Guidelines for Software & SaaS Reviews on TheWPX

Welcome to our review guidelines page.

Here at TheWPX, we always try our best to write comprehensive reviews of products/SaaS listed on our website. Also, while writing the review, we always try our best to review products/tools that we have expertise in.

And to ensure transparency, relevance, and helpfulness in our review, we also consider adding value/research from independent review sites.

Here’s some more information on how and what we do.

What We Do

1. Reviews

While writing the reviews on our website, most of the time, we use products on our own to determine their friendliness, helpfulness, and others. Sometimes, we also allow publishing other reviews on our website once we ensure its quality, content, and other things.

2. Brand History

Before writing the review/recommendation for our readers, we also check the history and credibility of the tools we’re going to mention in our article. Doing so will help us list tools that have a proven record in the market.

3. Quality & Safety

The quality and safety of our users are our utmost concern, and we always try to ensure the websites we’re going to list in our article are safe and secure and don’t SCAM our users.

However, we still say, please read the terms and conditions of every site we share in our list for maximum security and safety, as we’re not responsible for any shady tactics used by these websites.

4. Availability

We always try to make sure the products/tools we review on our website are accessible to a broader audience, are easy to access, and have a great customer support team behind.

What We Don’t Do

1. Sponsorships

We usually don’t do sponsorship reviews on our website, but in case we do so, we carefully check the content and ensure that this partnership doesn’t influence or harm our readers.

However, before using the tools listed on our website, we recommend checking their online reviews on various independent review sites. We also recommend checking their terms and conditions to ensure that you fully understand their usage guidelines and any potential limitations.

2. Facts

While publishing sponsored posts on our website, we always verify their content to make sure it is factually correct and helpful for our readers. While checking for the facts, we use various resources like websites/reviews/previous experience from previous customers, etc for accuracy.

3. Ethical Concerns

We’re always committed to promoting tools that align with ethical standards, including privacy, data security, and user rights. But as we all know, the terms changes everytime, so we always encourage our readers to report back issues they find on our website, so that we can take necessary actions.

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