How to Easily Change Font Awesome Color in HTML & WordPress

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Not sure how to change the font awesome color on your WordPress or HTML website? I know, sometimes we get confused and forget the basic coding of CSS, and it literally happens with me every time I start development. And not just me, a lot of people get confused while building or making …

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How to Fix Defer Parsing of JavaScript in WordPress

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Not sure how to fix defer parsing of JavaScript in WordPress and not sure what does it means? Defer parsing of JavaScript means loading the JS files after all elements of websites (i.e, HTML & CSS) get completely loaded. It is a necessary process that helps in boosting the speed of your website …

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5 Best Visual Composer Alternatives to Use in 2021

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Visual Composer is one of the best and most popular WordPress’ page builders. It’s one of the earliest page builders which entered the market with considerable success, and still, a massive proportion of WordPress users applauds it. But today, many new page builders have been developed that are more advanced and can be …

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How to Fix “WordPress Download File Instead of Opening in Browser”

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Not sure how to fix the “WordPress download file instead of opening in browser” error on your website? It’s a common issue which we all get sometimes with our WordPress website. Recently, one of my friends also encountered with this issue. Whenever someone opens his website, a file named “index.php” got downloaded to their …

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