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Sunny Kumar, Founder of TheWPX

Hello! I’m Sunny Kumar from New Delhi, India, a tech enthusiast and blogger with an IT degree from IIT-D. My expertise lies in SEO, Cloud Computing, Telecom & Networking, and CEH. I specialize in SEO, WordPress Development, and PC Building. And being a proficient WordPress user, I’m dedicated to delivering quality content and a remarkable user experience.

13 Best SMTP Servers (99% Inbox Deliverability) | Free & Paid

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Are you looking forward to running a successful email marketing campaign for your business? Well, cutting down to the chase, to accomplish the task, you will first need an SMTP service that ensures high deliverability. When you shoot an email, there is a high probability that the email will land in the recipient’s …

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5 Best WordPress Malware Scanner & Removal Plugins

malware scanner, wordpress malware removal

Imagine all your hard work going down the drain just because there was some malware in the files installed on your site. To ensure you do not encounter such a situation, it is important to regularly check the presence of malware on your site. Malware is a common problem on your website, no …

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10 Best Books on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing books, best books on affiliate marketing

Imagine entering a new world full of endless opportunities. That’s what affiliate marketing is all about! You promote products or services you love and believe in, and earn money. And guess what? Anyone can do it! No special skills are needed to master this. Just like starting an exciting adventure, you may feel …

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EasyWP Coupon Code 2024: Get Upto 74% OFF on Namecheap Hosting

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EasyWP is an incredible WordPress hosting provider powered by Namecheap, and if you’re looking for easywp coupon code, then you’re at the right place. With our exclusive coupon, you can save up to 74% OFF on your hosting services. As you already know, Namecheap is one of the biggest names in ICANN-accredited domain …

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How to Create a Multilingual WordPress Site [with AI Plugin]

multilingual website translation, multilingual wordpress website, wordpress multilingual website

Do you need to improve in reaching an international audience and extending the scope of your website because you are limited to one language? Creating multilingual WordPress sites is not just a trend but a strategic solution to overcome these obstacles. As we enter an increasingly connected digital world, having sites that provide …

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11 Best AI Plugins for WordPress Websites

anti-spam tools for websites, content automation in wordpress, multilingual website translation, seo optimization plugins, wordpress ai integration

Artificial Intelligence is well-known to automate all complex tasks. The use of AI plugins for WordPress is the same. They help automate several website design and development tasks that would otherwise take much effort and time. Implementing AI in software and app development showcases the progress in the industry. AI plugins for WordPress …

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How to Use Grammarly Chrome Extension (With Use Cases)?

grammarly chrome extension, online grammar correction, proofreading plugins, writing productivity tools

With Grammarly, impeccable writing is just a click away! In this digital era, effective communication holds the key to success. Thus, no matter whether you’re a student, a content creator, or a business professional, the Grammarly Chrome extension is a powerful tool that can elevate your writing skills to new heights. Grammarly Chrome …

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