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Sunny Kumar, Founder of TheWPX

Hello! I’m Sunny Kumar from New Delhi, India, a tech enthusiast and blogger with an IT degree from IIT-D. My expertise lies in SEO, Cloud Computing, Telecom & Networking, and CEH. I specialize in SEO, WordPress Development, and PC Building. And being a proficient WordPress user, I’m dedicated to delivering quality content and a remarkable user experience.

10 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms 2024 (with Pros & Cons)

If you are interested in finding the best platforms for hosting podcasts, you’re in the right place! Podcasting has become a popular way to engage with audiences, and both podcast hosts and businesses are benefiting from this medium. If you haven’t jumped on the podcasting trend yet, you’re missing out. Podcasting can be …

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How to Show Featured Image in WordPress RSS Feed?

Want to make your RSS feed more interesting by adding a featured image to your blog posts? If yes, then you’re at the right place. In this article, I’m sharing some easy methods to display featured images in your WordPress RSS feed. Just follow the instructions I’ve laid out for you. A good-looking …

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How to Reset WordPress Password from Database

Are you looking to quickly reset your WordPress password from the database but unsure how to do it? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. I can guide you through the process of resetting your WordPress password without using FTP or any complicated methods. But why would you need to reset …

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How to Disable File, Plugin & Theme Editor in WordPress?

Are you concerned about the security of your website? Are you thinking about switching off the file, plugin, and theme editor on your WordPress site? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. The plugin and theme editor in WordPress can be really handy. It lets you tweak your website’s …

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How to Clone a WordPress Site in Minutes (Step-by-Step Guide)

Are you thinking of cloning a WordPress site? If yes! Then this article is for you. You can easily clone your WordPress website with the help of free WordPress plugins, and you can also clone your websites manually. There can be many reasons behind cloning websites, including moving your website to a new …

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9 Best CDN for Video Streaming 2024 (with Pros & Cons)

Are you trying to find the perfect CDN for your video streaming needs but feeling confused about which one to pick? I get it; it’s a common situation. When I was on the lookout for my first CDN to handle numerous videos, I, too, had to dig deep into Google. Having been in …

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