Sunny Kumar

Sunny Kumar

Founder & CEO of TheWPX

Experienced Digital Marketing specialist with a passion for WordPress, Artificial Intelligence, Coding, and a wide range of certifications.

  • Digital Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Coding

Education: Degree in Information Technology from IIT-D


  • Digital Marketing whizz, with hands in SEO, WordPress, PC Building, PHP, and a whole lot more.
  • Proud IIT-D alumnus, armed with an IT degree and a bunch of fancy-sounding certifications like Ethical Hacking, Cloud Computing, Full Stack Development, and AI Programming.
  • My work has popped up in big-shot publications like Zee Business, Yahoo, Hindustan Times, LiveMint, Deccan Chronicles, MSN, India Times; you name it.


Hello there! I’m Sunny Kumar, a Digital Marketing virtuoso with a knack for simplifying the complex. My knowledge pool is deep - SEO, WordPress, PC Building, and PHP are just a few drops in that ocean. When I’m not writing or consulting through my Digital Marketing Agency (HeySERP), you’ll find me enlightening minds at various public speaking events.

I write for everyone - from the big businesses to the newbie bloggers. My products has been used by a variety of clientele, including governments of various countries,, ICICI Bank,, and Deloitte, among others.

But hey, I’m not all about work. I love to devour books on personal growth and investment (audiobooks mostly - who has time for paperbacks?). I’m also a trader, an investor, and a singer on my good days. Movies are my jam - Sci-fi especially.

Currently, I’m cooking up something special - a CRM with advanced accounting features. It’s going to be simple, accessible, and a solution to a problem I’ve personally faced. Can’t wait to share it with you all!


I’m an IT grad from the IIT-D. But I didn’t stop there. I’ve added a string of certifications to my bow, including Certified Ethical Hacking from Lucideus (now Safe Security), Cloud Computing from Exin, Digital Marketing from Google and Udacity, PHP & WordPress Development from Lynda, Full Stack Development from Udacity, Telecom & Networking from Milestone, and AI Programming with Python from Udacity & Edx. Lifelong learning - that’s my mantra!

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