Link Whisper Review 2024 – Why I Prefer Using Link Whisper on My Websites

Are you struggling to add internal links to your blog posts – but didn’t find any suitable option for linking hundreds of pages? Internal links are perhaps one of the most significant yet neglected strategies of On-Page SEO. Since building these links manually takes a substantial amount of time, most modern-day bloggers steer clear of them.

But it would help if you gave internal links the attention they deserve.

To explain in layman’s terms, internal links help you connect various pages of a website together. This way, you can ensure that visitor keeps going through different pages based on their requirements and stay on your site for a little long time. Also, properly adding internal links to your pages can enhance SEO and help a business rank well on Google and other search engines.

And to eliminate the struggle associated with interlinking hundreds of pages manually, here we’re reviewing a tool named Link Whisper, which automatically creates internal links for posts and pages based on your preferences.

💡 TL;DR;

Link Whisper is one of the most effective plugins I’ve come across. I personally prefer using this plugin on my own websites, and the results have been clear; I’ve seen a remarkable increase in the CTR of my website clicks and its visibility. That’s why I’m reviewing this plugin on my website, to help people discover its extraordinary features!

link whisper
Link Whisper

Here are some key reasons why you should consider using this plugin:

  • Automatic Internal Link Suggestions: Link Whisper intelligently suggests internal links when you’re writing or editing your blog posts, saving you a great deal of time and effort.
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard: It comes with an intuitive dashboard that displays all the necessary information about your internal linking status, helping you understand your site’s linking structure better.
  • Bulk Linking Feature: The plugin allows you to establish multiple internal links in one go, making it ideal for larger websites.
  • Advanced Reporting: Link Whisper provides advanced reports, giving you a clear picture of how your internal links are performing, which posts have few or no links, and more.
  • Flexibility and Control: You have the flexibility to accept, reject or edit the suggested links, giving you complete control over your internal linking strategy.

Now, let’s dive into a review of Link Whisper, a tool that is definitely worth the hype, as it saves a ton of time and effort by automating the process of internal linking.

Why Are Internal Links Crucial?

Internal links are essential for both user experience and SEO. They guide visitors through your site, helping to establish an information hierarchy, and improving navigation. Strategically placed internal links also lead users to related content, enhancing the on-site experience, and increasing conversion chances.

Internal Links

For SEO, internal links help search engines understand your site’s structure and content. They allow search engine bots to discover and index new pages. Also, they distribute page authority throughout your site, benefiting lesser-known pages, and improving visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

In fact, an analysis of 1,000,000 internal links has revealed a strong correlation between internal linking and higher ranking of a post on SERPs. Thus, if you want to obtain higher rankings on Google, you must prioritize your site’s internal linking strategy.

Wondering how to add these internal links to your site? Well, here’s how you can do internal linking in WordPress.

How to Find the Right Internal Links?

There is no automated way to find the right internal links. However, here is a trick that I personally use at times. I use Google’s “site” command for identifying internal hyperlink opportunities.

All you need to do is open Google and type in the site’s name along with the target keyword (for example, site: “internal link”).

Using this method, you can find all the pages where you can do internal linking.

finding internal links
Finding Internal Links

However, this technique has several limitations.

For instance, consider a blog post about “WordPress” that also discusses plugins, schema markup, title tags, and meta descriptions. Using only the “site” command could overlook internal linking possibilities within each subtopic.

finding internal links
Finding Internal Links

As a result, you may find yourself needing to pay extra attention to numerous opportunities to strengthen your internal link structure. This can be frustrating, especially considering the importance of such opportunities in boosting your rankings.

There should be a simpler and more effective method for internal linkage. This is where Link Whisper comes into play.

What is Link Whisper and How Does it Work?

link whisper
Link Whisper

Link Whisper is a tool that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to find internal linking possibilities on your website. Using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm, the tool achieves this functionality.

✍️ Author’s Note:

NLP algorithms are computational techniques used to process and analyze human language data. These algorithms enable computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language, allowing them to perform certain tasks.

I’ve personally used the Link Whisper plugin, and I must say, it really simplifies the process of adding internal links to my blog posts and website pages. All I have to do is open up the Link Whisper dashboard, select the post, and it starts showing me all the opportunities for building internal links. I appreciate this tool even more, knowing it’s the product from Spencer Haws.

Spencer is the same person who runs Niche Pursuits, a renowned affiliate blog that I follow. He’s also behind other valuable SEO tools like Long Tail Pro. Based on my experience, I can vouch for Spencer’s expertise in this field and assure you that his tools are reliable. I’ve found that his experience really shines through in the effectiveness of this plugin.

When you start using this tool, this tool will give you plenty of contextual link suggestions for internal linking, and the suggestions you accept help the AI better understand the type of internal linking you prefer.

What are the Features of Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a potent tool with many impressive features. Some of the significant features of this tool are –

1. Auto-Linking

automatic linking feature in link whisper
Automatic Linking Feature in Link Whisper

Auto-linking lets you add internal and external links to the posts based on keywords. It helps with affiliate marketing.

For example, if you use the keyword ‘TheWPX’ in a post, you can use this keyword as anchor text and set an affiliate link. Whenever you mention ‘TheWPX’ in your content, it directs the readers to the affiliate post. Ensure to enable ‘only link once per post,’ or else you will have a link on all the places you use the keyword.

The free version of the tool does not allow the links generated to be deleted automatically. For that, you need to delete each link one by one manually. However, the paid version allows the automatic deletion of the interlinks.

2. Incorporate Target Keywords

targeted keyword feature in link whisper
Targeted Keyword Feature in Link Whisper

The tool scans your website and finds target keywords in the posts automatically. Depending on the keywords found, it offers suggestions for internal links. This way, you can use the keyword recommended by Link Whisper as an anchor text and redirect your readers to specific links.

✍️ Author’s Note:

This feature would be incredibly advantageous if you also install WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math.

3. URL Changer

url changer feature in linkwhisper
URL Changer Feature in LinkWhisper

If you want to redirect any URL to a brand-new address, you can do this using the URL changer. All you have to do is interchange the old and new URLs in the tool, and all the old URLs will be replaced with new ones immediately.

4. Modify Link Settings

Link Whisper lets you modify the link settings if you wish to make any extra changes. For instance, you can –

  • Set multiple languages
  • Specify if you want the links to open up in new tabs
  • Ignore specific posts, categories, and words when linking
  • Specify post type and status
  • Insert sentences to skip when linking
  • Specify any external links that you want to add to your posts

5. Integrates With Google Search Console

link whisper integration with google search console
Link Whisper Integration With Google Search Console

Link Whisper can integrate with Google Search Console, helping you receive data about search traffic. You may ask how the integration is beneficial. Well, using Google Search Console, you can find keywords that bring the most traffic to the post.

You can then adjust these target keywords and incorporate the internal links strategically. This will help you boost your rankings.

6. Customer Support

LinkWhisper Customer Support

Link Whisper provides email support to customers and is available 24*7. The support team is extremely polite and knowledgeable. You will also find many tutorials on using the tool effectively. Link Whisper has a blog with the latest updates, features, and discounts.

7. Customize Links

customizing links in link whisper
Customizing Links in Link Whisper

In addition to its ability to suggest links, Link Whisper offers powerful customization options to tailor your link-building strategy. This internal linking plugin allows you to filter and refine the incoming links based on your preferences. Here’s how you can add this plugin to your WordPress site.

You can choose to use links only from posts related to the content you are currently writing. This is particularly useful when establishing connections with main pages or specific categories and tags.

Link Whisper also enables you to filter incoming links based on published dates. You can either incorporate links from older, evergreen posts to maintain their relevance or add links from newly published posts to boost the SEO of older content.

8. Detailed Reports on Links to Adjust Your Strategy

Detailed Reports on Links

One of the standout features of Link Whisper is its ability to provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports on all aspects of your link profile. These reports give valuable insights into your linking strategy and help you make informed adjustments.

  • Link Report: The Links Report provides an overview of each post’s incoming and outgoing links. It allows you to easily edit and manage your links, making it an essential tool for tracking and optimizing your linking efforts.
  • Domains Report: The Domains Report breaks down your links into internal and external categories, showing you the distribution of link juice and the sites you link to the most. This report helps you assess your external linking strategy and adjust it if needed, ensuring you optimize the flow of link equity.
  • Clicks Report: The Clicks Report provides data on the number of clicks for each post, along with specific details such as the actual links, dates, anchor text, and click counts. This report helps you identify which links drive more engagement and fine-tune your link-building approach based on this valuable information.

By leveraging these detailed reports, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your link profile and make data-driven decisions to improve your internal linking strategy and maximize the impact of your links.

How is Link Whisper Priced?

Link Whisper has three pricing plans.

The single-site license is available for $77, the 3-site license for $117, and the 10-site license for $167.

link whisper pricing
Link Whisper Pricing

You may buy a plan depending on the number of sites you wish to use this tool on. The cost may seem high, but it is worth the price paid since the tool can boost SEO to a great extent and save you lots of time.

Plus, if you’re using our exclusive Link Whisper discount code, you’ll get $20 OFF on your Link Whisper subscription.

Free vs. Premium: Which One Do I Choose?

The Premium version has more advanced features and gives you more control over the tool. Both versions show incoming and outgoing links for each post, but only the Premium version lets users delete useless links with a single click.

Link Whisper Premium also has a full reporting system that can be accessed through its dashboard. Here, you can find link statistics, site linking statistics, link click statistics, and broken links, if any. On the other hand, the Free version only has one report for showing link stats.

The links that are suggested by the tool are another big difference. Link Whisper Free suggests only outbound links. Also, they must be added manually. Whereas, Link Whisper Premium suggests both outbound and inbound links and adds them to the posts automatically once they are accepted.

Plus, with Link Whisper Premium offers more freedom than the free version. This gives users more control over their internal linking strategy and detailed feedback options.

What I Like About This Tool?

Link Whisper Dashboard (Report Page)

I have been using the Link Whisper plugin for a while now, and I must say, it’s a great tool. This amazing tool has become a key part of my blogging and SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Honestly, I can’t think of my work routine without it.

As we all know, if we decide to create internal backlinks by ourselves, following the best Schematic SEO practices, it can be a tough and time-consuming job. It can be very hard to find posts that are good and relevant to the new article we are working on.

This is where Link Whisper comes in like a true hero.

In one instance, Link Whisper gave me 108 internal link suggestions in less than a minute. Just think about the difficulty of manually adding all those links! And Link Whisper does an excellent job of simplifying the process of creating internal links. It’s like having a dedicated assistant who can quickly and efficiently find relevant posts for backlinking.

This is not just about saving time but also about improving the quality of your blog and SEO efforts and the plugin doesn’t produce nonsensical suggestions, so it will be as useful for you as it is for me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below mentioned are some frequently asked questions:

Can Link Whisper Insert Links Into an Existing Content?

Yes, Link Whisper can be used to insert links into existing content. All you have to do is open the old post in the editor and go to the bottom. You will find suggestions from Link Whisper to use.

What Happens to the Links If I Cancel or Uninstall Link Whisper?

Fortunately, all the links you add using Link Whisper stay intact even after you uninstall the plugin.

Is Link Whisper Free?

Link Whisper has both free and paid versions. The free version, however, has limited features. You get suggestions, but you must copy and paste the URLs on all the suggested locations to implement the changes.

Does Link Whisper Provide Relevant Suggestions?

All the suggestions provided by Link Whisper are not relevant, but most of them are. You can edit the anchor texts and incorporate customized links to enhance the process.

Bottom Line: Is Link Whisper Worth It?

Link Whisper can improve a website’s SEO efforts and save your precious time that would have otherwise been spent in adding links to your posts manually.

If you have a blog, you have surely realized the importance of time and the role interlinks play in boosting your SERP ranking. Since Link Whisper helps you save time as well as do interlinking in the most optimized way, this is your go-to tool for all your interlinking needs.

To conclude, Link Whisper is worth using as it is reasonably priced and quite helpful. Invest in this plugin without hesitation and automate the internal linking procedure.

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