How to Remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress” from Footer

Confused about how to take off that “Proudly Powered by WordPress” tag from your website’s footer? It’s a common headache for many like us. When you download a free theme from WordPress, you often find this copyright message, and it’s not always easy to remove. Usually, such troubles pop up with free themes. …

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How to Backup Your WordPress Site Easily Without Missing Anything

Not sure how to backup your WordPress site and database without missing anything important? Sometimes it gets too complicated to take a backup of a WordPress site, and in some places, we all suffer from it. If you’re facing this issue and aren’t quite sure about the complete backup process for your WordPress …

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How to Get the IP Address and Location of Users in WordPress

Did you know that 48% of businesses surveyed by Statista found that location data helped boost customer engagement and improved ROI? That’s a huge number, and that’s why it’s important to find out the IP addresses and locations of your users in WordPress. However, finding out how to do it effortlessly can be …

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How to Remove Mikkiload Virus from WordPress

how to remove mikkiload virus

Not sure how to remove the mikkiload virus/malware from your WordPress blog? I know these types of virus attacks on websites make us panic – but there is nothing to panic about. Removing viruses like mikkiload is easy from our WordPress blog and it just takes a few hours to completely remove them …

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How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress Post

how to hide featured image in wordpress

Are you trying to figure out how to hide the featured image in one particular WordPress post? A friend of mine faced the same challenge. He was struggling to get rid of the featured image from his WordPress post. If you’re stuck with the same problem, then you’re in luck because I’m here …

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