AI story writing tool for those who need to write engaging and creative stories or novels. You can use this tool for any type of writings, including story writing, novel writing, copywriting works, and sassy blog posts. Just like Jasper.ai, it also helps you with improving your writing skills and helps you become a better writer without any many difficulties.

And if you’re planning to start writing long-form content (be it stories or novels), then this tool is something you should not miss. In addition to this, if you are confused about their pricing, then I would suggest that you start with the monthly plan and later switch to their annual plan (of course, once you get used to it).


  • ShortlyAI is an incredible AI writing tool for story & novel writers.
  • It comes with competitive pricing with unlimited usage (obviously, with a fair usage policy).
  • It has a decent long-form editor, and you can write stories without any distractions.


  • Absolutely none, but after the acquisition, conversion.ai is not focused on this tool, but on Jasper.ai instead.

Try ShortlyAI for Free

3. Rytr.me

Rytr.me is a relatively new AI story generator tool on the market. It can help you write story plots, testimonials & reviews, song lyrics, questions & answers, profile bios, and tons of other things. It is really a powerful tool designed to provide you with the most effective outcome while writing short-form content using the GPT-3 model (the same model used in the above AI story generator tools) and with a few proprietary models for increasing your output response while writing.

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Rytr.me – #3 Best AI Story Generator

It is specifically geared towards supplying your short-form content with robust keywords, which are essential for targeting SEO readers or for unblocking writer’s block. In case quality is a concern, this tool can easily generate 3 different varieties of outputs in response to your prompt, but unlike the other tools I mentioned above, it limits your prompt to only 150-250 characters, which is extremely low and cannot be used for long-form writings.

Having said that, Rytr.me is a really handy tool, especially for an individual who needs to write a lot of short-form content for blogs, social media, or any other writing purposes. By using its pre-built templates and frameworks, you can easily get started on writing short-form content without having any difficulties.

Pricing of Rytr.me

The pricing of Rytr.me is competitive with some of the other AI story generator tools I mentioned above, including Jasper.ai and ShortlyAI. You can subscribe to their monthly plan for $29/month (approximately $290/year – 2 months free on an annual plan) which includes unlimited AI output generation (fair usage policy), 30+ use cases, 30+ languages, and 20+ tones.

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Rytr.me Plan & Pricing

Try Rytr.me for Free

Having said that, the biggest drawback of using this AI story & novel generator tool is its character limit for prompt and generated output limits. This tool works perfectly well for writing short-form content and story plots, but if you’re using it for long-form content (like writing a novel or a whole fiction story), then this tool is just not worth your time.

Fair usage policy of using Rytr.me, as listed on their website;

  • With Rytr.me, you can generate an unlimited number of characters per month on their premium plan but there are certain limits that are enforced by their partner OpenAI.
  • There are a number of generations (per min and hour) are there to deter automated/robotic behavior and keep their partner’s service safe from potential misuse & abuse.
  • Also, there’s no consistent fixed limit for a number of generations, so it’s hard to share a precise number. It also depends on use cases, some use cases allow 3/min while others can go up to 10/min.

Aside from this, based on the calculation provided on their website, when this tool is used for generating content between 40 and 60K words for a story and novel, you will save an estimated 120 hours and $2400 per month by using this tool.


Rytr.me is a decent AI story writing tool for getting rid of writer’s block and for writing short-form content. You won’t want to overlook this AI story generator tool if you’re seeking an impressive tool to meet your writing desires at an extremely competitive price.

However, if you are looking for a proper tool that will allow you to write a perfect and engaging story or novel, then this particular tool is not recommended. It also has a low character limit for prompts. Instead, I recommend using either Jasper.ai’s annual plan or ShortlyAI’s annual plan for long-form writing.


  • Rytr.me is a decent tool for writing short-form content and the generated output is of high quality.
  • It comes at a competitive pricing of $29/mo plus 2-months with an annual subscription.
  • It comes with 30+ use cases, unlimited generation, 30+ language supports, and 20+ tones.


  • The prompt limit is very low, and this tool is not really suitable for writing long-form content.

Try Rytr.me for Free

4. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is another marvelous AI story generator tool you ever found on the Internet. It can help you get rid of your writer’s block and get started with writing long-form stories and novels with ease by using their powerful editor. It is possible to use this AI story generator tool for writing any type of content you want, including stories, plotlines, dialogues, songs, eBooks, website content, emails, etc.

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ClosersCopy – #4 Best AI Story Generator Tool

I particularly like the framework feature of the tool. It comes with a powerful framework option that helps you in writing a specific type of content, and there’s a community framework from which you can install tons of user-created frameworks for easing your work. Another thing that’s interesting about this tool is their lifetime deal: they are offering a lifetime deal with unlimited generated AI words for only $317, which is an extremely reasonable price tag and I’d say it’s a really good deal to have.

If you’re looking for an AI story writing tool that can help you write long-form content in no time with a higher quality level, then ClosersCopy is something you should look at. Also, the lifetime deal is a plus point and it will surely save you a lot of money in the end.

Pricing of ClosersCopy

The pricing of ClosersCopy is simply extraordinary. It comes with an exclusive lifetime deal with an unlimited number of usages at a really competitive price. You can get started with the lifetime deal for just $187 (with limitations) and $317 (without any limits).

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ClosersCopy Plan & Pricing

Get ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

However, ClosersCopy also offers monthly and annual billing plans, but if you intend on using an AI story generator tool long-term, I wouldn’t recommend getting started with monthly or annual plans because it will make you pay more than the lifetime deal.

But if you’re deciding to choose ClosersCopy on a monthly or yearly basis, here’s a breakdown of their pricing;

  • Starter Plan: The starter plan is one of the most basic plans offered by CloserCopy, allowing 40,000 output words per month and a total of 75 runs per month. This is the plan that I recommend to you only when your requirements for AI-generated words are low.
  • Professional Plan: The professional plan of ClosersCopy comes with 1,20,000 output words per month and 200 runs per month for a monthly payment of $49.99. With this plan, you can write more content without worrying about anything.
  • Unlimited Plan: The unlimited plan is another monthly or yearly paid subscription from ClosersCopy, allowing an unlimited number of output words generations per month and unlimited runs/mo. This plan is the best if you’re looking forward to writing more content for your website, story, or novels.

ClosersCopy is offering lifetime deals at reasonable prices on both its “Professional” and “Unlimited” plans for a limited time. In case you are an author, I would strongly recommend grabbing their lifetime deal without any doubts, however, you will receive a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

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ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

Here’s a breakdown of their lifetime deal pricing;

  • Professional Plan: ClosersCopy’s lifetime deal of the premium plan will cost you $187 and it includes an AI-generated word limit of 1,20,000/mo and or 200 runs/mo using the premium plan. Besides these, you will also have access to all features, other than being able to invite teams to your plan.
  • Unlimited Plan: ClosersCopy lifetime deal for the unlimited plan will cost you $317 and it includes all the features you’ll get in premium plans with unlimited AI-generated words and runs. You can also invite 3 teammates to your plan and will get access to all of their future innovations.

Got confused with ClosersCopy pricing and lifetime deal?

It doesn’t matter how much money you want to spend on an AI story generator tool, if it’s within your budget, you will always find something that meets your needs. ClosersCopy is one of the most affordable AI story generator tools I’ve found online and with their lifetime deal, it will save you from burning your pockets by spending too much on AI writing tools.

And if you’re looking for a super cheap AI-generated content writing tool that allows you to write long-form stories and novels without worrying about the output quality, then ClosersCopy is all you need.


ClosersCopy is a very useful AI story writing tool that will surely help you get rid of your writer’s block. It is undoubtedly one of the most affordable AI-generated content writing tools I’ve found online.

It comes with excellent output quality, an unlimited number of usages, a lifetime deal, and a 30-day moneyback guarantee. To sum it up, I would say ClosersCopy is the best AI-generated content writing tool I have ever found online.


  • ClosersCopy offers lifetime deals on their “Premium” and “Unlimited” plans.
  • It comes with a decent framework builder and community frameworks.
  • The output quality of this tool is really nice for story and novel writings.


  • Not as simple as Jasper.ai and ShortlyAI.

Get ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

5. Article Forge

Article Forge is another insane AI story generator tool that you might use for creating long-form content. It is a powerful AI-writing software capable of creating realistic and engaging AI-based stories and novels in a very short period of time. It functions on a principle of deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) for delivering high-quality output text. Aside from writing stories and novels, this tool can also be used for writing blog posts, plotlines, scripts, and other types of content.

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Article Forge – #5 Best AI Story Writing Tool

If you love to read novels and stories, you know how hard it is to compose your own words and sentences without getting stuck at any point in the story. If you’re a novelist or a story writer who’s looking forward to completing your work without getting stuck, then Article Forge is the right tool for you. It will surely help you in writing long-form content that reads believable and captivates your readers.

To make it more interesting, Article Forge also comes up with some unique features including automatic publishing of content to your blog and Copyscape check so you’ll always get unique content. It saves you a lot of time and energy in writing and publishing articles, and the best part is it doesn’t require any specific skills or training. If you’re using this tool for writing stories and novels, then you can get a lot of promising results with its AI-generated content.

Pricing of Article Forge

The pricing structure of Article Forge is simple and straightforward. The plan starts from $27/mo (when you billed annually) or $57/mo (while billing monthly) and you will be able to generate human quality content.

ai story generator, ai story writer, best ai novel generator, best ai novel writer, best ai story generator, best ai story writer
Article Forge Plans & Pricing

Try Article Forge for Free

However, to make it simply easy for you, they also come with a free 5-days trial. So, if you’re thinking of using this tool for writing long-form content then using the free trial is one of the best options to start with. You can simply avail their free trial by clicking on this link.

Similar to ShortlyAI, it also comes with a single plan with a huge discount if you purchase it for a year.

Here’s the pricing structure of Article Forge;

  • Monthly Plan: For $57/mo (approximately double the cost of the annual plan), you will have access to AI-powered writers, high-quality human content, Copyscape-approved content, one-click article generation, and also automatic blog post publishing.
  • Annual Plan: With their annual plan, you’ll receive a whopping discount of 52% on all the features you have in their monthly plan.

Confused about which plan you should choose?

Whenever you choose to purchase an annual subscription for any SaaS tools, I always recommend that you purchase a 30-day trial subscription before you pay hefty amounts of money for them. It will give you a chance to know how the tool is, and you can even ask their customer support for any help you need.

Another interesting thing about Article Forge is that you can also try their tool by taking your first FREE 5-days trial. There is also a no-strings-attached 30-day refund policy, where they will refund your money if you’ve generated less than 10 articles and still don’t feel as if this tool is worth the price.


If you’re struggling to write long-form content, then Article Forge is the right tool for you. It is an advanced AI-based content writing software that will surely help you generate high-quality human readable, engaging content in a very short span of time.

It comes with unique features that include automatic publishing of content to your blog or website, Copyscape check to ensure that your articles are 100% unique so you’ll never have any problem with duplicate content issues. If you’re looking for an affordable AI-written content writing tool that will save you a lot of time and energy (and money), then Article Forge is all you need.


  • Article Forge is one of the oldest AI writing tools.
  • It comes at competitive pricing with decent features.
  • All the output it generates is passed by Copyscape – which is well known for checking duplicate contents.


  • Not as reliable as Jasper and ShortlyAI.

Try Article Forge for Free

6. CopyAI

When it comes to creating a perfect marketing copy, CopyAI is the best AI writing assistance. This AI writing tool is built with the most advanced AI language model that continually provides you with error-free, unique and engaging content. You can say, it is the end of writer’s block. You can generate content within a second and make it as creative as possible. Allows you to market yourself and your start-up with creative content.

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To create content quickly, you can use CopyAI premade template; this tool provides you with 60 plus templates to help you create copy that fits your needs. You can create content for social media, digital ad copy, website content, blog, sales copy, and eCommerce copy using the templates. You need to select the right template, provide CopyAI with the details, and you are done.

Not just in English, using this AI writing tool, you can create content in several other languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, European Brazilian, and much more. CopyAI is not just limited to content; it also allows you to develop ideas for viral marketing, start-ups, names, and viral trends.

Pricing of CopyAI

This pricing structure of CopyAI is straightforward, you can pay monthly or annually, but when you pay annually, you will get a discount on the annual plan. Let’s understand the CopyAI pricing model in depth:

Best before starting with the CopyAI plan and pricing, let’s first know about the free plan. The free plan of CopyAI offers you 10 credits per month,h 100 bonus credits for the first month, you can create content in 25+ languages and provide you access to 90+ copywriting tools.

But the free plan is not good for practical use, you can use this plan to test the tool before making the purchase.

ai story generator, ai story writer, best ai novel generator, best ai novel writer, best ai story generator, best ai story writer
CopyAI – Plans & Pricing

Try CopyAI for Free

Here’s the pricing structure of CopyAI;

CopyAI offers you two more plans, excluding the free one, including Pro and Team. The Pro plan is perfect for small businesses and start-ups where the Team is best for large teams and corporate businesses.

  • Pro Plan: CopyAI pro plan will cost you around $35/month, but purchasing the same plan will cost you $49/month when billed monthly. You can enjoy unlimited credits, and unlimited projects, create content in 25+ languages, use 90+ copywriting tools, and you will also get priority support.
  • Team Plan: The Team plan of CopyAI is specially made for large teams and big agencies, but you need to bill annually only. In this plan, you will get unlimited credits, and unlimited projects, create content in 25+ languages, use 90+ copywriting tools, and you will also get priority support.

What makes this plan separate from the other one is its Collaboration features; you can also try it for free.


CopyAI is the best option for you if you are a social media manager, eCommerce store owner, or start-up. I have personally tested this tool, it’s fantastic, but when it comes to creating a long blog, this tool can’t help you. Like Jasper.ai, this AI writing tool doesn’t have a template for long-form content creation.

But it has a Simplify Sentences tool, which allows you to rewrite the content you have efficiently. If your writing is not good, you can use these features to make your content better.


  • CopyAI offers you 90+ copywriting tools that allow you to create different types of content.
  • This tool features a very easy-to-use interface, you need to describe it, and it will generate the content.


  • Not good when it comes to creating long-form of content

Try CopyAI for Free

7. AI Writer

This is the first platform that comes to mind when it comes to generating high-quality content, thanks to its state-of-art-AI writing models. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to write a full-length article and create drafts, then AI Writer is for you; it will give you a solid base for writing. Another good thing about this AI writing tool is that it provides you with a list of citations to verify the information quickly, always offering you accurate, high-quality content.

ai story generator, ai story writer, best ai novel generator, best ai novel writer, best ai story generator, best ai story writer
AI Writer

When it comes to search engine ranking, what you need is the cutting edge research skill to rank better and beat competitors’ content, AI Writer generates fresh, relevant, unique, and SEO-friendly content which ranks faster in search engines. Consistently deliver accurate and quality content from a verifiable list of sources.

One of its best features is Text Rewording. Using these features, you can quickly generate fresh and unique content with the help of already published content. In simple words, the content is the same, but with the next text, you can easily re-publish this content anywhere. You can generate content at the click of a button, which saves 50% of your time in content creation; AI Writer creates content for you in a few minutes.

Pricing of AI Writer

AI Writer offers you 3 different plans, including the Basic plan, Standard plan, and Power plan. Here is everything you need to know about those plans; you can purchase any of them which satisfy your need and come within your budget.

All 3 plans are the same; the only difference is in the number of articles you can generate rather than that you will get the same features in all 3 plans. If you want to test the tool before making the purchase, then you can take a free trial for a week.

ai story generator, ai story writer, best ai novel generator, best ai novel writer, best ai story generator, best ai story writer
AI Writer – Plans & Pricing

Try AI Writer for Free

Here’s the pricing structure of AI Writer;

  • Basic Plan: AI Writer Basic plan will cost you around $29 per month, but if you bill annually, you will get 2 months of free access. It is the best plan for bloggers, individual businesses, and small startup owners. With this plan, you can enjoy all its features and generate up to 40 articles.
  • Standard Plan: The Standard Plan will cost you around $59 per month; it’s the best plan for freelancers, agency owners, and medium to large business owners. You can generate up to 150 articles and enjoy all the other features in this plan. You will also get 2 months of free access if you bill annually.
  • Power Plan: AI Writer Power Plan is best for large agencies and corporate businesses because, with this plan, you can generate about 1000 articles every month, and 10 users can use it at the same time. This plan will cost you around $375 per month and offers you 2 months of free access if you bill annually.


When I got to know that this tool generated entirely SEO optimized content for the particular content, I decided to test it personally, and what I found is shocking, this tool really works as promised. I have generated a 1000 word blog on “how to write SEO optimized content” and the tool generated it in a few seconds, but the problem is that there are no headings in it.

In terms of readability and keyword optimization, the generated content is perfect. But I need to read and add proper headings in it manually. This tool is developed by taking SEO optimization in mind; all the content generated with AI Writer ranks faster and reaches its target audience quickly.


  • AI Writer is best for long-form content creation.
  • Always generate SEO-optimized content.
  • Offers you fresh and up-to-date content.


  • No heading optimization in content.

Try AI Writer for Free

Which AI Story Generator Tool Do We Recommend?

There are many AI story generator tools are out there, but it doesn’t mean every tool can write high-quality human-written content for you. If you’ve chosen the wrong tool for your story and novel writing works, you’ll definitely end up getting nothing. This is why we end up spending a lot of time finding the best AI story tool and came up with this list so you can easily write stories and novels without wasting your investments and time on the wrong tool.

From all the tools I shared above, I recommend getting Rytr.me and ShortlyAI which is the perfect companion to write your stories or novels, no matter if it is short or long-form. The thing I like about this AI apprentice writer is easiness, outstanding output quality, and powerful commands.

Getting Started with an AI Story Generator

After getting the right tools, the next step is to get started.

Here’s I’m attaching a video by Jasper.ai that helps you understand how their AI story generator tool works and how you can use it to write a book within a week.

Example of a Story Generated Using AI

Throughout the process of writing this article, I was able to test Jasper.ai for generating unique and compelling stories for myself. To accomplish this, I used the “Long-form assistance” template, which you can find under “Jasper Dashboard > Templates > Long-form Assistant“.

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Jasper.ai Template Library

There are numerous other frameworks that you can use, like “Creative Story” for coming up with compiling and engaging story plots, but as I was completely blank and wanted to write the whole story, I decided to choose the “Long-form assistant” template here.

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Jasper Long-form Editor

Once I opened this framework, I added a single line of sentence, which is shown below (or in the image above).

It all started a long ago when I was a child…

Now, after clicking “Compose” several times,

Here’s the sample story generated using this tool, and I must say its quite nice;

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Jasper.ai – Story Writing

Here’s the plain text of the story;

It all started a long ago when I was a child…

In those times, I lived in a small village called Kalwadi. It’s situated about one hundred and fifty miles from the city of Shrivas. Kalwadi was bordered by forests on all sides. The entire village was blessed with fertile lands and pure air, and it was filled with the art of living.

I had a brother named Avinash. We were like twins—so alike that we could have been mistaken for each other even by our parents. We spent most of our time playing on the banks of the river Kalwadi, which ran through our village. Every time I looked at Avinash, I wondered if we were truly two different people or if we had one soul in two bodies.

One day, I was studying in the shade of a large neem tree when Avinash came running towards me. “Hey, Sudhir!” he shouted. “Come with me to the river. I saw a snake swimming in the water.”

The river was not far from our house, and it stretched for nearly half a mile. In fact, there were so many trees on its banks that the village got its name–Kalwadi, which means “forested settlement.” So Avinash and I often spent our afternoons by the river. I was happy to see that he had already changed into his swimming clothes. We hurried towards the riverbank and found a large group of villagers standing at the edge of the water. I too changed into my bathing suit.

Avinash and I joined the crowd, only to find that there was no snake in sight. Instead, the villagers were watching a golden-brown snake moving slowly along the riverbank. It was surrounded by little children, who were following it. The snake stopped for a moment to warm itself in the sun. Then it continued swimming until it came out of the water and disappeared into the bushes.

I watched as a villager approached the snake. It was his job to look after all of the animals in our village, so I thought that he would chase it away from our settlement. However…

Based on the output, I really think that Jasper.ai is the best tool for your story and novel writing works.

Benefits of Using AI Story & Novel Writing Tools

As I’m writing this article with Jasper.ai, I can write even 50+ benefits of using AI story writing tools, but let’s not spam this and stick to the most common benefits of using AI story writing tools.

So here’s the list of a few noticeable features of using this AI story generator tools;

1. Saves Times & Money

The very basic benefit of using this AI story writing tool is you can save time and money. Let’s talk about time; if you’re using your own time to write quality, original content for each of your blog posts or stories, chances are you need hundreds of hours to do it. You can’t even imagine how much time (and effort) is needed to create long-form content with no grammatical errors.

But if you use AI-generated content writing tools like Jasper, ClosersCopy, or ShortlyAI, then you can save your time in writing quality content in an extremely short period of time; in fact; it can take 5-10 minutes to write 1 article. It is much faster than any other manual method in creating high-quality long-form content.

As for the money, if you’re someone who works with a few hard-earned bucks in your bank account, then it is definitely worth it. Yes, you can generate amazing content quickly without any costs. So let’s suppose, it takes you $50-70 to hire a freelancer for creating 1 article, then it’s fine if you’re using this tool. You can even create 10-20 articles by spending the same amount on these tools (with investing a bit of time). Just imagine how much time and money you need to spend if you’re hiring 10-15 freelancers to write one article each.

2. Get Rid of Writer’s Block

One of the most common reasons for failure is “writer’s block”. It is one of the most obvious reasons why we fail in writing our stories and novels. When we get stuck at a certain point or just simply run out of things to write, it eventually leads to procrastination, and eventually, you’ll lose your interest in writing.

But if you’re using AI story writing tools, then it unblocks your writer’s block easily. You don’t even need to write anything. All you need to do is press a single button and your story is written in no time. It’s like magic and it doesn’t require any expertise, knowledge, or skills.

3. Easy To Understand

I’m not sure if that’s a common problem of writers or something else, but I’ve seen that the rate of failures in writing is often high when writers’ style of writing is too complex and complicated to understand. The problem is that no one has the power to read a writer’s mind and to understand exactly what they’re thinking. In fact, I never even do it to myself while I’m writing a story.

But if you’re using AI story writing tools, then you’ll have complete clarity in your article or writing piece. Because these tools will write your story or novel for you in a way that it can be easily interpretable and understandable by all your readers without giving them any trouble of understanding anything in your own tones.

4. Ability to Write Fast

If you are someone who has written a lot of stories and novels in the past, then you’ll definitely know that writing is something that takes lots of time. It can take days to write 1 story, but if you’re using AI story writing tools, then it can take only minutes or hours for them to write your long-form content.

It doesn’t mean that these tools are perfect at creating quality content, but they still have the ability to generate quality human-written content in no time than others can. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend hours on writing, then this tool is for you. You’ll have a chance to write as many stories as you want at a much faster rate.

5. Writing Quality

As I’m writing this article with Jasper.ai, I feel like this companion is writing perfectly. It has the ability to write high-quality human-written long-form content. If you’re someone who can easily understand something which you are trying to write, then it makes things even more efficient for you.

So yes, AI story writing tools are able to write high-quality content for you rather than you spending hours or days to create the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still, have doubts? We all get confused sometimes, and there are times when we have several questions in our minds. So here are some questions we usually get asked by our readers.

I hope these FAQs help you to answer all your questions.

Q. What are AI Story Generator Tools?

AI story writing tool is a software program that uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Intelligence to create natural and compelling stories.

It uses a combination of Artificial intelligence and user prompts to compose scripts and stories – all without human intervention.

Q. What are the Benefits of Using AI Story Generator Tools?

AI story generator tools are capable of creating human-like and engaging content. It uses natural language processing to create persuasive and engaging stories with the help of Artificial intelligence.

You can use AI story generator tools for writing engaging and captivating stories and novels for your audience. They can also help you in saving a lot of time you spend coming up with your own content.

Q. Which One is the Best AI Story Generator Tools?

There are several tools you’ll find for generating stories using AI. They all have unique features and capabilities and each of them has its own pros and cons.

But after testing several tools out there, and from my personal experience, Jasper.ai has served me well with its powerful features which include its AI-based story creation tool. I highly recommend you to use Jasper.ai for your content writing needs.

Q. Can AI Write Poetry, Dialogues, and Songs?

Definitely yes, AI can write poetry, song lyrics, and dialogues. It’s great but having help from AI doesn’t mean that it will be a perfect piece of work.

If you’re looking for a completely human-like and engaging piece of content, then you’ll feel good enough with Jasper.ai, ShortlyAI, and ClosersCopy.

Q. Does AI Story Writing Tools Provide Unique Content?

AI story writing tools are capable of providing unique content. Though some of the tools are still in the process of improvement, they’re improving day by day.

The best AI story writing tool can provide you with quality human-readable content that you can use anywhere. If you’re looking for a more advanced AI-based content writing tool that can provide both unique and engaging content, then I highly recommend you to choose Jasper.ai over other tools.

Wrapping Up!

AI story generator is a powerful tool for writers who want to write stories and novels within fractions of seconds. It let you generate unique and interesting storylines for your stories with just a click of a button.

And since they’re so easy to use, you can get started today and stop worrying about coming up with new ideas. These AI story generator tools are already helping people on composing music, screenplays, blogs, and even movie scripts.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using these AI story generator tools right away and share your opinion with us.

Happy Story Writing!

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