100+ SaaS Submission Sites List 2023: Increase Your Product’s Exposure & Reach

Are you looking for the best SaaS directory sites to submit your products on? If yes, then you’ve landed in the right place. A few months ago, I was looking for SaaS directory sites where I could submit my first AI-based SaaS product so that I could reach a wider audience and expand the reach of my startup.

However, after researching for several days and searching for the best SaaS submission sites, I only came across a few that we are already familiar with. These include:

  • AppSumo
  • G2
  • Capterra
  • Trustpilot
  • AlternativesTo
  • ProductHunt

Surely, they will help us greatly in expanding the exposure of our website – but are they enough for us? I think not!

Therefore, I’ve created a list of 100+ SaaS submission sites that I’ve developed with the goal of helping you reach potential customers as well as gaining a quality backlink for your SaaS product, which we all love.

These submission sites are goldmines for both established businesses as well as startups (most probably, AI-based startups). And each site has its own criteria and requirements, so it’s essential to carefully review them before submitting our software. That way, we can be sure we’re spending our time and effort wisely.

Let’s get started…

What Are SaaS Submission Sites?

When it comes to promoting our Software as a Service (SaaS) product, SaaS submission sites play an important role in increasing the online visibility of our product by driving targeted traffic to our website. Let me explain in detail.

In simple terms, SaaS submission sites are a type of web directory especially curated for showcasing SaaS products and services. These sites often include information about each SaaS company and its offering, making it easier for potential customers to find the right solution for their specific needs.

Some of these types of sites are;

  • G2
  • AppSumo
  • Capterra
  • AlternativeTo, and
  • ProductHunt

The main objective of submitting our SaaS products to these sites includes boosting brand awareness, establishing a strong online presence, gaining a quality backlink to our SaaS product, and ultimately, attracting more users to our platform and increasing our MRR.

Here we’ve shared some of the main benefits that make SaaS submission sites an invaluable resource:

  • More Exposure: Our product will get more exposure and visibility if it is listed on reputable SaaS submission sites. The more platforms your product appears on, the more likely it is to get discovered by your target audience.
  • Targeted Audience: More exposure means more targeted audiences for your product, which will help you reach your ultimate goal sooner and can also lead to more MRR/ARR within a few days after launch.
  • User Feedback & Reviews: If you have a positive review and rating on these platforms, it can help you build your website’s credibility, which I think is an important factor for reaching a broader audience in the future.
  • SEO Benefits: Backlinks from high-quality SaaS submission sites can help your site achieve better rankings in search engine results, as well as make your website more discoverable to users looking for similar types of services.

In short, SaaS submission sites are an excellent way to “get the word out” about your SaaS product and improve its online presence, and I highly recommend submitting your product to a quality site for long-term benefits.

SaaS Submission Sites in 2023

The wait is over!

Here I’ve compiled a list of top SaaS submission sites that will surely help you achieve your goals. You can use these platforms to optimize your SaaS product visibility and boost your website’s traffic.

Let’s start by highlighting the top five SaaS submission sites, each offering its unique benefits and features:

1. AppSumo


AppSumo is one of the leading platforms that offer lifetime deals on top-notch softwares and courses specifically designed for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and marketers. Founded back in 2010 by Noah Kagan, the platform aims to provide the best digital tools at highly discounted prices to help clients better manage and grow their businesses. 

By submitting a lifetime deal to AppSumo, your SaaS site will benefit from the platform’s vast network of users. If you’re still unsure, here are some case studies from people who have submitted their products on AppSumo;

It’s not just them who have generated 6-digit income through AppSumo; there are many other tools, like Rytr and Ranktracker, generating 7 or 8-digit incomes.

2. ProductHunt


ProductHunt is another most popular platform where businesses can showcase their products and gain exposure to a vast user community, specifically targeting early adopters and tech enthusiasts.

The ProductHunt site was founded in November 2013 by Ryan Hoover and allows users to submit their products, and then the products are voted on by the community and ranked accordingly. In addition to that, if you get featured on ProductHunt, your SaaS site’s visibility, traffic, and customer base can be significantly boosted.

3. G2


G2, formerly known as G2 Crowd, is a comprehensive platform where users can discover, review, and share the best software and services with others. Founded back in 2012 by Godard Abel, this platform aims to provide valuable insights from real user reviews, which further help businesses make better and more informed decisions.

And by listing your SaaS product on the G2 platform, you can gain access to a highly relevant and targeted audience who actively looking for software solutions to address their business challenges. Showcasing your product on G2 can help you in:

  • Generating high-quality leads
  • Driving targeted traffic to your website
  • Increasing brand awareness and credibility
  • Collecting valuable user reviews and feedback
  • Improving your product’s ranking and visibility

In order to get the most from G2 Crowd, ensure that your product listings are properly optimized, feature an accurate profile, and collect genuine user reviews, as well as engage with the audience by simply responding to their queries.

4. Capterra


Capterra is another best and leading platform that assists businesses in finding software solutions based on their needs by offering a comprehensive selection of software reviews, ratings, and comparisons. This site was established in 1999 by Michael Ortner, and now it helps millions of people worldwide to discover the right software based on necessary information, insights, and resources.

Here’s the list of benefits you’ll get after listing your site on Capterra;

  • Access to a large targeted audience that actively looks for software solutions.
  • Increase exposure for your brand and products among potential customers.
  • Improved lead generation and conversions
  • Enhanced credibility due to the platform’s authority and reputation

To make the most of your presence on Capterra, ensure your product listing is complete and accurate. Also, make sure you’ve provided detailed information about the features and functionality for better reach.

5. AlternativeTo


No matter what operating system you use, AlternativeTo is the place to go to find the newest and most exciting software releases. You will be able to find whatever it is that you are looking for, whether it be applications for Windows, Mac, or Linux, internet services, or mobile devices.

Besides apps and software, this website also supports listing websites, so it would be an excellent opportunity to list your website on this massive website with approximately 8 million visitors per month and gain benefits.

Here is what you will get when you list your site on AlternativeTo:

  • Has a lot of product information that is easy to find.
  • Filtering and sorting capabilities
  • Easy to scan through content
  • Better accessibility

6. Trustpilot


Trustpilot is another great site for SaaS owners as it allows you to rate and review different products and services, and it also gives you the opportunity to respond to customer feedback. This helps you to build trust with potential customers and helps them to make better decisions about what to purchase.

Trustpilot also allows you to compare different products so that customers can make an informed decision. It is also one of the most popular websites in the world, with 70 million reviewers. This means that the page for your business will often show up on the first page of search results.

Below, you can find more detailed features of Trustpilot:

  • Send service and product review requests to customers automatically.
  • Send emails reminding people to review to get more people to do so.
  • Ask past customers to leave reviews to increase your review count quickly.
  • You can show your store’s rating by dragging and dropping TrustBox widgets to your site’s key conversion points.

And no matter how big or small your business is or what its needs are, Trustpilot gives you the ability to get close to your clients, use their feedback to create better experiences, and move your business forward.

7. Indie Hackers

indie hackers
Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is a platform where people who have started successful businesses or side projects can openly talk about their experiences, and other business owners can come to read and learn from them.

It is also a place where “indie hackers” get together to talk about their experiences, give and get feedback, and help each other.

Your membership on this website (obviously, a free membership) gives you a forum where you can meet other Indie Hackers who are running their own businesses and learn from them. In online community groups, members talk about everything from personal interests to ways to market their businesses to get more customers.

The benefits of using this platform include:

  • An ideal platform to meet incredible people and discover project co-founders.
  • Easy to share your successes and problems with other people.
  • Look in the products section to see what other people have made.

Use the platform to your advantage and connect with indie hackers from all over the world by attending in-person events; alternatively, you may arrange a meetup yourself to kickstart a new network.

8. Launched!

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Launched! is an incredible platform for startup founders, developers, and innovators to showcase their latest developments and experience the excitement of receiving real-time feedback from early adopters and potential users.

This community serves as an incubator for startups, providing a space to test and refine products, and offering valuable insights to enhance their offerings. By submitting your SaaS or any other type of startup to Launched!, you unlock the opportunity to engage with a passionate community of like-minded individuals willing to offer constructive critiques and praise.

The benefits of submitting your SaaS to Launched! are threefold:

  • increased visibility
  • invaluable feedback, and
  • potential collaborations.

9. BetaList


BetaList is a group of makers and early adopters who share their new ideas and get feedback from each other. It gives an overview of new internet companies that are starting up.

You can use BetaList to find potential customers who might be interested in your product or service, and then you can pre-sell them. Or, at the very least, ask them for more feedback.

Here are the benefits of BetaList:

  • A newsletter lists all of the products.
  • Helps startups in getting initial beta testers

However, BetaList is a great way to get people to sign up for pre-launch or beta lists. If you are working on a tech-based startup, check out BetaList and think about how it can fit into your pre-launch strategy as a whole.

BetaList will not only spread the word about your startup to a large and varied group of potential users, but the click-through rate and conversion rate will also be much higher.

10. Dev.to


Dev.to is a platform for developers, software engineers, and other technology professionals to share knowledge, insights, and experiences related to software development and technology. It serves as a community-driven platform for learning, networking, and collaboratively building useful software solutions. Dev.to aims to facilitate the growth and advancement of the software development community by providing a supportive and inclusive space for developers of all levels to connect and engage with one another.

Usually, on Dev.to, you need to write a post on the markdown editor for your website’s service and publish – but make sure direct posting and promoting of your service can further terminate your account. So make sure you’re sharing posts that suit their community guidelines.

11. Slant


With over 2.8 million people relying on this website, Slant has emerged as a trusted source for product rankings, catering to the diverse shopping needs of millions of consumers worldwide. This platform has built a reputation for offering honest and reliable recommendations on an extensive range of products, spanning everything from tech gadgets to household items, SaaS, and more.

And unlike traditional review websites, Slant enables community members to share their valuable knowledge and personal experiences with various products. So, if you’ve submitted your website to Slant, you’ll surely get the result you’re waiting for!

12. Reddit


Reddit is one of the best social media platforms for users to discuss and share ideas on a range of topics, including SaaS sites. It has a diverse user base and a variety of subreddits (communities) to choose from, providing users with a wide range of content and discussions.

It also has a unique voting system that allows the community to decide on the quality of content, ensuring that the most valuable information rises to the top. Additionally, Reddit’s you can take advantage of Reddit’s subreddits to promote your SaaS products to millions of users and gain 50K+ traffic within a few days.

Here are a few subreddits, which can surely help you gain more exposure to your products.

13. Sidebar


Since 2012, Sidebar has been gathering the best resources related to user interface design, CSS, typography, user research, and all aspects of design. Over time, it has become a dependable platform for thousands of designers across the globe to share their work, as well as to stay informed about the latest design news, trends, and resources.

And if your product is related to design, interface, or typography, you can share it on Sidebar to gain huge benefits from their website.

14. Wellfound (Formerly AngelList)


Wellfound, formerly known as AngelList, is a job platform that connects startups and job seekers. This platform provides job opportunities and posts for candidates with various skill sets. With the help of algorithms and a vast network, the platform quickly matches job seekers with job opportunities.

The site mainly focuses on the technology industry, and this means that job seekers with tech skills can easily apply to relevant jobs. This one is not properly a SaaS submission site – but you can use it to hire people for your startup and gain quality backlinks to your SaaS. And over the years, Wellfound has become popular among tech job candidates who want to work for startups or smaller companies.

15. SaaSHub


With 2M+ organic traffic and 192K+ products, SaaSHub is another great site for SaaS owners. Like other sites we’ve mentioned in this list, SaaSHub is also a software evaluation site where users can review their preferred tools and platforms, as well as share their honest feedback. Moreover, they also offer alternative recommendations for these software solutions.

And if you’re submitting your SaaS site to this website, you can easily divert lots of traffic from this site to yours. And you’ll gain some loyal customers.

16. Crunchbase


Businesses can use Crunchbase solutions to get automated tools for prospecting, advanced search features, and actionable insights.

The company that owns Crunchbase says that more than 60 million entrepreneurs, salespeople, investors, and market researchers use it to find new business opportunities and that numerous businesses worldwide depend on it.

Let us discuss the pros of using Crunchbase:

  • For people who want to look at information about companies, investors, and funding.
  • Includes features like custom lists, advanced search, personal alerts, and CSV exports.
  • Great for salespeople, business owners, people who study the market, and investors.

17. Startup Stash

startup stash
Startup Stash

The StartupStash website is a curated catalog of various tools and resources that can be used to develop a startup. You will have access to all of the startup resources you require to create a successful product.

This is a good SaaS submission site with a lot of resources to learn from and use when making product decisions. For example, it has lists of the best tools, the best startups in each city, the best alternatives, and so on.

18. Startup Buffer

startup buffer
Startup Buffer

Startup Buffer is another best directory for new companies seeking exposure and recognition. By listing your startup on this platform, you can benefit from increased visibility and promotion through their various social networks. While submitting your startup is absolutely free, there are additional options available for those looking to maximize their reach. For a fee, your business can be featured on the homepage, shared across social networks, and promoted in mobile applications, ensuring your startup gains optimal visibility.

Startup Buffer offers an extensive collection of the latest companies from around the world, as well as thousands of previously published startups. This platform is an invaluable resource for companies looking to make their mark in today’s competitive business landscape.

19. Side Projector


SideProjectors is a unique and welcoming platform designed for individuals seeking to buy or sell exciting side projects. Catering specifically to developers working on passion projects, the platform offers an excellent opportunity to showcase their creations to an interested audience.

Not only do SideProjectors provide developers with a space to exhibit their work, but it also fosters a sense of community where people can connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate. If you’re a developer with side projects, this platform is the ideal place to gain exposure, share your talent, and expand your network with like-minded individuals.

20. StartUpLift


StartUpLift is a fantastic platform for submitting your SaaS startup, providing a valuable resource for businesses to grow and thrive. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in New York, the platform initially offered incentives for users to review websites and share their feedback. Although this incentive system has been discontinued, StartUpLift remains a valuable tool for startups.

With a focus on facilitating visibility and exposure for new businesses, StartUpLift offers essential services and resources that can help startups navigate the competitive market landscape. By utilizing this platform, startup founders can access a powerful means of reaching a broader audience while receiving valuable feedback to refine and optimize their product offerings.

21. Launching Next

launching next
Launching Next

More than 5,000 fresh businesses, innovative startup concepts, and outstanding company ideas may be found at Launching Next. They promote startups among their numerous readers.

This service is recommended; if it is relevant to your business, having an online presence will help you grow your internet presence and may lead to extra business and benefits.

22. StackShare


Stackshare is a platform that allows developers to collaborate on tech stacks. StackShare helps us keep track of our technological choices. It is the fastest-growing SaaS tool community – it displays all the software a firm uses and why.

You won’t believe me, but over 5,00,000 developers, CTOs, and VPEs from the world’s top startups and corporations utilize StackShare on a monthly basis to make tech stack decisions. The objective of StackShare is to make developers more productive by helping them learn about technology from individuals and firms they trust.

23. AppVita


Appvita is a dedicated platform that has been helping users discover the best browser-based web applications since 2006. As a meticulously curated resource, Appvita has successfully evaluated and reviewed over 1,600 apps, showcasing a vast and diverse collection of tools to cater to every user’s needs. The platform serves as a bridge connecting developers and innovators to a wider audience, positioning itself as a valuable resource for both creators and end-users.

If you’re a developer or startup founder seeking to share your browser-based application with the world, Appvita encourages you to submit your app for consideration. By reaching out to the Appvita team at [email protected], you’re opening doors to a potential new audience, valuable feedback, and opportunities to refine your application based on user experiences.

24. Startup Resources


StartupResources is another valuable resource for your SaaS submission. This website list the latest tools on their platform and further share them with other entrepreneurs, marketers, and to people who belong to similar niche with their email marketing campaigns.

When submitting your SaaS to StartupResources, they’ll ask for a product name, a small description of your product, a product image, and a website link. And once your SaaS site is approved on their website, you’ll get lots of benefits, including but not limited to referral traffic and powerful backlinks.

25. Startups.fyi


Startups.fyi is a database that has been curated to include the best free resources and tools available for startup owners. These tools and resources can assist you in building, launching, and growing your company.

Startups.fyi is a directory that lists SaaS companies that are experiencing rapid growth. The inclusion of your website will result in the creation of a new backlink and will generate a lot of traffic to your product.

✍️ Author’s Note;

I’ve personally submitted my SaaS product to this website, and I’ve seen a rapid growth of 17K+ sessions within 2-3 days.

26. GetApp


Similar to Trustpilot and Capterra, GetApp is a platform that allows users to review, analyze, and compare different pieces of business software in one place. Clients or your future customers are able to examine evaluations left by previous purchasers on these platforms and build side-by-side comparisons to assist them in making their purchase decision.

Benefits of submitting your site to GetApp;

  • Compare the prices of the best software side by side without having to search the Internet for hours.
  • Get detailed, business-specific product insights supported by information and strategy.
  • Read and view over one million verifiable ratings and reviews of software written by individuals just like you.

27. Startup Ranking

startup ranking
Startup Ranking

StartupRanking is a meta-startup that ranks startups based on the metrics and statistics they have in the online and social worlds. It does this by first providing startups with valuable data about their metrics and statistics and then generating ranking for the startups based on the information they have provided.

StartupRanking gives each startup in the world it’s own ranking. This ranking is made by a special algorithm that the StartupRanking team came up with.

This algorithm looks at things like how active someone is on Facebook and Twitter, how active they are on SEO, and how active they are on both inbound and outbound links. This algorithm makes a new ranking each day based on how these factors change.

28. PostMake.io


Postmake is a list of tools, products, offerings, and other resources that have been put together to assist you in selecting the appropriate one for your business or project. Before being added to the directory, each tool is hand-picked and reviewed. If your tool fits, you can also add it to the directory.

Further, the tags in PostMake are used to organize tools, which are then set out on a roadmap that breaks down the typical project lifecycle into its most frequent stages.

You can also explore the database by category or name and use the results to locate and compare similar entries. And I think submitting your SaaS product on this site will make a great difference.

29. SaaSWorthy


SaaSWorthy is another incredible SaaS submission website which provides a platform for users to discover and review various SaaS products across different categories. It is an excellent resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking for the best SaaS solutions for their needs.

SaaSWorthy provides comprehensive reviews and ratings of SaaS products, making it easier for users to evaluate and compare different options. The platform also offers a range of features, such as product listing, user reviews, pricing information, and more.

By using SaaSWorthy, users can navigate through various SaaS products, read detailed reviews and ratings, and find the best solutions that fit their business needs. The site also includes a blog section that covers various topics related to SaaS, including product reviews, industry news, and expert insights.

30. TechCrunch


TechCrunch is a global media and technology company focusing on the latest news and trends in the tech industry. It provides information on the latest developments in the tech industry, including analysis, interviews, reviews, and product comparisons, to help users make informed decisions.

And if you own a SaaS product, TechCrunch is your go-to guide for everything pertaining to technology, covering everything from publicly traded technology businesses to rising startups and venture capital fundraising rounds.

In case you’re interested in submitting your SaaS to TechCrunch, you can use their tips page to suggest your product.

These are some of the most powerful sites for submitting your site, and here is a list of 100+ sites you can submit your site to.

Site NameWebsite URL
ChatGPT Demohttps://chatgptdemo.com/
Al Tool Hunthttps://www.aitoolhunt.com
Marsx's Al Startupshttps://www.marsx.dev/ai-startups
Easy With Alhttps://easywithai.com
AI News Guruhttps://ainews.guru/
SaaS GPTershttps://saasgpters.com
Startup Al Toolshttps://www.startupaitools.com
Tools Storyhttps://toolsstory.net/
GPT Academyhttps://gptacademy.co
Al Awesomehttps://www.aiawesome.com/
Al Library by Phygitalhttps://library.phygital.plus/
Al Startupshttps://www.aistartups.net
Tools NoCodehttps://www.toolsnocode.com/ai
There's An Al For Thathttps://theresanaiforthat.com/
Al Tool Directoryhttps://aitooldirectory.com
Al Centerhttps://www.aicenter.ai
Apps and Websiteshttps://appsandwebsites.com/
Al Top Pickshttps://www.aitoppicks.com/
Al Tools Guidehttps://aitoolsguide.com
The Al Generationhttps://www.theaigeneration.com
Al Trendzhttps://aitrendz.xyz
Gravy Alhttps://gravyai.com
Instant Alhttps://instantai.io
All Things Alhttps://allthingsai.com/
Al Tool Boardhttps://aitoolboard.com
Dang.ai Al Toolshttps://dang.ai
Al Top Toolshttps://aitoptools.com
Al Scouthttps://aiscout.net
Insidr Al Toolshttps://www.insidr.ai/ai-tools/
Amaete Alhttps://www.amaete.ai
Favird Al Toolshttps://favird.com/l/ai-tools-and-applications
Future Toolshttps://www.futuretools.io/
Al Explorerhttps://www.aiexplorer.app/
Al Spreehttps://aispree.com
Free Al Tools Directoryhttps://free-ai-tools-directory.com/
Future AGI Toolshttps://www.futureagitools.com
SaaS Al Toolshttps://saasaitools.com
The Al Warehousehttps://www.thewarehouse.ai
Al of the Dayhttps://aioftheday.com/
Daily Tech Alhttps://www.dailytech.ai
Al Tool Guruhttps://aitoolguru.com
Al Marketing Directoryhttps://aimarketing.directory
Al Tools Hubhttps://descenedigital.com/aitoolsdirectory/
GTP Demohttps://www.gptdemo.net
Al Tools Arenahttps://aitoolsarena.com
Al Tools Directoryhttps://aitoolsdirectory.com

I highly recommend not missing these opportunities to stand out from the competition.

Always remember, it’s essential to tailor your submissions to the particular platform and audience, and always keep track of your results and continually optimize your strategies for a significant impact on your online presence, lead generation, and overall success.

Why Submit Your Startup to SaaS Directories?

It’s definitely worth your while to consider getting listed on SaaS submission sites. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting listed in SaaS directories:

  • Increased Visibility: If you’re using SaaS directory sites, you’re going to gain a lot more visibility and referral traffic than you had before.
  • Improved Ranking: By submitting your sites to directories, you will be able to improve your Google search rankings since these directories provide you with high-quality backlinks that will boost your search engine ranking and traffic.
  • Customer Reviews: As you know, whenever we buy a product online, we check its reviews on different websites first, then decide accordingly. And if you’re using these sites and letting people share their views on your site, it will create a big impact and help you achieve more sales than ever before.

In summary, these are just some of the benefits you will be able to enjoy when you submit your SaaS to a SaaS directory, and I recommend not missing this opportunity to make SaaS directories a part of your marketing strategy.

Avoiding Common Submission Mistakes

When you’re submitting your SaaS product to these submission sites, it’s really important for you to avoid common mistakes to increase your chance of success. Here in this section, I’ll share some common mistakes that you should avoid during your submission process.

The first thing you need to ensure when submitting your product to these SaaS directories is to include images, screenshots, logos, and more. It’s because submitting an incomplete or unclear profile on these websites may significantly reduce your acceptance rate.

Secondly, I’ve seen people ignoring the guidelines or requirements of the submission site or directory. Adhering to all rules and processes can be the difference between being accepted or rejected. To prevent this from happening:

  • Review and understand the submission requirements.
  • Tailor your submission to match the platform’s tone and audience.
  • Proofread your submission for grammar and spelling errors.

In addition to all of the above, the most common mistake we overlook is inaccurate or outdated information, which can tarnish your credibility, and may make potential customers leery of the company if outdated. And if you avoid these types of mistakes during your submission process, you’ll surely maximize the chances of approval, thus leading to more impressions and sales.

Conclusion: Leveraging SaaS Sites in 2023

The advancement in AI technology has made it increasingly important to use SaaS submission sites. As these platforms offer numerous benefits that will undoubtedly help businesses grow and thrive in a competitive environment.

And to make the most of these sites, you need to consider these practices;

  • Creating a compelling, well-designed listing for each platform so that it looks more realistic to both users and search engines.
  • Make sure your information is updated regularly so that potential customers will stay interested.
  • Use your website, social media, and email marketing to draw attention to SaaS sites.

Another important thing is user reviews. Research has shown that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Therefore, it is really important to encourage happy customers to share their experiences on these platforms. In case you’re interested in promoting your product on these platforms, follow these tips;

  • Offer incentives to users who leave reviews on these platforms, such as an extension to their services, a special discount code, or access to some exclusive content.
  • You should respond quickly and professionally to all feedback, positive and negative, this will create a good impression, and transparency is something that people like, so be transparent in everything you do.

In conclusion, if you’re using SaaS submission sites in 2023 to promote your business, then make sure you’re creating compelling listings, encouraging customer reviews, and targeting niche platforms that cater to your specific audience.

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