How to Write Faster? 3 Ways for Speed Writing Exercises

Writing is one of the skills that are core to any business model. When most of the sales for businesses are accounted for tactical marketing, content is central to these strategies.

Creative writing, such as writing a novel, requires deliberate writing practice and patience from the writer. Writing long scripts and writing for TV are also some of the areas where a long form of content is required.

To match the pace of content creation in the industry, it has become necessary for writers to speed up their writing speeds. Writing fast results in better efficiency and can boost your revenues in multiple ways.

In the article ahead, we will learn what speed writing is, how you can learn it, and the benefits of writing more efficiently. Read the article till the last to know how fast writing can change your life.

Why Do You Need to Write Faster?

Before we dive into learning more about speed writing, let us understand why we need to write fast in the first place. Writing fast is one such skill that can change how you interact with data daily. From note-making to drafting effective emails, writing fast can assist you in contributing more to the things you care about.

However, learning how to write fast can flip the dimensions for writers. Writers have to write tons of content in a continuous loop. When writing is the core part of your job, it is wise to invest your time in learning how to do it more effectively.

If you struggle with writing even a page of content or are a writer who often has to undergo writer’s block, then speed writing is for you. With speed writing, you can easily create and sell your ebooks on Amazon with no issues.

What is Speed Writing?

Sometimes in our day-to-day life, we feel that we need to record certain things in a certain way, but then we are unable to do it. Most of us are fond of writing journals but avoid writing the details, as it takes a lot of our time. The technique of speed writing has been developed over the years to ensure that one has adequate writing speed.

However, speed writing in our context is not about the speed of typing or handwriting but about creating more content in less time. Even though a great typing speed compliments a creative mind, many other things make you a content powerhouse.

Content creativity, analytical mindset, grammatical expertise, and efficiency to write quality content are foundational to learning speed writing. With better writing speed, you can change your entire content game and effectively deliver your message to a wider audience.

How to Write Faster?

Now that we know what speed writing is and why you must be looking forward to learning it, we will cover how to do it in this segment. There is no one-click solution to writing fast or a tip that can make you a faster writer, but you need to follow a series of steps to ensure that the pace of your content delivery increases with time.

These are some of the most important speed writing exercises that you must include in your daily routine.

Write Consistently

To become a fast writer, you simply have to start writing first. This may sound obvious, but until you are already writing, you cannot pace up your writing. To learn speed writing, you will have to consistently develop a habit of writing. Writing every day makes it easier for you to express your opinions and enhances the clarity of your message.

Finding the time to record your emotions and continue to do it in the long term is a great way to start creating a writing habit.

Create a Structure

Most budding writers start with the notion that writing is an art, and it must not entertain any restrictions. However, the main reason behind most creative failures is a lack of clear structure.

Creating a Structure for Writing

Having a structure in front of you enables discipline within the production and eventually in the results. It also allows you to focus on one thing at a time without being distracted during the research.

Thus, creating a structure beforehand can save a lot of time while writing your next blog. Structures in writing should not be restrictive but guiding and malleable and must incorporate the creativity of the writers.

Develop a Mechanism

Writing is an exciting job unless you have to do it daily. Sometimes it can get hard for writers to find the motivation to write long forms of content. However, making writing a part of your daily routine will significantly reduce your reliance on motivation to start writing.

Developing a mechanism that incites a mood for writing can be the difference that you were looking for. Cleaning your workspace, taking a shower, filling up your water bottle, and setting up other such things can be a part of this writing mechanism for you.

To learn speed writing, you have to practice it daily, and a mechanism in your surroundings can lead you to your writing desk and make it easier for you to start with it.

Focus on Your Typing Speed

Another critical part of modern-day writing is the typing speed of the writer. Typing fast is a skill that can help you throughout your life. It makes working on a system much easier and enhances the overall efficiency of working.

Focusing on writing speed

There are different methods using which you can speed up typing, including learning touch typing. In touch typing, the writer is not supposed to look at the keyboard and type with one’s instinct. In touch typing, the motor memory of the learner is customized for typing as fast as humanely possible only through sheer practice and concentration.

Learning touch typing is a one-time investment that you have to go for if you are someone who is willing to write in the long run.

Learn Effective Researching

Writing is less about writing and more about conducting the right research. If the facts that you are presenting in your conversation with the readers are not accurate, then you lose your credibility as a writer. The trust writers and their brands need must come from genuine research based solely on facts.

Conducting an in-depth research

You must use the internet as your research partner and develop a sense that can differentiate between facts and gimmicks. Research should be elaborate and efficient. You must know what you are looking for before you hit your search engine.

Pick Up the Right Tools

There are also times when we need assistance in conducting research and writing different forms of content. However, having a writer by your side who writes just the way you want him/her is not cost-effective.

Using writing tools to increase the effectiveness

This is where the modern automated tools come into the picture. Now using the tools like ProWritingAid, Grammarly, and Quillbot, you can edit your article effectively and get rid of all the grammatical mistakes.

You can also use tools like InkAI and CopyAI, which are specifically designed for the marketing domain. Using the right tools and automating repetitive tasks can account for the difference between a hard-working writer and a smart writer.

Leverage AI to write faster.

Sometimes we do not have enough time to write complete articles on our own. Writing as a hobby and creativity differs from writing for corporates and brands. Due to these reasons, you have to hit the deadlines while maintaining the quality of your writing.

Using AI writing tools for increasing productivity

To ensure that you are hitting the deadlines, you must embrace modern AI writing tools. These tools are effective and provide you with 100% original content. In the article ahead, we will discuss the details of some of the most effective AI writing tools you can use to maximize your writing speed.

Using AI to Writer Faster

From generating an attractive copy to creating long forms of content, modern AI tools can help you meet your writing needs on time. However, finding the right tool to deliver a quality output is not as easy as it may sound.

Due to a huge market presence, AI writing tools are becoming more common than ever. To assist you in choosing a writing tool for yourself, here is a list of three of the best writing tools that you can find on the internet. is an AI-automated writing software that can write at the 5x speed of a human. can curate 100% authentic and non-plagiarized content by taking only specific instruction input from the users. can create long-form content without breaking a sweat. The pace at which the content is produced in makes it suitable for content professionals who are willing to embrace AI and use it to become more efficient at their work. (Formerly known as

With over 50,000+ users, including some major content marketing companies, has become the first choice for those who are willing to automate their writing. has been rated 5 out of 5 in over 3000+ user reviews, which adds to the product’s overall credibility. has been trained to create content that can replicate the essence of your instruction using multiple creative ways. is one of the best AI writing software that you can find.

To get started with, click here.


If you love to write creative content on the internet but face writing block often, then Shortly is a perfect writing partner for you. ShortlyAI is AI-based writing software that is designed to curate creative prose content based on the instructions provided by you.


The aim of Shortly is not to automate creative writing altogether but to assist creative artists in their long journey of content creation. Shortly act as a collaborative brainstorming partner that can expand your thinking horizon and give you the space to think and imagine without worrying about the speed of writing. comes with different user interface commands that can recreate specific content pieces and give them a final touch-up. These commands can also be used to shorten and expand a particular piece of information provided to the software.

You can try Shortly for free by signing up on their official website. This will give you insights into how artificial intelligence has become more human than it was ever before.

Rytr is one of the writing software that provides all-around writing assistance to its users. From creating full-length feature articles to short and crisp marketing copies, Rytr does it all. Rytr also claims to be one of the fastest AI writing software in the market, making it stand out from the crowd.

With more than 150K users around the world, Rytr is saving millions of hours spent on content creation using its state-of-the-art AI. All the content curated by Rytr is 100% unique and personalized to the instructions provided by the user.

Support for 30+ languages, 30+ writing templates, and 20+ tones of voice make an advanced writing AI tool that takes automated writing to a new level. Rytr also allows you to organize your writings with a simple folder system and comes with multiple third-party integrations.

Benefits of Writing Faster

As we discussed multiple ways of learning how to write fast, it becomes crucial to understand some of the benefits of fast writing. Here are some of the benefits that can change the way you interact with your content:

Save Time

One of the biggest advantages of fast writing is saving time. The time you used to spend on finding the right keys on the keyboard can now be utilized to learn a new skill, read an influential book, or take a day nap.

Writing fast can save days of work in a year. It also allows the writers to take time for the things they care about, as writing itself is an exhaustive task.

Express More

When you have a faster writing speed, you will have the efficiency to record your impulses, experiences, dreams, plans, and strategies without finding it tiresome. Speed writing can make writing a pleasant experience for you as you will not have to focus on the writing efficiency but on your own thoughts.

Fast writing can change how you know yourself; once you start expressing more, you will understand different dimensions of your imagination.

Increase the Work Efficiency

Writing fast helps not only the writers but also those who are working in data-centric job roles. Writing fast can make you a more efficient developer and data scientist as these professionals deal with a ton of data daily.

Writing can make a difference and give you the edge over others, as you would spend less time making notes and give more time to innovation. Writing and typing faster is one of those things that can change the pace at which you work and skyrocket your progress over time.


Fast writing may sound unnecessary to most readers, but deep within we know that we can boost up our content game just by learning speed writing. Writing fast allows you to think more widely, as a lesser part of your brain would be dedicated to the task of writing or typing. With more focus on the research and voice of writing, a writer can create better content, and speed writing offers exactly that.

However, sometimes we need a little bit of assistance to get things done. Modern AI tools are those assisting tools that can change the way we write and interact with content. Writing something that is uniquely human is now possible with pure automation and artificial intelligence. Even though AI is not even close to replacing the writers, it has become their effective assistant.

In the article above, we tried to summarize all the details required to learn speed writing while also discussing its different benefits. We hope this guide will help you learn the art of speed writing and boost your content game to a new level.

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