How to Optimize Images in Your WordPress Website

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Are you looking to optimize images on your WordPress website? If yes, then you landed in the right place! Images are one of the most important elements on a page, but they also contribute to page weight. If you want your website to be well-optimized and fast, then you need to optimize your …

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Divi Theme Review – Should You Consider Divi Theme or Not?

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Building a website from scratch sounds exhausting, especially to people who’re new to coding or web development. If you feel the same way, I’m definitely sure you’ve heard about the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. It’s a powerful WordPress theme that simplifies the whole website building process. The Divi theme offers an easy …

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Best WordPress Plugins for Zoom Meetings (Plus Use Guide)

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If we could guess, we think you might also be working from home right now! Isn’t it? Post-pandemic has seen a severe increase in work-from-home setup. Due to this rise, meetings that used to happen in real-time, along with all the courses and webinars have been converted to online mode. Even you might …

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How to Disable New User Notification Email in WordPress

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It is a great feeling whenever we see an email stating a new user has been registered to our WordPress website. It serves as great motivation when we are at the budding stage. However, the WordPress site administrator may sometimes need to disable new user notification emails. Why is that? For a brief …

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How to Monitor Backlinks (Plus Best Backlink Monitoring Tools)

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Backlink monitoring is one of the most important parts of link-building and SEO strategy, and as a webmaster, it’s important for us to keep track of our backlinks. For example, let’s say you’ve successfully run an outreach campaign and secured high-quality links that were then indexed by Google. But, over time, those links …

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How to Duplicate A Page in Divi Theme?

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Duplicating pages in the Divi theme is not a big task. What you have to do is, you need to create a new page and clone the design of the existing page in it; Divi builder also provides you with the option for it. There is also another method, but you need to …

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Free vs Paid Email – What’s the Difference & Advantages?

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Getting a domain name and hosting is probably one of the most essential parts of having an online business. If you want to have a website, you need these two things. Once you have your domain name and hosting, you can start building your website. And after you’ve built your website, getting a …

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