8 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins (with Pros, Cons, and Comparison)

If you’re looking to promote Amazon products on your website, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to share my knowledge about Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins. These are tools that let you easily add Amazon affiliate links to your site. They’re a great way to increase your sales and earn commissions with less effort.

I’ll guide you through the top eight Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins that can help you make money on the side. There are many free and paid plugins available for WordPress that can boost your promotion of Amazon products.

Let’s explore the best plugins that can help you get those commissions easily and effectively.

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Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

After a detailed study of Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins, I have listed the eight best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins that are currently available in the market.


AAWP – Amazon Affiliate Plugin

First on the list of considerations comes AAWP. It is a compact Amazon WordPress Plugin but is one of the most established plug-ins. This WordPress plug-in is one of the best affiliate plug-ins that comes with many features. You get a wide array of features that help you promote the Amazon product in the most efficient way.

The most helpful core feature includes integrating affiliate links or product descriptions in different forms. It includes text affiliate links, and product boxes that contain details about several products, including their prices, descriptions, CTAs, and many more.

The data field insertion is another feature that enables you to integrate single information via API. This Affiliate WordPress plug-in also lets you showcase the bestsellers and new releases list. Apart from that, the most exciting feature that you get is multiple display theme availability.

Besides, this plug-in also offers you plenty of other features. It includes the product comparison table to create precise product comparisons. You can also Geo-target the links that will help users get the product as per their location. AAWP also caches the product data to enhance performance.

  • AMP support
  • Caching
  • Offers you product comparisons table
  • You can geo-target the links
  • The comparison table doesn’t work well with the AMP version

2. AzonPress

AzonPress – Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Next on the list of considerations comes another compelling Amazon Affiliate WordPress plug-in. However, this plug-in is somehow similar to the AAWP. Like AAWP, you can also integrate both Text affiliate links and the product description in this plug-in. You can get a more detailed product description in AzonPress.

Besides, the most enjoyable feature of AzonPress is it offers you many creative tools to create product comparisons. That implies, using the plug-in, you can either create the traditional product comparison table or you can also create side-by-side comparisons. The features that the professionals like the most integrate the best pick qualifier to the Amazon product comparison table.

This helps the driver traffic to route towards the best Amazon product. The best pick is the highlighted product that allows users to find the best one for them. There are many other features that you get beyond comparisons. By using AzonPress, you can display product grids, single product boxes, and simple lists.

Further, you don’t have to geo-target the links additionally. This is because; AzonPress comes with built-in Geo-targeting that redirects the users to their local Amazon store.

  • Simple listing
  • Product boxes for a detailed description
  • It offers you a product grid
  • Built-in geo-targeting
  • Cons
  • When you disable the plug-in, the links will also be useless
  • 3. ContentEgg

    ContentEgg – Amazon Affiliate Plugin

    Next on the list comes the content egg. This is an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that comes with only one idea, boosting the conversion. This is a great consideration if you want to earn some profit with affiliate links. This plug-in offers you many features. It includes Product boxes, product comparison tables, and many other features.

    This special plug-in allows adding affiliate links via product boxes or tables to compare. Further, Content Egg uses the API to extract the data from several eCommerce websites. Thus, with this plug-in, you are not only getting the chance to add Amazon affiliate links, but you can also integrate the links from eBay, Walmart, and many other eCommerce sites.

    The professional finds Content Egg one of the most helpful plug-ins for Amazon affiliate marketing because it offers you a wide array of features. Easy adding with the keywords is one of the best features that you get. You can easily add affiliate links by just typing the keyword.

    Further, the Content Egg also supports WooCommerce. You also get the features where you can enable the auto-updating of prices in the comparison table. You can also set the search filters in this plug-in. This will help the audience to search with a price range, discounts, and categories.

    • Auto-adding of the partner id links
    • Integration of search filter module
    • Option to generate the auto-updating of the price
    • Easy adding of products with keyword
    • Shortcodes are a little confusing

    4. AmaLinks Pro

    AmaLinks Pro – Amazon Affiliate Plugin

    AmaLinks Pro is another Amazon affiliate WordPress plug-in that works well. The best part about this plug-in is you get several options to integrate the text/image links. You can also integrate the CTA button or even showcase the entire product. This Plug-in enables you to keep any information that is imported as per Amazon compliance.

    One nice thing that the professionals find about these plug-ins is that you can integrate links with or without any access to the Amazon API. There is an exceptional table builder feature that you will get in this plug-in. This will help you create product comparison tables without any hassle.

    Besides, all the information that you use comes straight from Amazon. This helps you maintain the accuracy and preciseness of the information. Some other useful features that you get in this plug-in are built-in Google Analytics. This is an event-tracking feature that lets you track the number of product clicks.

    AmaLinks Pro is a plug-in that emphasizes more on Amazon compliances. This offers you a stress-free earning of commission with ease. If you want good graces and keep on earning with your passive income by promoting Amazon products, this is a great plug-in that you can use.

    • Complaint to Amazon compliances
    • Easy to integrate links
    • Built-in Google Analytics
    • CTA button addition
    • Creation of comparison table
    • Some features of it are still under development
    • Users plans are expensive

    5. Table Labs

    Table Labs – Amazon Affiliate Plugin

    This is another great plug-in that you will get on the list. This might be the best choice if you want to create a great product comparison list from Amazon. This plug-in will help you save time. It is because you can quickly find and select the product that you want to promote. You need to tap on the price, rating, or review of the Amazon product.

    Further, another satisfying feature of this plug-in is that it allows you to create exceptional tables without taking much time. It has predefined table themes that are accessible to create your product comparison table. This plug-in is also 100% Amazon compliant. It uses the Amazon API. Thus, no more worries about getting banned.

    You can use any of the Amazon images that you want by using this Amazon affiliate WordPress plug-in. The interesting part about this plug-in is it is beginner-friendly. Implies that you don’t need to learn code if you are a newbie. Just click and drag your product link to the page.

    The tables in this plug-in are customizable; you can use any color scheme that suits your website. This plug-in also offers you a real-time analysis of the clicks. You can get an update about every click-through rate in the chart. You can also choose your top picks and drive more clicks to your Amazon affiliate links.

    • Looks great on all the screen
    • Earn from international traffic
    • Real-time analytics
    • No-coding required
    • Limited features & option to customize
    • A bit expensive

    6. Amazon Link Engine by Geniuslink

    This is another excellent plug-in that comes with exceptional features. Many affiliate marketers use this because this plug-in helps them integrate the affiliate links and the geo-localized Amazon links. The most useful feature that you get in this plug-in is the tracking of the clicks. You can use the Group to track the click-through rates.

    Further, this plug-in also uses the Amazon API to stay compliant with Amazon compliances. Another great feature is that Amazon Link Engine detects users’ regions. If any international user comes on your page, Amazon Link Engine identifies their country, converts the link to their local Amazon store, and changes the pricing.

    This plug-in is free to access. It also localizes the Amazon affiliate programs without the need for any payment. This is a great help for all newcomers. Further, there are many metrics available in this plug-in that allow you to see the performance of the links that you share.

    Further, to help you get the best possible destination for your affiliate marketing, it matches the product ID in Amazon. If you want excellent earnings from the affiliate commission, this is a great platform to use.

    • Built-in analysis of the clicks
    • Easy tracking
    • It offers you easy adding of links and texts
    • Geo-targeted links for international affiliates
    • Safe and free to access
    • You have to sign in every time you visit the website
    • Custom installation is a little tedious

    7. Amazon JS

    This is another excellent Amazon affiliate WordPress plug-in that comes on the list. You can insert the Amazon product affiliate links by using this plug-in. The best part about this Plug-in is it helps you insert the most current version of Amazon Product API. This keeps you compliant with all the compliances.

    With the help of this affiliate WordPress plug-in, you can insert any certain product, or the plug-in can also display one of its own. Further, you can also get a regular feed about the latest product categories. Using this plug-in, you can display Amazon products in four different ways.

    It includes a categorical display, a product search display, an item look-up, and a URL display. The categorical display offers you an exceptional feed of the product in the category. The search display enables you to display the product in a product search query. In the item look-up, you get a specific product, and in the URL display, you will get a list of items from an external web source.

    Besides, you can also use the shortcode parameters. This helps you customize the output, such as modifying the image size and length of the product description. Further, integrating any specific product in this plug-in is quite easy. You need to add the URL and your content to the plug-in.

    • Support all different type of Amazon locales
    • Auto conversion of link in the comment
    • Four-way display option
    • Option to change image size
    • Cookies last for a shorter duration

    8. Thirsty Affiliates Pro

    ThirstyAffiliates Pro – Amazon Affiliate Plugin

    This may be the last one on the list, but it is more than a plug-in. The professional finds it the best for all affiliate marketers. It comes with a straightforward design that is easy to understand by all beginners as well. If you want to convert more of your blogs into affiliate commissions, you can use this excellent WordPress plug-in.

    One of the most vital features of this plug-in is it offers you special reports. You can access statistics about click-through rates. You can also geo-target the links and earn commission from the international affiliates. This plug-in also allows you to uncloak the Amazon links. You can uncloak links to stay compliant.

    This amazing plug-in also comes with a proactive link fixer. This is a feature that enables all bloggers to ensure that their affiliate links are up-to-date. Thirsty Affiliates Pro plug-in also has active link checking that helps you eliminate all the 404 errors. The bloggers can also manage all their affiliates with CSV import/export.

    Besides, it also supports third-party link importing. You can integrate the link from the third-party APIs as well. The best feature that the professionals find in this plug-in is Google Analytics event tracking. You can access Google Analytics to push the click event when the links get clicked by the affiliates.

    • Auto-link keywords
    • Smart uncloaking
    • Proactive link fixer
    • Amazing reports
    • Geo-location links
    • CSV import/export
    • Features sometimes don’t offer efficiency

    What Do We Recommend?

    These are the top eight Amazon WordPress Affiliates plug-ins that you can use to boost your revenue from affiliate marketing. All of these plug-ins have some distinct feature that makes them exceptional from others. However, when it comes to choosing one, we recommend you go for AAWP.

    AAWP offers you an extensive range of features with the mixture of features you get from all these plug-ins at once. Further, the best part about AAWP is it offers you the chance to add the links in several formats. To attract more users, you can make the best use of the bestseller feature to boost your commission.

    Another great feature that makes us recommend AAWP is the feature of the new release. Most of the users always look for new releases on the online platform. So, when you offer the new releases on your page, you can achieve more clicks and earn a significant amount of money as a commission.

    Besides, you can also design your table with multiple display templates that suit well with your WordPress website. However, this would be partisanship to say this was only the best plug-in that you can use. All of these eight plug-ins have distinct features and efficiency. However, what our professionals find the most suitable for all bloggers is AAWP.

    It also stays compliant with Amazon compliances. This prevents you from getting banned from Amazon if you use the product or the images. However, AzonPress is another great plug-in that comes in the recommendation. Both of these have similar features that help you to get easy integration of links.

    Moreover, AAWP and AzonPress are two recommended plug-ins that offer you unique features and efficiency.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Still, have doubts? Need to know more details? Well, don’t worry. Following are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions you may have.

    Q: How can I get started with Amazon affiliate marketing?

    The process is simple! You can sign up and start writing articles about things that you love or even what you know well about. Keep them interesting and informative so that readers will click on your links to Amazon products.

    You can also add the Amazon widget to your blog or website and sell products without ever leaving your site. If you need more information related to affiliate marketing, then you can find the best books on affiliate marketing on my medium blog.

    Q: What are the benefits of being an Amazon affiliate?

    As an Amazon affiliate, you can earn money in any way that you like. As an Amazon Associate, you can join the program and sell products to consumers. You can also use your own website or blog to promote products and earn a commission every time someone buys those products.

    Another benefit is that you don’t have to pay Amazon to promote their products. Also, the more popular your website is, the higher you can earn from it. So, if you are an expert on a particular product or service, you could get more traffic from the search engine rankings.

    Q: Is Using Plugins for Amazon Affiliates Safe?

    Yes, it is safe to use these plugins till you follow the proper guidelines. If you are using the plugins for Amazon affiliate marketing, then you don’t have to go through with the step to write code by yourself.

    These plug-ins will allow you to integrate your links directly within your blog without any hassle at all. The next important thing that allows these plugins to be safe is the APIs they use. They always use the Amazon API instead of copying and pasting some code that will get banned from Amazon.

    Wrapping Up!

    Now, winding up this guide, these are the top eight Amazon Affiliate WordPress plug-in that you can use in your website to boost clicks and earn a great commission from Amazon. Now that you know the review about the best eight, you should draw the best conclusion by choosing the most helpful plug-in for your website.

    You can also consider the recommendations in the post to achieve the best outcomes. If you have any other preferences, you can also let us know. You can leave a comment in the comment section. Readers will be happy to know more preferences.

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