Best Translation Plugins for Multilingual Websites on WordPress

With the world going global, there are so many major languages and it’s not just about English anymore. Most of the audience online doesn’t have English as their first language or for the matter of fact the second language anymore.

If you want to have a successful business online, you need to have a multilingual website. Leave business for any kind of website, you need to have a multilingual website. There’s a huge variety among the customers so no matter what kind of website you have, if you want it to be a success, you need to have a multilingual plugin to translate your content into different languages.

Everything is competitive now, and in that chaos, you need your website to be perfect to shine out. A translation plugin is a necessity to run your website successfully and attract heavy traffic. Now the question arrives on how to choose the best translation plugin?

Well, making a WordPress website is easy enough but running it smoothly is a whole another thing, you have to get the best plugins for everything to ensure that your consumers and readers have the best experience.

What is a Translation Plugin?

Well, I don’t know about other plugins but lets at least get you the best translation plugin, but before you can go on to choose the best one for you, let’s first understand what translation plugin exactly is.

A website requires a number of functions and wordpress gives you that in the form of plugins so that you can create your website with all the functions you need without coding at all. It is great because now anyone can create a nice website.

Translation plugin is just another plugin that translates your content into different languages. There are numerous such plugins available offering different functions like different languages, AI translator or a human editor, free or paid version.

You can choose a plugin best suitable for your needs, like by the languages they offer and you require. If you are spending money, you want it to be on the best thing available so here I am, to help you get the best plugin for your budget.

Best Translation Plugins for WordPress

You have to look at all the features to decide your best match and if you are tired of me blabbing then you can just look at the features list to help you decide what exactly you want.

Let’s go on a journey to find the right translation plugin for your wordpress website and turn it into a multilingual website.

1. GTranslate

GTranslate is one of the more popular products because of its reliability and efficiency. It provides you with so many languages to transform into and the best thing is it has a paid as well as a free version.

If you have a big budget, well you can spend it according to the needs of your website as there’s a bilingual package and an all languages’ package. The free version is great too and lets you translate into all the languages GTranslate provides.

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It is SEO friendly so great news for all you bloggers out there and there are just so many features GTranslate has for you. It has a great AI translator, but it still allows you to make changes manually too if you want to change something in the translated text.

It is super easy to use and there’s no word limit in the either free or paid version. Well, the version is fantastic too, but the premium version has numerous other features with all the features in the free version.

If you want the best and decide to go for the premium version well, you are happy to know that the prices are in a very reasonable range. GTranslate will provide you with the perfect translations in so many major languages just like that.


  • Reliable and accurate translations
  • AI translator
  • Free and premium versions available
  • Supports a lot of major languages
  • SEO friendly
  • Allows manual changes
  • No word limit


  • Don’t have any



WPML is one of the oldest and most dependable translation plugins. It’s old but in no way it is lacking in function, they keep working to improve even more. The translations are very accurate and don’t lose meaning in the process.

WPML has an AI translator which is very efficient, but it also lets you to translate too while helping you in the process if you get stuck somewhere. The translated content is always SEO friendly, which is one of my major concerns at least.

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It might be the only plugin to translate a website completely into other languages and it supports a huge number of languages, including RTL languages too. WordPress multilingual plugin is very easy to use and connects you to translating services on command.

WPML doesn’t have a free version but just the premium versions. The prices might be a little high, but totally worth it when you look at the functions. You will have to get a lot of addons for it to function perfectly.

The translations are to the point perfect so the prices are pretty reasonable for an amazing plugin. WPML is one of the best translation plugins and the first choice of so many people. It supports the majority of wordpress themes but doesn’t support all the themes, so you should check that before you buy it.


  • Accurate & AI translations
  • Helps you in manual translations
  • Supports a lot of languages including RTL languages
  • Translates complete website
  • SEO friendly
  • Connects you to translating services on command


  • A little steep price
  • Needs a lot of addons
  • Doesn’t support all wordpress themes


3. WeGlot

WeGlot is a very accurate translator and one of the most popular ones too. It is said to be the easiest to translate so people who find it difficult to work with translators, WeGlot is here to make it super easy for you.

It is SEO friendly too, with being user friendly. The AI translator gives you super reliable translations and you can do it manually, just as you like. WeGlot even helps you to hire a translator in case you want something manually translated to the point of perfection.

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It has a huge number of languages, and you can choose any and all languages you need for your website. WeGlot has a free version for up to 2000 words, but the premium version is so much better. The problem is that the premium version is a little pricey.

The premium version has a limit of 1M word in total which for its price range isn’t great and unlike other translator plugins, it even does bot count which they say they don’t but they at least did with mine so not really a huge fan of that.

Even with its draws, it is a great translator with very accurate translations. If you have a huge budget and you want fast translations with just a few clicks, then you should definitely go for WeGlot.


  • User friendly
  • AI translator
  • Lets you translate manually
  • Lets you hire a translator
  • SEO friendly
  • Supports a lot of languages
  • Free version available


  • Premium version is too pricey
  • Free version word limit 2k words
  • Premium version word limit max 1M words


4. TranslatePress

TranslatePress is literally one of the best translator plugins for your website on wordpress. It uses Google translator as its AI translator to automatically translate your content and it even gives you a live translating preview.

Another great feature of TranslatePress is that you can hire a translator and the plugin will let them come and translate on your website without giving them access to admin information on your website. That’s a great feature to have for so many websites as your privacy is safe and you get perfect manual translations.

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Translations of your content are SEO friendly, which is such a necessity to have a higher ranking. You will also find all the languages you require as it supports 221 languages. TranslatePress has a free version and three different premium versions- Personal, Business, and Developer.

If you have a bilingual website, then the free version is best for you, but if you need your content to be multilingual, then the paid version is right for you. The prices of the premium version are a little high, but totally worth it when you look at all the features.

The free version also isn’t SEO friendly. Even with its shortcomings in the free version, when you look at the premium versions they are pretty great with all the features it offers to you. It is very user friendly too.


  • Google AI translator
  • SEO friendly
  • Let’s you manually translate
  • Let’s you hire a translator
  • Accurate translations
  • User-friendly & Free version Available.


  • Price is high
  • The free version only lets you to translate into one language
  • Free version isn’t SEO friendly


5. Polylang

Polylang is very popular because it is very SEO friendly. It even translates SEO generating URLs which is pretty great and not many translators can do that giving it its popularity among the huge variety of translation plugins for wordpress websites.

Polylang has a free as well as a premium version, and both are great. It is very easy to use and you can choose as many languages as you need for the website in just a few steps. You will find all the languages you need with Polylang.

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You can customize manually with the premium version but not the free version, although the prices are very high for all the features it provides you. Polylang is great for people just starting a website as it is very user friendly.

The free version of Polylang is great, and the translations are very accurate and reliable. The translations are good, but just not good enough when you compare them with other translators. Still, if you look at SEO support, then Polylang is literally the best translator plugin so it can be a great choice for you.


  • Pretty accurate
  • Reliable translations
  • Numerous features
  • Free version available
  • Premium version is good too
  • Very SEO friendly translations
  • Generates SEO friendly URLs


  • Prices are high
  • Pretty okay translations


6. Google Language Translator

Google is great to get plugins etc for your website and well Google translator is the translator for everyone so you know how reliable it is. The AI translations are very perfect and just as GTranslate, it has almost all of the features you might need.

Google language translator is very easy to use and a pretty great plugin for your wordpress website. The support staff isn’t just great but multilingual. It even has a free version as well as a paid version, and the paid version is so much better.

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Google Language Translator

The translations are very SEO friendly. It is very easy to use so user-friendly for people just starting out. It supports numerous languages and I am sure you will find all you want. For your accurate translations, Google is your best option and after GTranslate it is your go-to option for fast reliable translations.

You can easily choose languages and set it up to have perfect translations with the Google AI so it can be just your go-to translator for your multilingual website on wordpress.


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate translations
  • Google AI translator
  • Fast translations
  • SEO friendly
  • Supports a lot of languages


  • The plugin merge with GTranslate



So if you have read the whole article, you might know how important translation plugins are for multilingual websites on wordpress. To have a global readership, you have to have accurate and SEO-friendly content.

Translation plugins let you have just that and help you have a better website and content in so many different languages. No matter if you want AI translations or manual translators, a free translation plugin, or a premium translation plugin, you will find the right translator for you on the list.

The best of the best translator plugins for multilingual websites on wordpress is here for you to choose from. You can check out all the pros and cons and make a decision according to your needs and budgets. Have fun translating.

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