9 Best CDN for Video Streaming 2024 (with Pros & Cons)

Are you trying to find the perfect CDN for your video streaming needs but feeling confused about which one to pick? I get it; it’s a common situation. When I was on the lookout for my first CDN to handle numerous videos, I, too, had to dig deep into Google.

Having been in the CDN game for quite a few years, I’m here to make life simpler for you in choosing the right CDN provider for streaming. We’ll also touch upon their pros and cons to help you figure out which one fits your requirements.

Basically, a CDN for video streaming is a tailor-made network of servers designed to deliver video content super fast to viewers across different countries.

Let’s understand it through an example,

Suppose you are doing an event and serving all your videos from your hosting server in New York, United States. And when users of India start watching your video, the video packets need to travel through multiple “hops” as they switch from router to router, which slows the delivery and increases video loading time.

But when you are using CDN, the CDN server requests web hosting for packets and saves the video packets to their nearest hops if any user from any region views the video. Then if the second user from the same location opens the video, the video packets get provided directly from the CDN server; this time CDN server will not request your web hosting for the data, which minimizes the load on your hosting.

Hope you understand how CDN works and how it helps you offer the best watching experience to your viewers. Now let’s know about the best CDNs for video streaming.

Best CDN for Video Streaming

Choosing a CDN for video streaming is not overly challenging. However, there are still key factors to consider when selecting a platform:

  • Price – Find a CDN that fits your budget.
  • Video Quality – High-quality videos attract more viewers.
  • Features – Consider the features that enhance accessibility for your streaming videos.
  • Ease of Use – Opt for user-friendly CDNs, especially for beginners.
  • Technical Support – Reliable support is crucial for resolving issues.

Now let’s explore the notable video streaming platforms and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

1. BunnyCDN

Due to its wide network, which reaches even the most far-off countries, BunnyCDN is quickly becoming the preferred option for big businesses and TV channels all over the world. BunnyCDN lets you stream videos easily without too much trouble.

It’s got a simple-to-use feature along with strong security, making it friendly for new users and my top recommendation for beginners. Plus, what I really appreciate about BunnyCDN is that your files get a boost from their worldwide load balancer automatically, saving you the effort of tweaking your files yourself.

BunnyCDN – Simple, Powerful & Lightning Fast CDN

Bunny CDN Stream lets you give your viewers a top-notch video watching experience. I know how important it is to have control over how your videos reach people. What sets Bunny Stream apart is its advanced edge storage and server fine-tuning, ensuring that your audience always enjoys smooth video playback.

I am personally using Bunny CDN on most of my blogs, not particularly for video streaming but for serving images through CDN (although I’ve hosted a few videos with them). When I play those videos, the experience is fantastic and videos play smoothly without any buffer or delay.

Talking about the price, the price of BunnyCDN is dynamic, offering you two sample plans designed for different needs and budgets. Their first plan called the Volume Tier, starts at $0.005/GB for the first 500 TB, and its standard tier starts at $0.01/GB for the first 500 TB. The second plan will be a good choice if you are starting up.

In addition, to access the stream features, you need to make a separate payment for video storage.

  • Global Load balancer
  • Strong Hotlinking protection and token authentication
  • Smooth video playback
  • Strong Global network
  • Offer a 14-days trial only.

2. KeyCDN

Next on my list is KeyCDN. This CDN offers a crucial service and has a large network that covers all continents. KeyCDN provides convenient development options with API access and optimized server hardware. I personally appreciate its smooth operation and reliable security.

You can depend on this CDN for its extensive coverage and storage capabilities. It has excellent speed and delivers your content quickly across its global network. It also offers SSD servers equipped with an advanced TCP stack.

KeyCDN – Content Delivery Made Easy

No matter the location of your website visitors, KeyCDN ensures fast video loading and optimal viewing experience with its latency-based routing technology. I have noticed significant enhancements in KeyCDN over the past two years.

They are focusing on speed, improving performance by a millisecond at a time. This CDN can handle all traffic levels; you don’t need to worry about it. I am using it on a few of my sites, the experience I am getting is always best, exactly like BunnyCDN.

Regarding the plan price, KeyCDN is somewhat pricey. They use a tiered pricing system, starting at $0.04/GB for the initial 10TB, and then the per GB cost decreases based on usage. They also provide 24/7 technical support.

  • Improved user experience with quality data
  • Optimized hardware
  • Easy and fast zone management
  • Smooth functioning
  • No Bot filtering

3. Fastly

If you ask me about a top CDN, I’d probably point you towards Fastly.com. It’s quite popular and trusted for delivering content super fast. It’s perfect for making your websites and apps load quickly, streaming videos in top-notch quality, and it lets you track the speed on the fly.

This CDN is really good because it can handle lots of traffic, lets you make changes through an API, gives you control instantly, and responds to how users interact with your content.

Fastly – Content delivery with a powerful edge

For video streaming, you’ll have low latency and no rebuffering when using Fastly’s streaming media delivery. It provides top-notch live broadcast quality and video-on-demand experience across all devices and locations.

I recently set up this CDN on my client’s online course website; he also takes live classes—my experience with Fastly CDN is excellent for video streaming.

When video streaming, you’ll always get the best performance. The CND combines multiple CNDs into one origin and enhances performance with centralized management.

Fastly CDN video streaming offers features like dynamic ad insertion preparation, full control over HTTP headers, time to live control, dedicated IPs, and more.

  • Real-time log streaming
  • Always-on DDoS mitigation
  • Content compression
  • Cons
  • The price is high
  • 4. Cloudflare CDN

    Cloudflare is a blooming CDN that has developed high Point of Presence (PoPs) globally. The CDN offers you a range of features which also include cloud encoding and customizable HTML5 video players. I have personally used this CDN for my website.

    Cloudflare also gives you the ability to instant complete cache purge and mobile optimization, making it easy to work on the move. Cloudflare supports both HLS and DASH standards for adaptive bitrate streaming that can be embedded on your website.

    Cloudflare Content Delivery Network

    The streaming feature, which allows you to control all your video settings, is not included in the Cloudflare pack or available with a free account. To access this feature, you will need to make a payment in advance. The cost for Cloudflare Stream is approximately $5.00 per 1,000 minutes for storage and $1.00 per 1,000 minutes for streaming.

    When it comes to pricing for Cloudflare’s premium plans, most users, including myself, prefer to use the free plan because it offers the most features. However, if you choose to purchase a plan, the Pro plan is available for $20/month and the Business plan is available for $200/month.

    Lastly, Cloudflare also offers an Enterprise plan that can be customized according to the user’s needs.

    • Smart WAF protection
    • Reliable global network
    • Smooth functioning
    • Optimization needed for WordPress users

    5. Akamai

    If you need a secure CDN, choose Akamai CDN. It provides both basic and advanced security features like API and application security, remote work security, account takeover protection, DDoS protection, and more.

    In terms of speed, Akamai CDN excels in delivering dynamic content, even under high demand. It is renowned for its excellent streaming experience across all devices, and its on-net edge delivery features ensure top-notch live streaming.

    Akamai CDN for Video Streaming

    Although I haven’t personally used this CDN, my developer friends who have been using it for a few years are happy with its performance and speed. With this CDN, you can reach more customers worldwide due to its high-quality ingest and reliable delivery. Additionally, it reduces the delay between traditional broadcasts with its low-latency support.

    Unfortunately, the pricing information for this CDN is not available on the website. To learn more about the pricing, you’ll need to contact their billing team or sign up for a free trial.

  • Adaptive media delivery
  • Media analytics
  • Media services live
  • Cons
    • Pricing is not mentioned on the website.

    6. Amazon CloudFront

    CloudFront is a CDN that has come recently but gathered a good portion of the market because of its reach and availability. This CDN is cost-effective since it gives you the pay-as-you-go pricing facility, making it popular in the Global South region.

    Since it is a product of the Amazon Web Service division, it comes with the additional benefit of free data transfer between AWS cloud services and Amazon CloudFront for origin fetches.

    Amazon Cloudfront – Low Latency, High Transfer Speeds & Video Streaming

    CloudFront gives you robust security with AWS Shield Standards to protect against DDoS attacks without any additional charge. The CDN has been designed to improve the quality of experience and improve safety with traffic encryption.

    Regarding pricing, you have two choices: a free plan for 12 months or an on-demand pricing tier. There is also a discounted pricing tier available for customers who commit to a minimum amount of traffic, usually 10 TB/month or more.

    Though I haven’t used CloudFront personally, some of my blogger friends have been using it for a few months. They say that compared to other CDNs in the same price range, this CDN performs well.

  • Strong Security
  • Better reach and PoPs
  • Cons
  • Expensive on the pocket
  • 7. CDN77

    CDN77 is a rapidly expanding company that is gaining market share by offering a robust network and rapid content delivery. Currently, CDN77 partners with popular video developers and streaming channels such as Udemy and ElevenSports.

    CDN77 offers a wide range of features, including seamless content delivery, scalability, and user-friendly CDN management. With a strong track record of delivering high-performance video formats (MP4/HLS/MPEG-DASH/CMAF) to all platforms and devices, CDN77 allows you to effectively manage videos in any format.

    CDN77 – Used by Space Agencies

    Also, since its security is based on DPDK, it detects and blocks any attack in under 10 seconds. You need to update your recorded video to their CDN and create bitrate files through transcoding to start using it.

    RTMP, HLS, RTSP, MPEG-TS, and MPEG-DASH are some formats in which you can upload videos and let CDN77 transcode the video, which also helps in providing a better video experience.

    The price range of CDN77 is diverse for diverse users. You can either opt for pay-as-you-go, which starts at $0.0049/GB per month, or a monthly plan, which comes at $199/month. A free trial of this CDN is also available.

  • Strong build up and functioning
  • Global reach
  • High security
  • Cons
  • Not suitable for small business
  • 8. Microsoft Azure CDN

    Azure CDN, which I’m well-versed with, is made by the tech giant Microsoft and stands as one of the most trusted CDNs you can find. You can count on this CDN for its quickness and swift content delivery.

    Because it’s got a wide reach all over the world, you won’t have any trouble with your videos reaching far and wide. One key thing I’ve noticed is that it’s really good for streaming high-quality videos and handling big files, which is why big companies prefer using it.

    Azure CDN for Video Streaming

    If you need a CDN for smooth site loading and quality service, this is your go-to CDN. I have often used Microsoft Azure CDN for long and smooth video streaming and had a great experience.

    Azure’s APIs and tools are very dependable, giving you top-notch security to build apps that can be used worldwide. These APIs are also flexible, letting you tweak features for better availability and performance.

    When it comes to cost, Azure CDN has a simple payment system where you only pay for what you use. So, you’re billed only for the services you consumed the previous month. Plus, a great thing about Azure CDN is that you get a $200 credit free when you sign up for the first time. As someone who’s worked with these services, I can tell you that this approach really helps in managing your expenses effectively.

    • Strong global reach
    • Easy and user friendly
    • Secure and stable
    • Heavy on the pocket

    9. N7 – The Nitrogen Platform

    Nitrogen (N7) has gained significant recognition as the premier Content Delivery Network (CDN) for video streaming due to its cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance. With its innovative approach and robust infrastructure, Nitrogen N7 redefines the video streaming experience, making it the top choice for businesses and content providers worldwide.

    Nitrogen N7 boasts a vast network of strategically positioned pops in key locations around the world. This extensive server presence ensures minimal latency, resulting in swift content delivery to viewers regardless of their geographical location. This low-latency approach guarantees a seamless and buffer-free streaming experience, even during peak usage periods.

    N7 – The Nitrogen Platform

    Nitrogen N7’s advanced adaptive streaming technology adjusts video quality in real-time based on the viewer’s internet connection, screen size, and device capabilities. This ensures that users receive the best possible quality without interruptions, regardless of their device or network conditions.

    It employs state-of-the-art encryption and content protection mechanisms to safeguard against unauthorized access and piracy. This is crucial for protecting valuable video content and maintaining the trust of content creators.

    Overall, Nitrogen’s global reach, low latency, adaptive streaming capabilities, scalability, security measures, real-time analytics, and developer-friendly approach collectively position it as the perfect CDN choice for businesses and content providers aiming to deliver high-quality video content to audiences worldwide.

    • Reliable network
    • Seamless functioning
    • Robust security
    • Not an ideal choice for small businesses

    Why Choose CDNs for Video Streaming?

    CDN is essential for providing a seamless and effortless experience in video streaming, and it is critical for any video to be streamed online for better security and smoothness.

    Here is why you should choose CDNs for video streaming:

    1. Faster Video Streaming

    Waiting for even 10 seconds can decrease viewer traffic by 60%. CDN gives you the feature of instant loading, which gathers more traffic on the video. Faster video streaming means more popularity and a better reputation. It is essential to keep yourself strong in the market.

    It reduces bounce rates, improves conversions, and improves user experience. A CDN stores your static content in a temporary location so that the data can be readily accessed.

    2. High-Quality Videos

    Since there is less load time via CDN, the streaming videos are high quality and standard. CDN helps maintain low latency, which improves the viewer’s video experience. There will be a minimum load on your hosting server as the CDN server in different locations handles all the users.

    Since CDN helps reduce the lag that occurs during video streaming by eradicating load time, the quality of the video is enhanced. This will make your video professional and attractive to the viewers.

    3. Minimum Lags

    When there is no load, why will there be a lag? The high load on the server is the main reason behind the lag. CDN makes the viewer experience a faster load time on all devices. Some CDN providers have built-in mobile optimization features that help ensure that your content is responsive to mobile devices.

    CDN absorbs the traffic and spreads it across its distributed infrastructure to enhance content availability irrespective of the load. If one server happens to go slow, other Points of Presence (PoPs) will pick up the traffic and keep the service unhindered.

    4. Better Security

    CDN provides enhanced security and minimum lag. It fights off the malware and security breach that attacks your video, keeping it secure and smooth. CDN is particularly useful in the case of DDoS attacks, where attackers aim to overwhelm an important DNS server by sending a large number of requests.

    The goal is to bring this server down and, along with it, the website. Such downtime in video streaming can inflict economic losses for a business and damage the brand’s reputation.

    CDNs can prevent DDoS attacks by acting as a DDoS protection platform and distributing the load equally across the entire capacity of the network.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Still, have doubts? We all get confused sometimes, and there are times when we have several questions in our minds. So here are some questions we usually get asked by our readers.

    I hope these FAQs help you to answer all your questions.

    Q. What is a Video Streaming CDN?

    A video streaming CDN is a special type of CDN that is designed to support video stream delivery. A stream sent through a CDN reaches people all around the world, reduces latency and buffer time, and keeps the source or origin server from becoming clogged with requests.

    It also decreases the bandwidth and hardware requirements of the server and increases availability and reliability in nearly every kind of delivery scenario.

    Q. Any Cheap CDN for Doing Video Streaming?

    Yes, BunnyCDN is one of the most popular CDNs for video streaming from 87+ PoPs and a SmartEdge routing engine. For the “Stream” plan, they claim their cheapest plan starts at $0.02 per GB.

    I’ve been using their CDN for a while now, and I’m quite pleased with the performance and support. Even I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about them.

    Q. How to Load Videos from CDN?

    Loading a video from a CDN like; BunnyCDN is simple. You just need to click on your video and get the URL after you’ve uploaded it to BunnyCDN.

    Once you’ve got the URL, insert it into your HTML page or PHP source file. Typically, the URL should be placed in the <video> tag like this:

    <video src='your-video-url'></video>

    That’s all.

    Your video is now delivered through BunnyCDN’s network of content servers to people all over the globe.

    Wrapping Up!

    CDN is an essential video streaming component for a better experience and broader reach, and it protects the stream from security breaches and attacks. Picking up a particular CDN for your video streaming is crucial in providing quality data to your viewers.

    After comprehensive research, all the above features CDNs for video streaming are shortlisted. I am personally using the first two CDNs, BunnyCDN and KeyCDN, on most websites, and I am entirely satisfied with their performance.

    Before coming up with this listicle, I have tested all the CDNs comprehensively. You can invest in any of them; you will get the best service. We hope this article about the best CDNs for video streaming is helpful to you.

    Do share which CDN you will choose in the comment section below.

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