5 Best CSS Hero Alternatives [Free & Paid] for WordPress CSS Editor

Are you looking for the best CSS Hero alternatives for WordPress? Do you want your blog platform to be good-looking and have a responsive design? If yes, then this article is made for you. 

No matter how good the content is on your site, the chances of it getting noticed are lower if your website is not visually appealing. And WordPress is an important component of how your website looks. One of the WordPress plugins, CSS Hero, allows you to customize your site. 

However, CSS Hero is not the only one that allows you to customize your website; there are many alternatives to CSS Hero. When I googled CSS alternatives, I wasn’t able to find any good information about them. So, after researching, I came up with a list of the 5 Best CSS Hero Alternatives and the same list I have compiled here in this post for you.

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There are more than 687 million people online who are reading blogs and every relationship is based on give-and-take principle. If you will provide your readers appealing website with good content, they will in return, share, follow, and like your posts, helping you to attract high traffic.

Before jumping to the list, let me first clear…

What is CSS Hero?

CSS Hero, as the name suggests, is the hero for you. It is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to customize your website’s appearance. You may be thinking, why am I saying it, hero? Because to use this plugin, you don’t need to know about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Isn’t it amazing? 

Not only this, it also helps in finding and fixing errors in your CSS code. And cherry on top, you can check your changes without reloading the page every time you make the change. I am sure you are convinced it is indeed a Hero by now.

Now let’s learn about CSS Hero alternatives….

Best CSS Hero Alternatives for WordPress

In this section, I have listed the best 5 CSS Hero alternatives you can use. All of them have been tested and reviewed by many experts in this field over the years. You can trust these plugins to increase the overall appearance of your blogs, as they have been used by thousands of webmasters like you and me. 

In this list, you can find paid as well as free options, which you can choose according to your needs.

1. Yellow Pencil [Premium]

Yellow Pencil is available for free as well as has a paid option.  This WordPress plugin has more than 40K active installations. You can easily customize or edit CSS using Yellow Pencil without using any coding. This plugin is suitable for every person, regardless of whether he/she is a designer. 

If you want to explore more features of this WordPress plugin, then you can try their premium version. Their premium version comes with more functions that will let you easily edit your website. Moreover, Yellow Pencil also helps to make the most of the 60+ style properties without any difficulty. 

You can find most similar features like of CSS Hero with Yellow Pencil. With the help of this plugin you can easily customize your websit design with the help of different editing tools and also compare changes side by side.

Features of Yellow Pencil:

  • It provides a graphical interface which can help you to edit your styles by using powerful editor tools. These tools also enables you to see changes made by you side by side. 
  • You can easily export the changes you made to your one site through this plugin and can use the same on other websites. 
  • You can preview how your site will look after applying the changes you made in real life.

My Opinion?

If you are new in this niche of web designing and unsure whom to trust and whom to not then you can try this plugin. Starting with this plugin is a good option. As you will see, with time, you will become a master of web designing. 

2. Elementor [Freemium]

Elementor is another premium WordPress page builder plugin that you can use as an alternative to CSS Hero. It is easy to use and implement without even the knowledge of CSS coding. 

With the help of Elementor’s elements, you can easily create visual content for items like buttons, icons, presets and many more for your website. Elementor also have templates for you which you can use directly without the help of local web designer.

Furthermore, this WordPress plugin allows you to add features like scrolling blocks and a drop-down menu, enhancing the overall look of your website. Its drag-and-drop builder allows you to create a stunning page layout. If you are hesitating to use Elementor, you can choose another page builder, GutenBlock, or the Divi theme.

Features of Elementor:

  • Elementor allows you to add almost every element, like footers, sidebars, navigation menus, etc., into your posts. 
  • Elementor has a wide range of color options which allows you to change color of any element according to your need by using the color picker. 
  • Elementor has a library of ready-to-use templates which you can directly implement on your website or you can create one too for others.
  •  Elementor allows you to edit text, images, background colors, and many more by applying different effects.

My Opinion?

In my view, Elementor is one of the best WordPress plugins which you should definitely try. If you want to learn more about Elementor then you can click here, we have provided ain in-depth review on Elementor Pro. 

3. SiteOrigin CSS [Free]

SiteOrigin CSS is another famous WordPress plugin with a number of 200K+ active installation on the WordPress repository. You can use SiteOrigin without any hassle of knowing CSS coding. 

SiteOrigin CSS is easy to use as the team of SiteOrigin.com have developed a user-friendly interface. You can visually edit your website’s CSS like a magic. They have almost similar functionalities when compared to Elementor. 

Moreover, you can use SiteOrigin CSS plugin with every WordPress theme making it flexible to use. Also, they have a feature of automatic code completion, which makes your work 10 times fold easier and quicker.

Features of SiteOrigin CSS:

  • With the help of SiteOrigin CSS, you can customize fonts, colors, spacing, borders, padding and many more, as it supports almost all common elements.
  • You can edit your CSS code easily with SiteOrigin CSS and can also enables you to edit it with a visual editor. 
  • You can use this plugin in all modern browsers and mobile devices.

My Opinion?

This plugin comes with several advantages, like its design and features are exceptional. Its features make it a good choice for professionals and designers who are looking for a simple but effective CSS code editor. 

4. Simple CSS

Simple CSS, as the name suggests, is built with the aim of making CSS simple for you. It has a user-friendly interface which allows you to edit code visually, in managing your styles, to block unnecessary codes, and many more. 

You can use Simple CSS to enhance the look of your website by changing the color of your design templates and using different effects for your site. I have used this plugin on my website with GeneratePress theme, and it has helped me to significantly improve the look of my website. 

 Moving ahead, with the help of this plugin you can design your theme’s style by highlighting individual CSS selectors. One of the best featured of this plugin which forced me to use this is that, it automatically replaces your theme plugin’s default settings when you insert your CSS code into this plugin.

Features of Simple CSS:

  • By using the feature of visual editor, you can edit your CSS style code and it further allows you to add custom properties. 
  • This plugin can help you to improve overall efficiency of your website by blocking unwanted codes and managing your site’s layout effectively. 
  • You can use Simple CSS in all modern browsers and mobile devices.

My Opinion?

You can use this plugin to easily add, edit, or remove your CSS styles without worrying about CSS code. In my opinion it is one of the best CSS Hero alternative listed in this article.

5. Advanced CSS Editor

Last but not least, Advanced CSS Editor developed by Hardeep Asrani. This plugin is available for free for users and like other plugins this plugin also makes CSS coding an easier task for you. 

You can use Advanced CSS Editor to change the specific elements along with theme’s coding while easily editing the CSS code. The most exciting feature of this CSS Hero alternative is that it allows you to write different CSS codes for devices, like desktop, tablet, and mobile phone, by using Live Customizer. 

Not only this, this plugin also provides real-time preview to see changes made by you. This plugin is very light and won’t affect the loading speed of your website.

Features of Advanced CSS Editor:

  • Advanced CSS Editor allows you to edit your CSS style code with the help of visual editor.
  • You can write different codes for each device. 
  • It’s a light weight plugin that won’t be responsible for slowing down your website.
  • You can easily use this plugin with all modern web browsers.

My Opinion?

This plugin is one of the best alternatives for CSS Hero as it is easy to use and allows you to write code visually. So, I suggest if you want to write code for different devices than you can go for this. 


To conclude, it is very important to have a visually appealing website to attract more traffic. You can achieve it by editing the CSS Code, but everyone is not a coder and here CSS Hero comes into play. 

You can use CSS Hero to change the CSS code without even having knowledge about CSS coding. There are many other alternatives are also present for CSS Hero like Yellow Pencil, Elementor, SiteOrigin CSS, Simple CSS, and Advanced CSS Editor.You can use these plugins to edit your CSS code efficiently and effectively. 

That’s an end from my side. I hope you find this post helpful.

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