Brizy Discount Code 2024 [Get Up to 25% OFF on Brizy Page Builder (Coupon & Promo Codes)]

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Brizy is one of the most popular page builders that seriously competes with other market leaders like Elementor, Divi, Oxygen Builder, and others. If you’d ask me, I’m also fond of Brizy Builder and use their plugins on most of the sites (mostly on services-related sites).

And if you’re like me, who prefers using a neat and clean page builder that won’t bloat your site with heavy codes and one that comes with tons of features, then Brizy is perfect for you!

Currently, Brizy is offering a limited-time discount of 25% on their plans and pricing. This allows you to enjoy a 25% savings for a limited period, instead of the usual 10% discount with our coupon.

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Get 25% OFF on Brizy Plans


Brizy is one of the best page builders out there, with incredible features and a lightweight design. I’ve been using their WordPress Page Builder for a long time, and it works like a charm for me, and it will be for you too!

Here are some of the things I liked most in their page builder;

  • Powerful “no-code” editor for creating websites in minutes.
  • Available as a WordPress plugin and a Cloud platform hosted by them.
  • 100+ ready-made design templates with mobile-friendly designs and super-fast speed!
  • Amazing page loading speed and lightweight design without any code bloats.
  • White-label support with Stripe and domain integration
  • Competitive pricing compared to other page builders out there!

In this guide, I’ll share my exclusive brizy discount code that you can use to save up to 25% OFF on your purchase.

So let’s get started…

About Brizy

brizy builder
Brizy Builder

Developed in 2009 by Dimi, Sergiu, Alex, and other team members, is one of the best “no-code” page builders out there, with beautiful designs and easy-to-use features. But when I say easy-to-use features, don’t think of it as some page builder with less or equal to no features; this builder comes with a fantastic set of features that’ll surely blow your mind away.

I have been using their plugin for quite a few years now, and I’m really AMAZED by its PERFORMANCE. This page builder is powerful and has amazing layouts, landing pages, block kits, and popup designs.

And the most important thing, this page builder is developed by the same team who’ve previously designed and developed a WordPress marketplace named ThemeFuse, an open-source WordPress framework named Unyson, and others.

Here are the key advantages of using Brizy;

  • Beautiful layouts, landing page designs, popup designs, and block kits.
  • Easy to use with a lightweight design that doesn’t bloat your website’s code.
  • Powerful “no-code” builder with WordPress plugin and a Cloud platform.
  • Fuel your website with a super-fast speed and mobile-friendly design.
  • 100% white label with Stripe integration.

…and many more!

How to Get 25% OFF on Brizy Builder with Brizy Discount Code

Not sure how to apply your brizy discount code? Here, I’m going to share a step-by-step guide on buying Brizy Builder with a discount of up to 25% OFF using our exclusive Brizy coupon code.

So, let’s get started…

brizy builder
Brizy Builder

As we’re just starting off with this tutorial, the first thing we need to do is click on this link (affiliate link). Once we click on this link, we will be redirected to Brizy’s website.

Here you’ll further need to click on the “Pricing” button showing on the top-right side of the screen.

brizy pricing
Brizy Pricing

Now, you’ll see two different types of plans;

  • Brizy Cloud
  • Brizy WordPress

Brizy Cloud is basically an all-inclusive SaaS platform hosted by them with many powerful options, including but not limited to hosting with free SSL & CDN, team collaboration, web stories builder, popup builder, and more. Whereas Brizy WordPress is a self-hosted WordPress plugin that allows you to build any type of landing page you want in WordPress.

brizy wordpress plans
Brizy WordPress Plans

Based on these, you need to select the plan you’re looking for. I’m looking for the “Brizy WordPress” plans, so I’ll click on that option.

Here you’ll see four different plans and a free plan. These plans are;

  • Personal
  • Freelancer
  • Agency, and
  • White-label

Every plan has its own perks and limits. Depending on your preference, you need to choose one of them.

As for now, I’m choosing the “Freelancer” plan because it suits my needs very well. In case you’re interested in learning more about their features, I will cover all the plans and their features later in this article.

brizy user registration page
Brizy User Registration Page

Once you have completed this step, you will be redirected to the register page, where you will need to enter your details and then click on the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.

After you have successfully created your account, you will be redirected to the payment gateway, which will show you the name of the plan, the total amount due, as well as the option to add a coupon code.

brizy discount
Brizy Discount

Please note: Brizy is offering 25% OFF on their pricing for a limited time, and for this, you don’t need to add any additional coupon code!

In case the 25% OFF deal is expired or not working for you, you can use the “TheWPX” coupon code to save 10% OFF on your Brizy purchase. And finally, click on the “Subscribe” button to subscribe to their plan.

And it’s done!

Plan & Pricing of Brizy Builder

Brizy has two different types of plans, which are further divided into 4-types. These two types are;

  1. WordPress Plan
  2. Cloud Plan

In this guide, we’ll discuss both these plans in detail and will share everything possible.

So let’s get started…

1. Brizy WordPress Plans

As the name suggests, this one plan is suitable for people who’re looking to host their website on a self-hosted WordPress website rather than hosting on any third-party CMS or on a third-party server.

brizy wordpress plans
Brizy WordPress Plans

If you’re a fan of WordPress, then this is the plan worth considering. This plan will further have four different pricing, and these are;

  • Personal Plan
  • Freelancer Plan
  • Agency Plan, and
  • White-label Plan

Now, we’ll discuss these plans in detail.

1.1 Personal Plan

This is a basic plan offered by Brizy for WordPress users.

For only $60/year, this plan provides a single website license. Included in this plan are all PRO designs and features, such as the pop-up builder, landing page builder, theme & WooCommerce builder, marketing tools, and premium support.

However, membership functionalities, multisite support, role manager, and white label are not supported under this plan.

1.2 Freelancer Plan

After the personal plan, Brizy offers the “Freelancer” plan for just $108 per year. This plan includes licensing for up to 25 websites, membership functionality, and a role manager.

However, it is important to note that even with this plan, you will not have access to multisite support, priority support, or white-label services.

1.3 Agency Plan

If you’re running an agency and looking for a powerful page builder that effortlessly supports multiple websites and boasts features like membership functionalities, role manager, multisite support, and top-notch priority support, then the “Agency” plan is undoubtedly the best fit for you!

At just $192 per year, this plan offers exceptional value. And with our exclusive “TheWPX” coupon, you can grab this incredible plan for a mere $172.8 while enjoying a generous 50-site license.

1.4 White Label Plan

This is another best plan for people who’re running a digital marketing agency. Priced at just $300 per year, this plan includes a license for 100 websites with all the essential features and unparalleled white-label support. This opens up endless possibilities for you to resell this page builder with your own brand name and effortlessly set up recurring payment models for your clients using Stripe.

Rest assured, implementing this plan will further take your business to new heights of success at an astonishing pace. I definitely recommend this plan to agencies.

2. Brizy Cloud Plans

Brizy also offers a range of plans specifically for its cloud-based platform, which allows users to build, host, and manage their websites directly on Brizy’s servers, without needing any external hosting or server management.

brizy coud plans
Brizy Coud Plans

Get Up to 25% OFF on Brizy Cloud Plans

And like WordPress plans, it further offers four different pricing plans:

2.1 Personal Plan

If you’re looking for just one website usage, then this plan is one of the best all-inclusive SaaS platforms for you at just $13/mo. This plan has all the advanced features that you’ll ever need for your websites, including;

  • 1 website access with $9/mo per additional website.
  • 1 workspace.
  • Drag-and-Drop builder.
  • Responsive design with team member support.
  • Global styling with role manager.

2.2 Freelancer Plan

The freelancer plan is one of the most picked plans for Brizy Cloud, which is available at just $39/mo. This plan includes all the benefits from the Personal plan along with some additional perks like;

  • 5 websites and $7/mo per additional website.
  • 5 workspaces.
  • PRO designs & features.
  • 2 publishing options with premium CDN and SSL.
  • Membership Functionality

2.3 Agency Plan

The agency plan is most suitable for people who are managing up to 10 websites. This plan costs $69/mo and inherits all features from the Freelancer plan along with some additional perks like;

  • 10 websites license, with an additional $6/month per extra website.
  • 10 workspaces.
  • A team collaboration tool.
  • Client management and client billing.
  • Exporting HTML code, and
  • Priority support.

2.4 White Label Plan

As the most extensive plan, the White Label Plan is priced at $89/mo, which includes all the features of the Agency Plan plus more. It carries the benefits of:

  • A white-label platform,
  • Custom domain name for the panel,
  • Branded client communication, and
  • White-label video guides.

All Brizy Cloud plans come with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. If Brizy doesn’t satisfy your needs, they will refund your money, no questions asked. The platform provides effortless workflow, a user-friendly interface, and professional support.

Features & Integrations of Brizy Builder

I am covering some of the most important features of the page builder tool.

The pointers listed below are more like the tool’s strengths and the possibilities you get access to when you decide to leverage Brizy for your website.

1. intuitive Drag-and-Drop Builder

In the past, I have tried many page builders, and I remembered how difficult it can be for a novice to understand their functionalities. For instance, the drag-and-drop interface of some page builders can be confusing for someone who has never used a page builder before.

I, however, had a very different experience with Brizy. When I first used Brizy, it was very simple for me to create a proper header, footer (Global elements), and several other pages without any difficulty. Even though it took me a while to get the hang of it, I’m happy to say that my Brizy experience was smooth sailing!

2. Well-Organized Dashboard

With Brizy, you will be greeted with a simple dashboard that is free of clutter and offers well-organized features to make it easy to use.

Natalie Vellacott, a life coach, once said:The more things we accumulate, the more cluttered our lives become, and the more stressed we feel as we are compelled to think about them. Life is about people, not about things.

You will notice the simplicity once you start working with this tool. The best part is that you will not find any unnecessary options or elements while working. Brizy offers what it claims to provide, nothing more and nothing less.

3. Global Design Styling

One of the best features of Brizy is its global design styling. It allows you to create a consistent look and feel across your entire website by setting up a global style guide with design elements such as colors, fonts, and typography.

Global styling makes it incredibly easy to maintain consistency in design throughout your website. Just set your preferred style elements once, and they’ll automatically apply across your website. Global design styling not only reduces the time and effort needed to create a visually cohesive website, but it also ensures your brand image is consistently represented.

4. Cloud Auto-Save

The Cloud Auto-Save is indeed a life-saver. We have all been in situations where we have lost hours of work due to a sudden system crash, unexpected power outage, or even mistakenly closing a tab without saving our work.

With Brizy’s Cloud Auto-Save feature, you can say goodbye to such worries. As we mentioned, it automatically saves your work in the cloud as you progress with your project. This means that even if something happens unexpectedly, you can easily continue your work from where you left off without losing any of your hard work.

So work with peace of mind knowing that all your efforts are safely stored and easily retrievable.

5. Premade Templates, Popup Designs, and Landing Pages

Brizy really does shine with its library of pre-made templates, popup designs, and landing pages.

No matter what type of website you’re planning to build, there’s likely a design that fits the bill. Not only do these beautifully designed templates save a significant amount of time, but they also ensure your website looks professional from the get-go.

The variety ranges from minimal and clean to more complex and creative designs, catering to a broad set of needs. Whether you’re an online store, a restaurant, a blog, or a corporate business, you will find a design that fits your brand.

And what’s even better is that you can customize these templates with the drag-and-drop builder. Meaning you can move elements around, change colors, and switch out images – it’s all really straightforward.

6. Responsive Designs

As you know, having a website that is responsive is no longer just an option; it’s a requirement. And with more than half of all global website traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s critical for any website to be as accessible and user-friendly on a smartphone or a tablet as it is on a desktop.

That’s where Brizy shines. It helps you design a website that is responsive and seamless across all your devices. You can also see your templates in the phone view to know how they will look on a phone screen, which further helps you design more responsive websites.

7. Flexible Customization Options

If you are using a template to build a webpage or just editing a page that was made previously, it is not mandatory to follow the existing structure. You can customize the templates or pages as per your needs.

In case you’ve ever made any mistakes, you can easily adjust the blocks, redo/undo actions, modify the margins and padding, change backgrounds, edit text and images, or do anything to make it as per your preferences.

8. Easy Integration & 500+ Ready-to-Use Blocks

With Brizy, integrating with popular WordPress plugins and marketing apps is simple and seamless. Your landing pages can easily merge with tools like Zapier, Yoast, WooCommerce, and Sendinblue, making your website both robust and versatile.

Additionally, Brizy offers a library of over 500 pre-designed blocks. This extensive collection ranges across various themes and purposes, giving you the flexibility to find the perfect fit for your webpage. Whether you choose to use them as they are or modify them to suit your specific needs, these blocks make web page building incredibly efficient.

Brizy Cloud vs. WordPress Plugin: Which One Do We Recommend?

When you’re looking to purchase Brizy builder – you’ll get two different options, which is;

  • Brizy Cloud, and
  • Brizy WordPress

As mentioned earlier, Brizy Cloud is a website builder that allows users to create and publish websites without any coding. It offers a drag-and-drop interface and a wide range of pre-designed blocks and templates for easy customization. On the other hand, their WordPress plan is a self-hosted WordPress-based plugin that gives users access to a variety of options to enhance their website’s functionality and design on WordPress.

While both options have their advantages, we recommend Brizy WordPress for its simplicity and ease of use. It is ideal for beginners or users who are a little bit familiar with WordPress.

However, if you want a complete solution in a box, then Brizy Cloud may be the better option for you. In case you’re looking for a brizy discount code, then use the “TheWPX” coupon for an additional 10% OFF on your pricing.

Competitors of Brizy Builder

Brizy is one of the most powerful page builders for web designing, offering features like global styling, membership support, dynamic content integration, etc. However, this page builder operates within a competitive landscape where several other notable WordPress page builders have made significant strides.

These competitors have leveraged their unique strengths and cater to the needs of various users in the website-building community. They feature an extensive library of templates, detailed style settings, and many other incredible features that pose substantial competition for Brizy Builder.

Here are some of the market leaders who really compete with Brizy Builder;

  • Elementor: An extensively adopted WordPress page builder with robust features.
  • Divi Builder: A flexible and user-friendly page builder by Elegant Themes.
  • Beaver Builder: Known for its simplicity and stability while providing quick web designing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still, have doubts related to the brizy page builder? No worries, we’ve got you covered with the most asked questions. And by reading these FAQs, I’m sure you’ll get a clearer understanding of the Brizy page builder.

Q. What is Brizy Builder?

Brizy is one of the best “no-code” page builders designed for WordPress and Cloud to simplify the process of creating stylish web pages for your website.

This page builder has a free version with limited features and a premium version with advanced features like a custom header & footer, white label support, export as HTML in the cloud, and premium support.

Q. Do I need coding or technical knowledge to use Brizy?

No, you won’t!

Brizy is designed to be easy to use for everyone, even for someone with little or no coding or technical skills. The drag-and-drop interface in Brizy Builder allows you to build your web pages quickly and easily using pre-designed blocks and elements. With a simple click, you can add, edit, or customize the content, such as text, images, videos, and other elements, without touching a single line of code.

Q. Is Brizy compatible with all WordPress themes?

Yes, Brizy is designed to work smoothly with most WordPress themes, including some famous names like GeneratePress, Astra, Blocksy, and others.

However, a lightweight and minimal theme is always recommended to ensure the best performance.

Q. Does Brizy work with WooCommerce?

Yes, Brizy Pro is compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to design and customize your online store pages seamlessly without any difficulties.

Q. What are the differences between Brizy Free and Brizy Pro?

Brizy Free is the basic version with limited features, suitable for basic web page building.

Where’s Brizy Pro offers advanced features and functionality, including premium elements, templates, integrations, and the ability to create popups, custom headers and footers, and more.

Q. Is Brizy responsive and mobile-friendly?

Yes, Brizy is designed to create responsive web pages that automatically adapt to various screen sizes and devices, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for all users.

So you can use it to create mobile-friendly designs with extraordinary results.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, I’ve tried my best to review this amazing page builder based on my usage so far.

It’s been over a year, and I’m still in love with Brizy page builder. However, before using Brizy, I used other page builders like Elementor and Divi, and trust me, when I say THE BEST, it is the BEST. As far as pricing is concerned, Brizy has one of the most competitive pricing – but if you’re still looking for a Brizy promo code & a discount code, we’ve got you covered with an exclusive 10% OFF on all their line-up of products using our exclusive coupon code.

Overall, I really liked this page builder, and I highly recommend trying this on your website. Plus, the 30-day money-back guarantee makes it a risk-free investment.

So, go ahead and give Brizy a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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