10 Best Month to Month Web Hosting for WordPress in 2024

Are you thinking of purchasing good web hosting for your business but don’t want to pay for upcoming months as most web hosting’s charge for a year at least? If yes, then this article is for you. Here in this article, we have reviewed the 10 best month to month web hosting for WordPress. Web hosting is the most important requirement of any business nowadays. It is an essential service that accommodates businesses to create digital platforms.

The main objective of web hosting is to help businesses create their online presence. The facilities offered by the former service also help businesses access the World Wide Web. Thus, achieving good website hosting is indispensable for any business. Quality web hosting can empower your business to cater excellent virtual services to consumers.

Your business can gear up to accomplish enhanced security and augmented web performance with an excellent web hosting service. In such an obligatory need for web hosting, businesses look for several affordable web hosting plans. Amongst such plans, most businesses anticipate monthly web hosting plans.

Reasons behind picking a <strong>monthly web hosting plan</strong> include fewer commitments, affordable billing, and freedom to move to other plans.

So, in this review, you will explore the 10 best month-to-month WordPress website hosting and plans from different service providers. Keep reading the guide to find a suitable month to month web hosting for your business.

Best Month to Month Web Hosting for WordPress

Finding the right month-to-month web hosting for WordPress websites is easy; you just need to know a few things before choosing the best server.

After doing intensive research and one month of stress testing on the server, here we’re sharing the 10 best month-to-month web hosting plans for WordPress. These hostings are perfect for any newbies or SMEs…

1. DreamHost (Best Affordable Hosting)

DreamHost – Affordable Hosting

DreamHost is a hosting provider that is devoted to WordPress websites. It has been serving the WordPress community for more than 10 years. Reasons for choosing DreamHost as your hosting provider encompass value for money and powerful performance. You can say that DreamHost is one of the best affordable month-to-month hosting providers.

Several beginners, including reputed WordPress website owners, choose the monthly billing plan from DreamHost. It is because; it doesn’t come with any obligation or commitment to stay bound with the plan. Any user can easily cancel the plan at the end of the billing cycle. This empowers you to choose any other suitable plan as per your freedom.

Users looking for affordable pricing also meet their demand here. You can just pay for a month starting at just $4.95 to enjoy access to its feature. DreamHost offers you two monthly packages. It includes a WordPress starter plan and WordPress unlimited plan. Both these monthly plans have distinct features catering diverse demands of users.

In the starter plan at $4.95, you will get one website hosting, unlimited traffic, pre-defined WordPress, powerful and superfast SSD storage, SSL certification, email, and many more. In contrast, an unlimited monthly plan starting at $10.95 offers you unlimited website hosting, unlimited traffic, SSD storage, SSL certification, pre-set WP website creator, unlimited mail, and several others.

What makes a DreamHost better for monthly hosting?

  • Affordability
  • Pre-installed WordPress accessibility
  • Free automated WordPress migrations
  • SSL certification and faster file transfer

2. Namecheap (Best Affordable Hosting)

NameCheap – Affordable Hosting

Namecheap enjoys several consumers for its monthly plan in web hosting. It is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and hosting provider founded in 2000; it is one of the most highly-developing web hosting providers that cater to affordable plans with premium features. What defines its success is its 10 million domain management.

More than 10 million subscribers are availing of the different hosting plans from Namecheap. It is also quite prevalent for offering the cheapest web hosting plans as its name defines. In just $2.88 per month, users can get their hands on unmetered bandwidth, free WordPress website builder, auto SSL integration, and a money-back policy also.

There are three month to month hosting plans that users can access from Namecheap. All these three plans vary in terms of price and features. At only $2.88 every month, you can access 20 GB SSD and three website hosting. Similarly, in the plan of $4.88, you will get unlimited SSD, website, and auto back up as well.

The last plan is obtainable at $ 8.88 per month, and it offers 50 GB SSD, unlimited hosting, auto backup, and cloud storage.

What makes a Namecheap better for monthly hosting?

  • Cheapest plans for a month
  • No obligatory commitment
  • At just $2.88, you can host up to three websites

3. HostGator (Overall Best Hosting)

HostGator – Overall Best Hosting

HostGator is one of the most aged hosting companies with 8 million domain management. It has dominated web hosting for quite a few years, with more than 850 employees engaged for real-time support. Monthly billing hosting plans from HostGator are affordable and also don’t bind you to any type of commitment.

Beginners, who don’t want to invest in a yearly plan, can easily avail of HostGator’s monthly plan. You can experience superfast speed in web files transfer, any time support, and anticipated performance. In the monthly plans from HostGator, you can also access the one-tap installation of WordPress, and it assures you of 99.9% uptime.

Along with its hosting plans, it also provides users with free domain name offerings and free SSL. What makes the monthly plan from HostGator more compelling is money-back assurance, and any user reporting unsatisfactory service can claim money back within 45 days.

The month to month plan from HostGator starts at $10.95, and the features encompass unlimited hosting, domain name offers, free SSL, one-tap WordPress installation, and many more.

What makes a HostGator better for monthly hosting?

  • It offers you Round the clock assistance
  • It doesn’t bound with any obligatory commitment
  • Provides you 99.99% uptime
  • Free SSL and 45 days money-back assurance

4. SiteGround (Best Performance Hosting)

SiteGround – Best Performance Hosting

SiteGround comes as one of the most prominent hosting providers that offer you desired WordPress website hosting. It comes optimized for speed in web file transfer and security as well. It also provides you with several daily updates and plugins for your WordPress.

Officially, WordPress.org also recommends SiteGround as the most suitable hosting provider for WordPress website hosting. In terms of price, SiteGround doesn’t offer you cheap pricing. The plans start at $19.99 per month.

However, SiteGround, to win your trust, also offers you a trial service at just $ 10.95. SiteGround offers you three plans in the month to month web hosting. It includes StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. The entry plan is the most suitable plan for any business.

With just $19.99 per month, you can have several features: 1 website,10 GB web space, 10,000 visits monthly. You will also get quick real-time support from the team in terms of support. The other two plans will cost you around $29.99 per month and $49.9 per month.

What makes SiteGround better for monthly hosting?

  • SiteGround comes optimized for offering you speed and performance
  • It comes recommended by WordPress
  • It offers you a free trial to witness the performance and make an informed decision

5. WP Engine (Overall Best Hosting)

WP Engine – Overall Best Hosting

WP Engine is an expert-recommended website hosting provider that is remarkable for WordPress website hosting. WP Engine offers a wide range of features that makes it more compelling. The most useful features of its monthly plan include auto security upgrades, daily automated backups, one-tap restorations, automatic cache, and incomparable security.

Along with all these features, the WP engine is also prevalent for delivering users with free CDN and SSL plus free migration. The monthly plans from WP Engine may not come cheaper, but it does provide you with what you pay for.

Choosing WP Engine for your month-to-month web hosting also offers you real-time, efficient user support. Thus, you can be in safe hands for your web file transfer and world wide web access. The features and performances of WP Engine are extraordinary. It offers you superfast web hosting at just $30 every month.

Automated security upgrades also keep your website secure against any potential threat. Plus, there is also no obligatory commitment to its monthly hosting subscription. You can easily migrate to any other plan or hosting provider when you want. Apart from that, WP Engine can achieve maximum speed and reliability. Plus, you can also save 20% off using our wp engine discount coupon.

What makes a Wp Engine better for monthly hosting?

  • It offers you 25000 visits every month in the basic plan
  • In the startup plan, you will get up to 10 GB of local storage and 50 GB of bandwidth
  • WP Engine is known for its performance and speed.

6. Cloudways (Best VPS Hosting)

Cloudways – Best VPS Hosting

Cloudways simply changes your hosting experience with several empowering features. The hosting services are suitable for corporate as well as personal needs. Several users using Cloudways have shared experiences of high-quality performance, speed in web file transfer, and seamlessness in all the processes.

Beyond the feature, Cloudways also comes with a unique approach. It guarantees the best-in-class technology usage with a leading framework that can never dissatisfy you. Cloudways also caters to smooth web hosting by fulfilling your demands with affordable monthly charges.

The monthly plan from Cloudways starts at $10 only, and with their exclusive cloudways promo code, you can use their hosting plan free for up to 3 months. This is a wholly untied and boundless monthly plan. That implies you are not obligated for any type of commitment or contract. Users looking for the most affordable plan can avail of the $10/month plan from Cloudways. It accommodates you with round-the-clock support, free access to SSL, CDN and also offers you several other add-ons.

It also delivers a dedicated firewall for all-time threat monitoring and security. Some additional monthly plans that you can get from Cloudways are $22/mo, $42/mo, and $80/mo plan. The additional features you will get in these monthly plans are extra RAM space, processor, SSD storage, and bandwidth. No matter which hosting plan you have purchased, you can host unlimited websites.

What makes Cloudways better for monthly hosting?

  • It accommodates you with all-time advanced support
  • Cloudways comes optimized for faster web file transfer
  • Users will get free CDN

7. A2 Hosting (Overall Best Hosting)

A2 Hosting – Overall Best Hosting

It is a web hosting platform that initially emerged as a hobby and was a side venture for the founder. It usually started with only a few friends’ domains but is now one of the most eminent web hosting platforms. Further, A2 hosting also started as shared hosting.

Today’s time is a full-fledged hosting platform with a transparent product line. Some of the most compelling characteristics offered by this platform include reselling, VPS, and specialized server solutions.

A2’s monthly billing is also impressive, with several affordable plans. Users can achieve several free options. It includes a free SSL certificate, backup, and free storage; A2 also assures you about 99.9% uptime. This is what entices the attention of most users. Additionally, A2 also offers you the advantage of canceling the subscription at any time.

This helps you test the efficiency of this web hosting service provider and move to any other plan/provider if you want. Beginners will get 100% satisfaction with the hosting plans that it offers. At a $23.99 plan, you will get 1 website hosting, 50 GB ultra-fast NVMe storage, easy site transfer, free SSD, 99.9% uptime.

What makes A2 Hosting better for monthly hosting?

  • SSD storage hosting in A2 is incredibly fast
  • Money-back assurance let you claim back your money
  • Turbo server offers you 20 times more speed than regular servers

8. WPX Hosting (Most Secure & Managed Hosting)

WPX Hosting – Most Secure & Managed Hosting

WPX is one of the most reliant and recommended hosting platforms. It is designed for WordPress website hosting with some tremendous offerings. While debating this web host’s performance and speed, you can expect a powerful performance. WPX Hosting is exclusively for WordPress websites; you can achieve features such as access to CDN.

Beyond that, it also offers complete malware scanning and removal with all-time monitoring. In the basic plans, users can accomplish unmetered site migrations along with 99.95% uptime. It also offers you a one-tap WordPress installation that offers ease in WordPress website creation and management.

In a month to month hosting plan, you will get three types of plans here at WPX. It includes the Business Plan, Professional Plan, and Elite Plan. The business plan costs you $24.99 for a single month and offers you hosting of 5 websites. Along with it, you will also get 100GB bandwidth and 10GB disk space.

Similarly, in the professional plan, you can host up to 15 websites, getting a bandwidth of 200 GB at just $49.99. Last but not least, the Elite plan offers you thirty-five website hosting and unlimited bandwidth at $99.99.

What makes WPX better for monthly hosting?

  • WPX offers you business-grade DDoS protection
  • It offers you wit infinite site migration
  • Access to infinite SSL certifications
  • The features also include 24/7 user support

9. GreenGeeks (Best Performance Hosting)

GreenGeeks – Best Performance Hosting

GreenGeeks is a web hosting service provider known as a green energy hosting service. Users rely on it for its speed in file transfer, security to eliminate threats, and 24/7 customer support. There are no commitments or contracts in this hosting service, and you can cancel your subscription any time during the month.

Some excellent features of GreenGeeks include unlimited SSD disk space, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited email account access. In domain hosting, users will get accommodated with a free domain and encryption with SSL.

In the monthly plans, you will get three types of offers. The cheapest monthly plan that you will get here is EcoSite Lite. At just $10.95 per month, users can achieve hosting for one website along with free domain and SSL.

The subsequent plan is the EcoSite Pro; for just $15.95, it offers you unlimited web hosting and a free domain. The final and premium monthly plan is EcoSite Premium. It is a premium plan that costs you around $25.95 per month; this plan is more appropriate for heavy-traffic websites.

What makes GreenGeeks better for monthly hosting?

  • GreeGeeks offers you a thirty days money-back assurance, and you can claim for refund in case of unsatisfactory service
  • It offers you 99.95% uptime
  • In a one-tap install, you will get access to WordPress, Jumla, Drupal, and several others

10. InMotion Hosting (Best Performance Hosting)

InMotion Hosting – Best Performance Hosting

It is one of the top-tier hosting providers in the US. It provides you with all sorts of hosting plans under your budget. Starting from shared hosting to dedicated hosting services, you will get all you demand. What entices consumers more about this hosting platform is a 90-days money-back assurance.

If you are not delighted with the hosting service, you can claim a refund without any contract or obligation. InMotion is also quite prevalent for WordPress hosting and offers you faster transfer of web files and a desirable performance that you anticipate.

Features in InMotion web hosting that appeal the most is access to cPanel. And, it also comes with WordPress support and eliminates hassles in managing WordPress sites.

InMotion runs auto backup for the whole site to protect all your data in case of any crash. This hosting service provider seamlessly manages your email and domains to let you empower your digital business. The month-to-month plan includes a single plan, which is WP-4000S, which will cost you around $25.99.

What makes InMotion better for monthly hosting?

  • InMotion comes powered with SSD storage to handle all site loads
  • Users can claim for 90 days money back
  • It offers you free site transfers

These are the best 10 month to month web hosting’s designed for your WordPress website. Now that you know the top 10 preferences, you should also acknowledge choosing the best one. Here is how you can pick a desirable WordPress Web Hosting for your business.

How to Determine the Most Suitable Web Hosting for Your WordPress?

Finding the most suitable web hosting for a WordPress website is easy; you just need to know a few things about servers and their speed, performance, uptime, etc.

Here, we’re sharing a few points that you need to consider before choosing the best month-to-month web hosting plan for your website.

1. Uptime

What matters most when running a website is its speed and uptime. It will frustrate users if they land on your website and it doesn’t open. They would move away to another competing site searching for a relevant product/service. Further, it is not about users only; Google also doesn’t index sites in SERPs that haven’t good organic performance.

In such cases, if you are searching for any hosting services for your business site, you should also anticipate a good uptime. The above-featured hosting provider offers you more than 99% uptime. You can purchase any of them.

2. Speed & Performance

Website loading speed is among the 200+ Google ranking signals. According to SEO experts, your websites should load within 2 seconds to rank faster in SERP. The website’s speed also matters in terms of user experience, not just in SEO.

When purchasing web hosting, you should check the user reviews before making the purchase. All the above-reviewed web hostings are significant in terms of speed and performance; I have personal experience with them.

3. Bandwidth

The hosting bandwidth means how much data your hosting server allows to transfer. In simple words, how many visitors per month your hosting server can handle? If you have an existing website that you want to transfer, first check your website’s traffic and choose the hosting according to it.

If you are starting a new website, you don’t need to worry about bandwidth because you will not get much traffic at the beginning.

4. Security

In today’s world of digitalization, security is the primary concern. When hosting your website with any hosting company, they should take care of all security needs, like updating the PHP version of the website/server, and the server infrastructure should be up-to-date.

The website’s security depends not only on the server but also on the themes, plugins, and other files you have uploaded on your server. SSL also plays an important role in website security. When purchasing, make sure your hosting provider is providing free SSL.

5. Customer Support

If you are starting up, 24/7 customer support is the must-have thing for you. Because, when anyone starts their first website, they face many problems while starting up. In this condition, you can contact the technical support team for help if required.

During the hours of crisis, your hosting provider must offer you the resolution that you need. All the above-reviewed hosting provides active technical support.


In conclusion, these are the 10 best month-to-month web hosting for WordPress websites. We suggest you choose one that caters to all your demands. Along with basic features, you should consistently anticipate additional benefits in your web hosts, which will help you select the best one amongst them.

All the above-reviewed web hosting is top-notch, and I have personally used all of them in my 15 years of professional life. Talking about our recommendation, I suggest you go with DreamHost or Namecheap if you are looking for cheap month-to-month web hosting and go with SiteGround, Cloudways, or WPX Hosting if you are looking for the best-in-class web hosting.

We hope this article about the best month-to-month web hosting is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful for you in any manner. Please stay connected with us for future updates.

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