Elementor Pro Discount Code 2024 – Review, Pricing, Pros, Cons, and Comparison

Are you looking for an Elementor Pro discount code and want to hear what I think about it before you buy? We all know Elementor is a top choice for making your WordPress site look great. But, it might feel a bit pricey, especially for us small-time bloggers.

Elementor isn’t just any ordinary tool for creating website pages; it’s a full package to meet all your design needs. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to use it. With Elementor, anyone can put together slick, professional web pages. It’s great for both pros and novices alike.

Now, while Elementor gives you a free option, it’s pretty basic. For the full set of features, you’ll need the Pro version. You might be thinking of getting Elementor Pro and are looking out for a discount. But here’s the thing—Elementor doesn’t really hand out promo codes for their Pro version.

Important Update:

You’ll find thousands of blogs on Google ranking for the “Elementor Pro discount code 2024” keyword, but none of them actually have any coupon codes to save on your purchase.

If there is any discount available on the Elementor Pro subscription, you’ll only find it on their official page here.

After the recent price hike, people are moving to other page builders like GutenBlocks, Oxygen Builder, and Divi. If you ask me, I would highly recommend getting a Divi theme for your website, as it comes with a powerful page builder too.

You can check this page for divi discount code.

About Elementor

Elementor is an advanced visual page builder plugin that helps you build fantastic blog or website pages for your WordPress website. It comes with tons of templates, and you can easily choose one that fits your needs and preferences.

Elementor – Best Page Builder for WordPress

Unlike other page builder plugins, it provides you with powerful features, and the best part is that it is straightforward to use. This plugin has more than 2 million installs and is considered one of the most beginner-friendly page builders currently available for WordPress.

Here are some additional Elementor features you should know:

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor
  • Over 300 Designer-Made Templates
  • Background Video Capabilities
  • 90+ Widgets
  • Elementor Canvas

These features set Elementor apart from the competition: it requires no technical skills. Simply select, apply, and create amazing pages.

Elementor License Type

Elementor has five kinds of licenses for you to pick from – a free one, an essential one, an advanced, expert plan, and an agency one. Each type has its own set of features. So, based on what you require, you can choose the right one.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pricing and features for Elementor’s four main plans, along with information on their free option.

Essential Plan – For Basic Websites

  • Price: $59 USD per Year
  • Features:
    • Allows creation and management of 1 site
    • Premium Support for timely assistance
    • Access to 50 Pro Widgets for advanced design capabilities
    • Theme Builder to customize your site’s design
    • Dynamic Content for a more interactive site
    • Form Builder to create forms for user interaction
  • Not Included:
    • Popup Builder, Custom Code & CSS, Ecommerce Features, and Collaborative Notes are excluded from this plan.

Advanced Plan – For Professional and Ecommerce Websites

  • Price: $99 USD per Year
  • Features:
    • Supports up to 3 Sites
    • Includes everything in the Essential plan
    • An increase to 82 Pro Widgets
    • Adds Popup Builder for engaging user prompts
    • Custom Code & CSS for personalized styling and functionality
    • Ecommerce Features to support online stores
    • Collaborative Notes for team coordination

Expert Plan – For Freelancers Managing Multiple Sites

  • Price: $199 USD per Year
  • Features:
    • Up to 25 Sites covered under one plan
    • Encompasses all features from the Advanced plan
    • Ideal for freelancers juggling multiple client projects

Agency Plan – For High-Growth Agencies

  • Price: $399 USD per Year
  • Features:
    • Massive allowance for up to 1000 Sites
    • Tailored for agencies with a large client base
    • Incorporates all available Elementor features

Free Version – Elementor’s No-Cost Offering

Elementor also provides a free version of their website builder plugin which includes:

  • Basic widgets and templates to get started with site building.
  • Drag-and-drop editor for easy page creation.
  • Responsive design capabilities.

While the free version is quite capable, it lacks the advanced features, premium support, and additional pro widgets that come with the paid plans.

Note: The prices mentioned do not include applicable taxes based on your billing address. The final price will be displayed at checkout before payment completion.

Aside from the basic page builder price, Elementor offers four different hosting plans with varying features to accommodate the needs of individuals and businesses.


  • Price: $120 USD per Year
  • Features:
    • Hosting for 1 Website
    • 10 GB Storage
    • 25K Monthly Visits
    • 30 GB/mo Bandwidth
    • Pro Website Builder Included (Valued at $99 USD/yr)
    • Complete Design Features, Marketing Tools, Ecommerce Capabilities
    • Premium Support for 1 Member
  • Covered:
    • Free 14 Days Backup
    • Free Migration
  • Not Included:
    • Staging Environment
    • Site Cloning


  • Price: $240 USD per Year
  • Features:
    • Hosting for 1 Website
    • 20 GB Storage
    • 50K Monthly Visits
    • 50 GB/mo Bandwidth
    • Pro Website Builder Included (Valued at $99 USD/yr)
    • Complete Design Features, Marketing Tools, Ecommerce Capabilities
    • Premium Support for 2 Members
  • Covered:
    • Free 30 Days Backup
    • Free Migration
    • Staging Environment
  • Not Included:
    • Site Cloning


  • Price: $275.88 USD per Year
  • Features:
    • Hosting for 3 Websites
    • 25 GB Storage
    • 75K Monthly Visits
    • 75 GB/mo Bandwidth
    • Pro Website Builder Included (Valued at $99 USD/yr)
    • Complete Design Features, Marketing Tools, Ecommerce Capabilities
    • Premium Support for 4 Members
  • Covered:
    • Free 30 Days Backup
    • Free Migration
    • Staging Environment
    • Site Cloning
  • Not Included: Details of any additional features not covered are not specified and further clarification may be needed.


  • Price: $599.88 USD per Year
  • Features:
    • Hosting for 10 Websites
    • 40 GB Storage
    • 100K Monthly Visits
    • 100 GB/mo Bandwidth
    • Pro Website Builder Included (Valued at $199 USD/yr)
    • Complete Design Features, Marketing Tools, Ecommerce Capabilities
    • Premium Support for 6 Members
  • Covered:
    • Free 30 Days Backup
    • Free Migration
    • Staging Environment
    • Site Cloning
  • Not Included: Specifics regarding overage charges or additional services beyond what is included in the plan are not listed and may necessitate direct inquiry with Elementor.

Note: All plans are subject to applicable taxes based on billing address, which are not included in the above price breakdowns. The final price including taxes will be displayed on the checkout page before payment is completed.

All plans renew annually at the list price.

How to Purchase Elementor Pro?

Not sure how to purchase an elementor pro subscription from their official page here? We know sometimes it can be tricky to purchase a few tools or services, and if you’re someone who normally doesn’t usually prefer to buy something, then here is a step-by-step guide on showing how to purchase an elementor pro subscription.

So once you decide to buy elementor pro, click here to go to elementor. It will redirect you to the Elementor pricing page from where you’ve to choose the Elementor plan you want to subscribe to.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Once you’re on the pricing page, you’ve to select the plan you want for your website. If you’re not sure which plan is good for you, I recommend you check the “Advanced” plan because, in this plan, you’ll get the license to use elementor on three websites.

Now click on the “Buy Now” button showing in green-colored. It will further redirect you to the checkout page, where it asks for a few details from you.

Elementor Checkout Page

On the checkout page, enter the details it asks from you. These details can include basic details about yourself and your email address (if you’re not yet registered with Elementor).

Elementor Checkout Page

Once you’ve added your details, scroll the page a bit, and you’ll find your plan details which you selected on the pricing page. You’ll also get an option to add the discount coupon you grabbed from the Elementor discount coupon from their official website.

Now click on the “Have Coupon” and enter the coupon code (if you have any) and then click on the “Apply” button showing right after the discount box. It will check and verify the discount coupon code and apply the discount to your cart value.

Once the discount coupon is applied, choose your payment method and then click on the “Checkout” page to successfully activate the Elementor Pro license.

How to Install Elementor Plugin? (Quick Setup)

For people who don’t know how to install elements or plugins, here is the full step-by-step guide that will provide you with complete information.

The first thing you have to do is to download the Elementor plugin from the official Elementor website. Simply visit the website, enter your email, and download it.

Download Elementor Pro

Once you download the element or file, you just have to log in to your WP dashboard, go to the Plugin section, and click on the “Add new” button, which is located on the top left. Browse and choose the Elementor file which you downloaded and hit enter on the Install Now button.

But before installing the elementor pro plugin, I recommend installing the Elementor free plugin from the WordPress repository here. The pro plugin only increases the features of the basic one and requires a free elementor plugin to work.

This will start the installation process. It would take a few minutes, and once the file is installed properly, you will have to activate the plugin. Simply click on the ‘Activate Plugin’ button, and congrats, now you can easily use Elementor.

The Backend Of Elementor- How It Works

Elementor Backend Dashboard

After talking about the basic details, let’s talk about some features that will help you design web pages quickly and efficiently:

  • Custom Navigation Menu
  • Design Headers and Footers
  • Search Boxes
  • Design Your 404 Page
  • Dynamic Request Parameters
  • Multi-Step Forms
  • Price Tables and Lists
  • Global Widgets
  • Social Media and Sharing Buttons

Features Of Elementor

Elementor has many advantages that help you execute the designing process very conveniently. You can work on every part of your page and make it fully optimized.

Here is a brief explanation of some of the best Elementor features:

1. Elementor Template Library

This library is filled with beautiful templates that you can use to design your pages. If you are a complete beginner and don’t want to spend a lot of time designing, you can simply open the Elementor template library and choose a suitable template for your website.

Elementor Templates

These templates are available in two formats, which are pages and blocks. Pages are complete page designs that can easily be imported and then customized as required. And blocks are made for specific parts and sections of the page.

2. Mobile Previews And Design Controls

As you know, the majority of people use their smartphones to surf the internet; that’s why you should optimize your web pages both for your computers and mobile phones.

Elementor Mobile Previews

All Elementor designs are highly responsive, and the good thing is that you can also preview how your designs would look on mobile devices. Along with this, Elementor also allows you to hide or show widgets and images on certain devices. For example- if you have a big banner image on your website that looks good on PC but not on mobile, then you can easily hide that.

3. Easy Undo/Redo

With this page builder, you can easily erase your mistakes or revert to the old design. However, Elementor makes your work a lot easier, but web designing can be a little overwhelming as you have so many options. Due to this, when you try new layouts, the chances of you making mistakes also increase.

Elementor Undo & Redo

The good thing about Elementor is that even if you mess something up, you can use the undo option to get back to the previous position. Elementor also saves your work as you proceed, which allows you to design your website as per your comfort. No stress to completing designing at once; simply save and do it anytime you want.

4. No Codes After Uninstall

If you want to uninstall Elementor, you can easily do it, as Elementor doesn’t leave codes. Many other page builders leave a mess of shortcodes that makes your website look spammy and unprofessional, but that’s not the case with Elementor.

Elementor – No Coding After Uninstalling Plugin

However, if you deactivate it, then you will lose all the designing and styling, but it won’t leave any kind of code, unlike some other plugins like tagDiv Composer, which is good according to me.

5. Detailed Layout Controls

Elementor gives you full flexibility. It comes with various intuitive controls that help you design everything as per your needs. Page builders save from hectic coding, but sometimes this leads to less flexibility. Compared to other page builders, Elementor does not compromise anything.

Elementor Detailed Layout Control

It lets you decide where you want to position the elements and provides full control over customization. You can manually set margins for columns, sections, and widgets. Adjust column widths with a single drag and create blank spaces with adjustable column gaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that most people have in their minds regarding Elementor.

Will I Be Using an Elementor Without Having Any Coding Skills?

Yes, you can use Elementor even if you have never written a single line of code. It is completely beginner-friendly, and anyone can use it to design their website without having any technical skills.

It is straightforward to use, and if you have some experience, then you can even complete the design within just an hour. One suggestion is that you should use a faster and more reliable internet connection. This will help you design your website without any lags, and you will be able to complete things quickly.

Does the Elementor Offer a Trial Plan?

The best thing about Elementor is that it provides a full free plan where you can use it and design your websites without paying anything. The only problem is that the free plan has limited features, and if you want to use the premium ones, then you will have to buy the premium plan. And there is no free trial for that.

Though the free plan will provide you with an idea of how Elementor works, then it depends on you whether you want to take the pro plan or not.

Can I Design Multiple Websites With The Same Elementor Plan?

If you are using the free Elementor plan, you can design as many websites as you want. You just have to install the plugin on your dashboard, and then you can start designing.

On the other hand, if you are using the premium plan, it depends on your selected package. For example, the essential plan allows you to design 1 website, the advance plan offers a license for 3 websites, an expert plan for 25 websites, a studio plan for 100 websites, and the agency plan allows licenses for 1000 websites, which is best for big companies and professional bloggers.

Can I Use Elementor With All Themes?

Yes, you can use Elementor with all the themes that follow WordPress coding requirements and standards. As you know, there are tons of themes available in WordPress, so no matter what you choose, you can customize it with the help of Elementor.

It’s an excellent option for people who are using a free theme, as they can use it and make their theme look premium. Apart from this, some people think that Elementor decreases the website’s speed, which is entirely wrong. If you have a good hosting provider, then Elementor won’t affect your website speed. Instead, it will make your website look more optimized.

Wrapping Up

Many page builders have come into the market in the past few years, but Elementor is still on top. It is packed with many helpful features, and the great thing is that you can also use it for free.

Elementor provides you with full control over customization and functionality, no matter what kind of needs you have. You can design your blog pages, and homepages from very scratch and make them highly responsive and optimized.

The free template library is perfect for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time designing. They can simply choose one template, tweak and use it on all their other websites.

If you are serious about building a professional website, then you should invest in a pro plan. Because the Pro plan is one of the most popular plans from Elementor is cost-effective. I hope you liked this article on elementor review and it helped you to choose the best page builder for your needs. Please, let me know which plugin you use on your website in the comment section below.

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