10 Best Font Finder Website – Easily Identify Fonts from Image

Are you struggling to identify fonts from an image? Have you ever looked at a particular font and thought: “I wish I knew what that font is used in this image?” Well, you need not worry anymore!

There are numerous font finder websites out there that can help you easily identify fonts from images. Whether you’re a designer, a typographer, or a curious enthusiast, these websites will come to your rescue and help you identify fonts quickly and accurately. From identifying fonts, finding similar fonts to downloading them and using them on your own site, these websites offer numerous functionalities.

With several choices available, picking the best one for yourself becomes daunting. To help our readers land the best option, we have tried and tested several popular tools to shortlist a few great options. Find the narrowed-down list of font identifiers below, and find the fonts used in images and websites.

Best Font Identifying Tools

If you’re someone like me who always struggles to find the fonts from a given image, then here are some of the best font-identifying tools that will help you decide better.

1. What Font Is

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What Font Is

WhatFontIs is one of the most popular tools for identifying fonts from images. Though one of the setbacks of using this tool is that you will get a lot of ads, it does a great job identifying the fonts used.

How To Use It?

To use this tool, all you need to do is to upload the image from which you want to identify the font and then click on “Next Step.”

After highlighting the font you want to identify, you will get an entire list of all the possible fonts very close to the one used. You get ads in the free version, but if you upgrade to the PRO version, all ads are removed from the app. This way, you can eliminate all annoying ads, and the PRO version offers some other perks, including Google fonts search. 

Bonus Points

The web app also boasts a similar feature that enables users to read fonts from the websites. This feature is known as WebFont Generator. It also offers a Chrome extension for ease of use, and the extension enables reading fonts from anywhere. You can make your content look more attractive by enabling the dark mode feature on your website.

2. What The Font

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What The Font

As the name suggests, this is another web app that helps identify the fonts used in the image or a web page. WhatTheFont is quite popular and has a large user base. Its user interface is also straightforward to use, and first-time users face little to no issues in achieving their goals. All you need to do is to upload the image, highlight the text by cropping the image, and keep only the portion that contains the text.

How To Use It?

The tool starts searching for the font and offers a list of the possible fonts. Along with the font’s name, you will also get the name of the creator and an offer to buy the font for a specific price. To buy the font, you need to hit the “Get It” button and pay. The app also has a forum with font experts to help you find the font you are looking for.

If the suggested font is not the one you are looking for, feel free to consult the experts. However, to take expert advice, you will have to register yourself as a user of the web app for free.

Bonus Points

What The Font also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The mobile app offers the remarkable feature of identifying fonts in real time. You can use the camera app to capture images of any object featuring cool fonts and identify the same. The website hosting What The Font is known as My Fonts and is a font aggregator that enables the user to find the best fonts for their project.

3. Font Squirrel

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Font Squirrel

It is another great and popular web app that enables a user to identify the fonts being used in images or websites. There is no denying the fact that the website offers several great features, including identifying the fonts and also downloading hundreds of fonts available for free use.

How To Use It?

Font Squirrel has a drag-and-drop feature that enables dragging images from the system and dropping them into the app. The app then scans the fonts to identify the fonts being used. It is very accurate and slick and provides several typefaces that best match the font that needs to be identified. Also, through the tool, you can purchase the font immediately if you want to use it.

Bonus Points

It also has an integrated app, known as Font Talk, with which a user can communicate with several other fans just like them. The font identifier tool of this web app offers unmatched services and, indeed, great results. If you are wondering how to change the font color on your website, check this out.

The best part about this tool is that some fonts are offered for free to some lucky users.This web app also has a forum where you can ask the experts for your preferred font if you are still looking for the one you are looking for.

4. Fontspring Matcherator

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Fontspring Matcherator

It is a font identifier tool that works the same as other similar tools available online. It is quite easy to use. The best part about using Fontspring Matcherator is that it also helps users identify their preferred font style using keywords and other similar elements.

How To Use It?

All you need to do is upload the image, crop the text of interest to identify the font style used and let the app draw its result. Using the tool, you can buy the font you have identified. This way, you will not have to go through the hassle of finding the font anywhere else. You can also filter the results provided by tags, font styles, languages, and numerous other aspects.

Bonus Points

If you want to browse through some of the newly introduced font styles, use the “Fresh and Hot” filter. You can also find the latest trending fonts using the What’s Trending section. It offers several free fonts that users can download if they want to avoid buying a font.

5. FindMyFont

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As the name suggests, the tool easily identifies the fonts being used at several places. Graphic designers and other artists have been using the tool for years now, and they find the results quite reliable and the tool easy to use. However, it is a premium tool that the user has to install in their system.

Another thing you need to know about this program is that it offers free results only for 30 days, and you will have to upgrade to the premium version after the trial period is over.

How To Use It?

After installing the program, you can upload a picture from your system or take a screenshot from the display to identify the font used. All you need to do is to select the letters for the identification of the required font. It would help if you filled in the “Text to Match” section and then hit the “Match Fonts” button to obtain the results.

FindMyFont has a database with which it matches the texts being fed into the tool. In the upper-right corner, you will get the results provided by the tool after considering the text, and the user can easily compare the results from there.

After you have found the desired font, you need to right-click on the result and then click on the “View/Find Font Online” option. Voila, you have found the font that can be bought and used, per requirement.

Bonus Points

The tool can also be used as a font database, where a user will find several fonts that can be browsed and used whenever required. Extra charges are applicable for using the fonts available only for the premium account.

6. Fonts Ninja

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Font Ninja

At times, you need not only to identify the fonts used in an image, but you need to know the font style of a website as well. To know the fonts as well as the font style used in a website, Fonts Ninja is an unbeatable tool that comes with numerous features. The best part about using this tool is that it enables the use of all kinds of fonts in your design software.

How To Use It?

Identify the font you want to use and pull it to your choice of software to do your job. The tool has an extension compatible with a few browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

You need to install the extension only once, after which you can easily identify the font used in any website. Using the tool and extension is easy, and you are not required to keep several steps in mind to get the results.

Bonus Points

The only requirement of the tool is that, at times, you may have to make the image transparent so that the fonts are identified easily. It also helps in the accuracy of results, meaning the results obtained are more accurate with transparent images. To achieve transparent images, you can remove the background using Photoshop.

7. FontInLogo

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This is yet another popular tool that helps identify fonts easily and accurately. If you want to know the fonts used by some major brands across the globe, this tool is just for you. FontInLogo will help you get information on all kinds of fonts you want to know.

How To Use It?

Using this web app is very easy, and you can use the search bar to type in the brand name to get your answers. The website will give you the details of the font used in the logo of the brand you typed the name of.

Besides the font style, you will get some basic information about the style and the other brands using the same font for their branding. The drawback of using this web app is that there is no buy button; if you want to use that font, you will have to search for it online.

Bonus Points

You can also type a font name in the search bar, and the tool will give a list of the companies or brands using that font. The function and feature of this font identifier are different from the other tools we discussed. The web app also offers numerous website templates that can be used to create a full-fledged website.

8. FontFace Ninja

It is a great tool that offers a Chrome extension for the identification of fonts. The tool works in a different way as compared to the other similar tools available.

How To Use It?

It offers the ability to try different fonts in the user’s text and also enables the user to purchase the font they want to use immediately. Downloading a font and then using it with this tool is very easy. The extensions are supported for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Bonus Points

FontFace Ninja provides an HTML snippet with which you can easily add the desired font to your site. Additionally, you can save your favorite fonts for future use. Check this out to change your font’s color on WordPress or HTML.

9. Identifont

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The working of this tool is different from the other similar tools available on the internet. This tool is a terrific choice when you want to search for a font but can’t remember exactly where you have seen it.

How To Use It?

The user will have to answer a few questions asked by the tool to help it search for the font they are looking for. The site will help you find fonts by appearance, similarity, name, publisher/designer, etc.

Bonus Points

Identifont is quite extraordinary, and it offers some popular suggestions that easily cater to a user’s needs. After entering your criteria, you will find a list of the fonts that are very close to the one you were looking for.

10. Fontanello

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This tool not only helps identify the fonts but also helps designers, typographers, and developers pick a font style that is appropriate for their project. That said, this tool is the best option when you have to choose a font for your job but need help to make a definite choice. In addition, it offers a browser extension that is easy to use and offers accurate and reliable results.

How To Use It?

Highlight the text whose font you want to know, either from an image or a website, hit the icon attached to your browser, and you will get the required information. Fontanello helps save a lot of time for the designers, as using the tool, they can easily find the best font for their work.

Bonus Point

Apart from the font’s name, Fontanella will also provide information about the font, such as its family, weight, and style. This is a great way to choose the perfect font for any project. Additionally, Fontanella will provide a link to purchase or download the font.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below mentioned are some commonly asked questions:

Are Font Identification Tools Available for Mobile Devices?

Yes, there is one tool named WhatTheFont that offers a mobile app as well for the users to install on their mobile devices. This helps you use the tool even on the go, and you can identify fonts from any object in real-time. Having the tool on your mobile device makes font identification quite convenient.

Can I Use the Fonts being Identified on the Tool for Free?

Ans. It depends on the tool and also the font that is being used. Some fonts may be available for free, and the tool will allow you to use them for free.

If not available for free, you will have to pay a certain amount to use the font for yourself. You may look for some alternatives closest to the font of your choice, available for free, so that you don’t have to spend money.

Is It Easy to Install a New Font on My System that I Want to Use for My Work?

Ans. Yes, no matter if you buy the font or plan to use a free one, you can easily install the preferred font and use it for all your work. If you are using a Windows system, all you need to do is Unzip the downloaded folder containing the fonts.

Double-click on the font you want to install, right-click on it, and then click Install. Suppose a Mac system uses a Font Book to install your choice of font with the help of a similar process.

The Bottom Line

Identifying the font used in images, any object, or a website has now become easy with the help of online tools. The tools offer results for free to some extent or until a few uses, and then to continue using the same, you will have to go for its premium version.

You can try any of the tools listed above to make the most of the available tools and obtain the maximum benefits.

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