9 Best Sentence Rewriter Tools for Website & Businesses (Both Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best sentence rewriter tool that can help you rewrite your content without changing the meaning? I know that rewriting sentences can be a tedious task, especially if you have to do it manually. However, with the help of sentence rewriter tools, you can easily rewrite your sentences without putting in much effort.

In this article, we will be discussing the best sentence rewriter tools that you can use for your website or business. We will also discuss the pros and cons of using a sentence rewriter tool.

These tools are perfect for those who want to rewrite their sentences creatively or for those who want to rewrite their sentences without changing the meaning.

✍️ TL;DR;

Too long; don’t read? Here’s a quick summary of the best sentence rewriter tools:

  • Jasper.ai: Jasper is a GPT-3 & GPT-4 powered sentence rewriter tool that can help you rewrite your sentences without changing the meaning. You can do a lot more than just rewriting your sentences with Jasper, like writing a complete article and many more (Try Jasper.ai for free).
  • Rytr.me: Rytr is another amazing sentence rewriter tool that uses AI to help you rewrite your sentences. It provides human-readable results and is perfect for people who’re looking for a cost-effective solution for rewriting sentences (Try Rytr.me for free).
  • Wordtune: I really admire them for their simplicity. It’s a great sentence rewriter tool if you’re looking for something that is user-friendly and easy to use (Get a Wordtune trial for free).
  • QuillBot: QuillBot is a popular sentence rewriter tool that uses NLP to help you rewrite your sentences. It provides human-readable results and allows you to control the tone of your results (Try QuillBot for free).

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Are Sentence Rewriter Tools?

A sentence rewriter tool is a tool that helps you to rewrite your sentences differently with the help of AI. We also know these tools as paraphrasing tools. With the help of this tool, you can rewrite your sentences without changing the actual meaning.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
Content Improver Framework in Jasper

These tools can be helpful if you want to avoid plagiarism or rewrite sentences more concisely or creatively. You can easily rewrite sentences with different voices, tones, and styles without changing the original meaning. 

Mostly these tools are powered by AIs like GPT-3, GPT-4, AI21 Labs, and GPT-J, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your content.

Perks of using sentence rewriting tools;

  • Helps you to rewrite your sentences without changing the actual meaning.
  • Changes the tone, voice, and style of your sentences.
  • Helps you to paraphrase your sentences so they look creative and more attractive.
  • Helps create unique and plagiarism-free content for your website or businesses or for academic purposes.
  • Saves you a lot of time, as you don’t have to manually rewrite your sentences.

… and many more.

Best Sentence Rewriter Tool

Many sentence rewriter tools are available online, but not all are created equal. Some AI tools can actually do more harm than good by producing spun or gibberish content. So, how can you find a good sentence rewriter tool?

This is why we’ve compiled this list of the best sentence rewriter tools available to help you make an informed decision.

1. Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai is one of the most powerful online sentence rewriter tools available today. Powered by GPT-3 & GPT-4, the world’s most powerful AI model, Jasper.ai can help you rewrite your sentences without changing their meaning. With Jasper.ai, you can also change the tone and voice of your sentences.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
Jasper.ai (Formerly known as Conversion.ai)

Get Jasper.ai for Free

Jasper.ai is perfect for those who want to create unique and plagiarism-free content. Not limited to just rewriting, Jasper.ai can also help you with writing blog posts, articles, novels, or even website content. I’ve been using this tool for the last 1.5 years for writing blog posts and for my upcoming book, and the content’s quality is superb. That’s why I’m listing them at the top spot.

Aside from all these features, Jasper.ai also has many powerful frameworks that will catch your attention.

Pricing for Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai is a premium sentence-rewriting tool whose plans start at $39 per month. However, they offer a free trial of 7 days for those who want to try out the tool before making a purchase.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
Jasper.ai Plan & Pricing

Get Jasper.ai for Free

Here we’ve listed their pricing plans:


The Creator plan is the basic one for beginners, with some mandatory features to make the most of your writing. It is one of the most basic plans offered by Jasper.ai. The pricing for this plan starts at $39 per month when billed annually. For the monthly billing cycle, the charges vary. The plan is great for people looking to invest less in an AI writing tool.

The plan also has a plagiarism and grammar checker, so you don’t have to use several different tools for one piece of content. In addition, it offers dynamic templates that can be used only once. The plan has over 50 templates for easy writing and producing high-quality content.

Teams Plan:

The second plan offered is the Teams plan, which will cost you $99 monthly when you opt for an annual billing cycle. All the features of the creator plan are offered, and some aspects are better than the basic plan. It is an ideal choice for medium-sized teams. This is an ideal plan if you want more than one person but fewer than three people to access the tool simultaneously.

Another feature of this plan is that it offers three different brand voices and provides access to workflows and documents. In addition, it offers 150 memories for better benefits. Also, the dynamic templates can be saved and shared in this plan.

It is one of the most popular Jasper plans of Jasper.AI, with some of the benefits that make content writing easy and flexible,

Business Plan:

This is Jasper’s most advanced and newly added plan. AI. For its pricing details, you will have to contact its sales team. It contains all the features of both the previous plans and some of the aspects are better than the previous plans. It offers a look-back option of up to 10,000 characters to better judge the context of the content.

It allows 10 or more users to log in to the account at the same time. API access is also offered to businesses in case they need it. Furthermore, it offers unlimited brand voice and unlimited memories for maximum benefits. The plan has a live chat support option where you can get answers to all your queries instantly.

Confused between these two plans?

You can choose which plan to opt for based on your business needs.

If you are not ready to invest much in a content generation tool and, at the same time, have a good amount of requirements, I suggest going for the Creator plan. This plan is best for one user and can handle everything you throw at it.


I believe that Jasper.ai is the best sentence rewriting tool available today for several reasons. Firstly, it’s powered by GPT-3 & GPT-4, which gives it an edge over other similar tools. Secondly, it offers a wide range of features that make it ideal for anyone who wants to rewrite sentences. Lastly, its pricing plans are very reasonable.

I’m already using this tool for my writing needs, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a way to improve their writing skills. Whether you need help with rewriting, paraphrasing, or even writing from scratch, this tool can greatly help.


  • Best AI-based sentence rewriting, paraphrasing, and content writing tool. 
  • Offers a higher look-back limit of 10,000 characters.
  • Comes with tons of frameworks to ease your writing works.


  • The price is slightly higher than other tools.

Get Jasper.ai for Free

2. Rytr.me

If you are into writing blogs, you must have heard the name of Rytr.me. Rytr is one of the most famous AI writing tools in the market that is known for its precise rewriting abilities. The overall experience that Rytr provides to the user segregates it from its competition. From general blog ideation to social media copywriting. Rytr can do it all for you.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool

Try Rytr.me for Free

Once you know how to utilize the advanced AI of Rytr.me, there is no upper limit when it comes to unleashing your creativity. Rytr.me pace up your writing by providing you with everything that you need as an automated blogger. Plus, they do offer free paraphrasing tool with monthly consumptions up to 5,000 characters.

Rytr.me have a huge list of tools that are specified according to the need of the users and trained for that particular use case only. Rytris one of those nice-to-have tools that can change how you interact with your content. Once you have your tools ready, it becomes much easier to produce content on a much higher level.

Pricing for Rytr.me

Rytr.me comes with three different price brackets. This price list has been curated to cater to the needs of all kinds of users. 

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
Rytr.me Plan & Pricing

Try Rytr.me for Free

Here is a brief description of the plans Rytr has to offer its users.

Free Plan

Rytr offers a generous free plan to its user that allows them to generate up to 5000 characters per month. Using the free plan of Rytr, its users can access more than 30 use cases and curate content in over 20 languages. The built-in plagiarism checker of Rytr allows the users to create content that is unique on its own.

Saver Plan

This is the first paid plan that Rytr has to offer to its customer. If your content needs can touch up to 50000 characters, the Saver plan could be an ideal choice for you. To ensure that its users have all the bandwidth to write short essays, Rytr extends its limit to 50K words per month only at a monthly subscription of $9.

All the benefits of the free plan are included in this savings plan. You can also create custom use cases to speed up your content game. You can get your hands on the Rytr.me’s yearly Saver Plan at a discounted cost of $90.

Unlimited Plan

If you are someone whose content needs do not know any limits, then Rytr’s unlimited plan is made for you. Just as its name suggests, Rytr.me’s unlimited plan offers its users the bandwidth to regenerate unlimited characters using its advanced AI tools.

Costing $29 per month, the unlimited plan of Rytr offers a great value proposition. You can avail of the yearly unlimited benefits only at the cost of 10 months.

With all the benefits of the last plan, the unlimited plan of Rytr also offers the services of a dedicated account manager to its users. Along with personalized assistance, Unlimited plan holders also get priority support for their queries and requests.


  • Have a generous free plan
  • Rewritten content does not feel non-human
  • Rytrcan rewrite in 20+ languages
  • 30+ use-cases are available to use for all users
  • Rytr.me is cost-effective for all kinds of users.


  • A lack of consistency can be felt while rewriting the content
  • The free plan is not enough if you are into professional content creation

Try Rytr.me for Free

3. WordTune

Coming from the garage of A21Labs, WordTune is a personalized rewriting tool. The advanced AI algorithms used in its back end ensure a personalized and customized rewriting of the text. From becoming one of the most popular chrome extensions to Amplitude’s hottest AI product, WordTune is leading the rewriting tools with its easy-to-use interface.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool

Get WordTune for Free

WordTune is compatible with almost all websites and applications that use the content as a strong communication medium. Some of the most popular websites compatible with WordTune include Google Docs, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Outlook Web.

WordTune allows its users to change the style of content and modify it according to their needs. WordTune not only ensures an error-free rewriting of the text but also makes it hundred percent unique.

Pricing for WordTune

WordTune is one of those rewriting tools that does not provide a reasonable free plan. However, its advanced AI is available at different paid plans for its users.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
WordTune Pricing

Get WordTune for Free

Here is a list of all the plans that WordTune has to offer.


The free plan of WordTune does not have much to offer to its users. With only 10 sentences of rewriting, WordTune only gives its free users a glimpse of its AI writing capabilities. This plan is perfect for those users who want to try out WordTune before going for its premium subscription.


If you are an individual creator, this premium plan of WordTune offers great value to cater to your needs. The premium plan of WordTune gives you access to rewrite an unlimited number of sentences using its AI.

From choosing the right tone for your writing to shortening sentences, WordTune covers it all for its premium users. Users can also elaborate a short text using the WordTune AI while making it hundred percent unique. You can get your hands on the premium plan of WordTune only at the cost of $9.99 per month. However, if you opt for a yearly membership, you can save as much as 60% on the deal.

Premium For Teams

WordTune’s  Premium plan offers you all the services needed when rewriting your text. However, If your subscription is going to be used by your team as well, you will have to take the Premium For Teams subscription.

The cost of the premium for a team varies according to the number of licenses that will be required. However, no fixed price has been mentioned on the website of WordTune. To know more about the price, contact WordTune directly through their website.


  • One of the best things about the WordTune is its one-plan subscription for all users.
  • Different tones settings are available for rewriting the text
  • No upper limit when it comes to rewriting the text
  • Prioritized customer support for all the premium users


  • No clear price was mentioned for the team license
  • The free plan is only good enough for the trials

Get WordTune for Free

4. ClosersCopy

If you are someone in the marketing domain, you must be aware of how important an ad copy can be. From hundreds of attempts, writing a sweet copy for the ad, heading, and social media, is not only a tiring but also a time taking task. ClosersCopy has entered the market with its copywriting AI to solve this issue.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool

Get ClosersCopy for Free

ClosersCopy is a tool that can assist the marketing professional in writing new, innovative, and exceptional copies. ClosersCopy believes in the power and authority of its advanced artificial intelligence tool that has been trained to provide a customized experience to every user.

With the ability to write a copy that sells in the market, ClosersCopy can become the difference you were looking for in your marketing strategy. You can also avail yourself of a 14-day money-back challenge if you are unsatisfied with their product. ClosersCopy is a great tool that has been made specifically for assisting copywriters.

Pricing for ClosersCopy

If you are new to marketing and looking for a cost-effective tool, ClosersCopy might not be the ideal choice. In this article segment, we will review different plans of ClosersCopy and analyze what it is willing to offer its users.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
ClosersCopy LTD Pricing

Get ClosersCopy for Free

Solopower Solo

The power plan of ClosersCopy ensures that you have everything that you will need as a solo marketing professional. For $49.99, ClosersCopy provides you with 300 AI runs per month and 50 SEO updates.

ClosersCopy also provides its users with an extra seat for one of their team members with additional SEO audits and an SEO planner. From workflows to tuning, ClosersCopy covers it all for you without any additional hassle. All the paid users of ClosersCopy have access to detailed insights, email support, and a community of over 12K members.

Superpower Hero

ClosersCopy justifies the name of its plan by offering way more than the power plan for its users. Under this plan, all the limits regarding AI copywriting, SEO audits, and updates are revoked, making things unlimited for their users.

With three seats in the Superpower plan, ClosersCopy allows the user to entice two of the additional team members in the tool. If you want to explore the world of ClosersCopy with two of your team members, the Superpower plan is perfect for your needs.

Superpower Squad

Professional copywriting can make or break your entire marketing campaign, making things extremely vague for your customers. To ensure that all of your content team is getting the best out of their creativity, you need to ensure they are getting the right tools to implement their thought process.

The superpower Squad plan of ClosersCopy makes it possible for the users to work with four team members and includes all the benefits of the Superpower plan for all the users. This plan is for small-scale businesses and can be an ideal solution for marketing agencies.

No products are perfect and thus need the proper evolution before buying. To provide you with a complete overview of the topic, here are some of the pros and cons we found in the ClosersCopy.


  • One of the most effective AI when it comes to writing copy
  • The AI pays attention to the known marketing tactics
  • A proper SEO audit is provided to the user
  • Tune management is also possible while writing your marketing copy
  • Responsive customer support whenever required


  • Costlier than most of its alternatives
  • Made for copywriting but not for blogs

Get ClosersCopy for Free

5. QuillBot

If you are reading about rewriting tools on the internet, it is almost impossible for you not to have heard of QuillBot before. QuillBot is one of the first AI rewriting tools to hit the market. With interesting market positioning and lucrative free plans, QuillBot has created a market of its own.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool

Get QuillBot for Free

Being known for its great paraphrasing tools, QuillBot ensures you get your hands on the exact synonym you are looking for. QuillBot also provides you with automated integration with multiple applications that have become the professional standard.

With a claim of saving over 75% of your time while curating the content, QuillBot ensures that you get the best value for your money. If you need tons of content and do not have the bandwidth to curate each word organically, then QuillBot could be a perfect choice for your needs.

Pricing for QuillBot

QuillBot does not complicate the plans for its users by offering only two plans as per the prices. 

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
QuillBot Pricing

Get QuillBot for Free

Here is a quick brief about those two plans that QuillBot has to offer.


The free plan of QuillBot is enough for those users who use QuillBot casually to create some personal captions here and there. Costing nothing to the users, QuilBot’s free plan offers a paraphrasing limit of 125 words.

Apart from the paraphrasing tool, QuillBot provides the free user with three synonyms within the paraphraser. However, some things are not included in the free plan of QuillBot, such as a plagiarism checker, faster paraphrasing speed, and text tonality comparisons.


This plan of QuillBot is perfect for those users who need bulk content without worrying about its origin. Free from all plagiarism, QuillBot ensures that its premium users get an unlimited number of paraphrasers along with creative, formal, and other different tones for their content.

The premium plan of QuillBot also provides them with advanced grammar rewriting, plagiarism checker, and compare modes. QuillBot’s premium cost is $9.95 per month, however, if you choose to buy the annual plan, you can get it for a discounted price of $49.95.

If you do not find the premium of QuillBot, a 3-day money-back guarantee is also provided to all the users.


  • QuillBot is one of the most reliable paraphrasing tools that are available on the market.
  • QuillBot provides a three-day money-back guarantee for all of its customers.
  • Provides multiple tones and text-size adjustments to ensure exact deliverables
  • Provides multiple power synonyms for the exact words
  • Generates no-plagiarism content from the input content


  • Need tons of input information to create new content
  • Not great for users looking for more than a paraphrasing tool.

Get QuillBot for Free

6. Outwrite

If you have many ideas that can translate into great marketing tactics but cannot convert them into content, then Outwrite will be perfect for you. Outwrite is an AI-based writing assistance tool that can convert your ideas into an ideal piece of content.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool

Get Outwrite for Free

With integrations to almost all popular platforms such as Google Docs, Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and WordPress.

Known for its professional writing style and clean structure, Outwrite is one of the AI writing tools that can deliver content with zero plagiarism each time. Outwrite is also great for collaborating with your teams and creating relevant content for your audience. With advanced writing statistics, multilingual support, and style suggestions, you can completely upgrade your content’s quality.

Outwrite has gained a decent market share with over a million users, allowing its users to try their AI writing tool for free.

Pricing for Outwrite

In this review segment, we will cover Outwrite’s prices and plans to give you an insight into whether Outwrite writing AI justifies its prices. We will also provide you with the features that are included in that particular plan.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
Outwrite Pricing

Get Outwrite for Free


The free plan of Outwrite is ideal for those users who only want to correct their grammar using its AI. It allows its users to avoid all kinds of spelling and grammatical errors. However, the free plan of Outwrite does not allow them to curate content using their AI.

To use the free plan of Outwrite, you just have to create an Outwrite account.


Outwrite’s Pro plan provides all the features that Outwrite has to offer, excluding the ones that are provided to the team account. In the pro plan of Outwrite, you cannot correct the spelling and grammar of your document but also be able to generate your content using AI writing tools.

You will get style improvements, structural suggestions, plagiarism checks, rewriting tools, and high-priority customer support.

You can get the pro plan of Outwrite only for $9.65 if you opt for an annual subscription. However, a monthly subscription will cost you around $25.


Outwrite’s team plan is an added layer to the pro features of the product. With Outwrite Teams, you will access all the features that pro users get. However, you will also access team-only features, such as managing the team and consolidated software billing.

This plan of Outwrite is perfect for those businesses which are pushing a lot of content online. Outwrite costs just $7.95 per user per month, the Outwrite makes it a better offer if you buy it for more than one user.


  • The free plan is adequate to have clean writing in your official work
  • Easy to use and simple user interface
  • Customer support is responsive
  • Provides value for money and has a lucrative team plan


  • Not the smoothest software to use and can misbehave at times
  • No AI writing suggestions in the free trial

Get Outwrite for Free

7. Ginger

Ginger is one of those rewriting tools known for its AI’s reliability. Affordable prices, advanced learning algorithms, and easier-to-use user experience make it ideal for those who are taking their first steps toward AI-assisted writing.  Ginger provides its users with robust functionality while allowing them to expand their perspective on rewritten content.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool

Get Ginger for Free

Ginger AI can adapt to the user while creating content and provide them with detailed insights on optimizing the content. Ginger also allows its users to translate their content into over 50 languages, making it relatable to a wide audience base.

From speeding up your editing to increasing the efficiency of content creation, Ginger makes it easier for online business owners to make content that is relatable to their audience.

Pricing for Ginger

Ginger is one of those AI rewriting tools pocket-friendly for its users. The paid plans provide value for their prices and ensure that their customers only pay what they need. The plans for Ginger are as follows:

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
Ginger Pricing

Get Ginger for Free


Ginger is free to use for all devices, with some weekly limitations for proofreading and translating the content. Ginger’s free plan gives a glimpse of its customers’ services and could benefit users with basic content needs.

To avail of the free benefits of Ginger, you will have to sign up on its official website.


The premium plan of Ginger is perfect for those individuals who want to use this AI tool to its full potential. With an advanced sentence rephrasing tool, style analysis, and personal language trainer, Ginger provides you with all the features that you will need to create quality content.

The price for Ginger’s premium writing plan will be cut down to $7.49 per month if you opt for a complete annual plan. However, a monthly plan can cost you significantly more.


  • Great for translating your content into 50 different languages
  • AI content rephrasing tool is not only effective but also fast
  • Accurate grammatical correction with advanced style suggestions


  • No Google Doc integration is available as of now

Get Ginger for Free

8. INK

If quality content is what you are looking for while rewriting your text, then INK will be a perfect choice. INK claims to be a pioneer in delivering the quality content that is required by the industry. With its advanced AI rewriting tool, INK allows its user to create genuine content with zero plagiarism.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool

Get INK for Free

Organic content allows the users to rank on the search engine ensuring higher traffic to their website. INK AI provides its users with 120+ short use cases to ensure that they have the perfect use case for all situations.

INK keeps you covered for all situations, from short forms of content to long-form blog articles. With live auto suggestions, INK assists the writer in creating better content in the long term. With compatible integrations on almost all content-oriented platforms, INK makes it easier to produce content without being interrupted by content switching.

Overall, INK is a great rewriting tool for those willing to go for quality-oriented content and are on a higher budget.

Pricing for INK

INK offers two different plans for its users. The primary plan is free-for-all users, while the paid plan offers much more features. Here is a brief introduction to both of those plans.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
INK Pricing

Get INK for Free


INK’s free plan is probably the best free content rewriting plan that we have come across. With unlimited AI text rewriting, INK also provides its users with 5,000 free words of AI writing absolutely free. In the free plan of INK, you can search for almost 100 keywords in a month while creating more than three SEO articles. INK offers all this at zero cost

INK Suite Professional

INK’s professional plan provides you with all the features that the free plan provides but without any upper cap on the word count. Using the INK suite professional will allow you to create your content in the most natural way possible with live assistance from its smart AI. INK also provides its professional users to increase the number of users as per their requirements and manage all of them using its team collaboration tool.

This plan of INK AI writer will cost you $20 per month per user, excluding SEO optimizer, copy assistant, and content planner. However, if you are willing to go for the entire bundle, the cost for each user will go to $50 per month.


  • Comes with an effective inbuilt SEO optimizer
  • It offers a great free plan for its users
  • Has a great customer support team
  • One of the fastest AI rewriting tools you can get


  • Costlier than most of the AI writing tools present in the market 

Get INK for Free

9. ShortlyAI

Shortly AI is a great rewriting assistant for writers willing to produce content on a large scale without compromising on quality. Shortly provides them with the right style of assistance, reducing the efforts put into personalized formatting.

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool

Get ShortlyAI for Free

Based on GPT-3’s advanced writing AI, Shortly AI can produce content that is human and relatable to a larger audience. With great customer support and easy-to-use working models, Short AI has become a popular choice for agencies. Shortly AI provides you with efficient command methods to pace your content creation game.

It also assists business owners in converting their raw ideas into presentable content without needing specialized editors. With the automated expansion and data compression, Shortly AI ensures its users get exactly what they want.  From writer’s block to creative dread, if content creation is not one of your strengths, then Shortly AI can be a perfect writing solution for you.

Pricing for ShortlyAI

rewriting sentence tools, sentence rewriter, sentence rewriter tool
ShortlyAI Plan & Pricing

Get ShortlyAI for Free

Monthly Plan

The first paid plan that Shortly offers to its users consists of all of the services that it has. From unlimited content creation to access to power-packed commands, this monthly plan of Shortly AI provides you with all. Along with all the features of the present AI, choosing Shortly AI gives you a chance to get all the updates as the AI gets more mature with increased user input.

However, choosing a monthly plan of Shortly AI can cost you significantly higher when compared with its monthly plan.  The monthly plan for the Shortly AI rewriting tool will cost you $75 per month.

Annual Plan

Shortly AI also offers its users an annual plan that is billed annually. With the annual plan, you can get your hands on all the features of the monthly plan but at a better price. Costing only $65 per month per user, an annual plan for AI offers a great deal compared to its annual plan. This plan includes all the features that you might need as a content creator and fulfills the gap of an efficient writing assistant.


  • Easy-to-use and simple dashboard management
  • They can also create creative content such as stories and fiction using its AI
  • No upper word limit for content creation


  • Shortly AI will be costlier than most of its competitors in the market

Get ShortlyAI for Free

Use Cases for Sentence Rewriting Tools

We know that content is the ultimate sole when it comes to marketing your brand, product, and services. However, getting the best out of your content is not as easy as it might sound. Even some of the best writers cannot deliver the significant amount of content required by the marketing industry. That is why the need to have artificial intelligence in the content field has grown to become a million-dollar industry.

To automate content creation under the specified guidelines and standards, we have been able to create multiple use cases. Using these pre-defined use cases, one can create different content styles without specifying the guidelines each time.

AI writing use cases not only incite content creation efficiency but also make it easier for the users to achieve exactly what they want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. 1 Which is the best rewriting AI tool?

Even though multiple options are available in the market per the users’ needs, some AI tools are better than others. In this article, we have reviewed the leading rewriting AI tools and analyzed them based on their core functionality.

As per our experience, Jasper.AI is the best rewriting AI that you can get your hands on. Jasper.ai’s smart and assistive tools enable you to enrich your creativity without any hindrance to your efficiency.

Q2. Do AI writing tools provide plagiarism-free content?

All the AI tools we have listed in this article provide their users with one hundred percent plagiarism-free content and ensure that your website gets the chance to rank on the internet. Most of the mentioned AI tools come with an inbuilt plagiarism checker that allows you to check the quality of the content while writing it.

Q3. Why do we need AI rewriting tools?

We, as humans, tend to have creative boundaries and need enough input from the external world to incite our creativity. AI writing tools fill this gap for us by providing us with a strong foundation of the content. We can build on this foundation to ensure that our content has the required individuality without compromising the quality and efficiency of our work.

Q4. Can AI work as a Copywriter?

Yes, AI can work as an excellent copywriting tool. ClosersCopy, which we reviewed in this blog, is a tool that is dedicated completely to creating content that is short, crisp, and relevant to an audience.

Writing AI can make your ads more innovative while providing you with multiple creative takes without taking hours. This saves your time and gives you a creative space to explore your ideas.

Q5. Will AI be able to replace writers?

There is no doubt about the fact that AI is getting better day by day. However, AI cannot replace the creativity of humans as it cannot think or imagine on its own. AI will allow humans to reduce their workloads as they will automate tasks that involve a certain repetition.

Thus, no, we do not think AI will replace creative writers any time soon in the future. However, AI will take the central stage as a great assistant for writers who frequently face writer’s creative block.

Wrapping Up!

In the article above, we tried to summarize all the details you need to know about the best AI rewriting tools in the market. To ensure that you can get your hands on the best AI writers, we tested them on different parameters and compared them on different aspects.

In the article, we tried to sum up the AI writers’ prices to ensure that you can choose your writing assistant per your budget.

We hope this article will provide you with all the information required to decide between buying an AI writing tool for you. This guide will not only make it easier for you to choose a writing assistant but will also give you an insight into the specifications of other writing tools as well.

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