7 Best Product Description Generator for Business & Amazon Affiliate

Are you looking for the best product description generator for your amazon affiliate or eCommerce website? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Here in this guide, we have comprehensively reviewed lots of AI tools available in the market and came up with the 7 best AI product description generators that you can use.

Well, we all know, running a business online requires you to stir the spoons of many vessels at once, and eCommerce seems easier in management than traditional offline businesses- but the list of tasks is quite long for both.

Among that list, one thing that holds great importance but gets justified with minimum effort is writing the product description. A product description holds 87% importance while making the purchasing decision from the customer’s point of view. Writing isn’t a gift everybody has, and one can find himself lost in the world of words. So are you also searching for alternative solutions to craft quality content, leaving no option for your customers other than to buy?

A product description generator is right at your disposal.

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This entire article and many articles on my websites are written using Jasper AI; you can see the quality of content. I highly recommend you to go with Jasper AI to generate product distribution. Click on the below button and get 7-days of free trial.

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With the help of an advanced AI system developed by the OpenAI team, these tools performance really well in writing any type of product description for you. They’ll not only help in generating AI-based product descriptions for you, but you can also use them to craft your blog posts, affiliate articles, stories, novels, and so many other things.

So, these markets are growing too well, and here we’ve reviewed some of the best product description generators for businesses and for people who’re doing any kind of affiliate.

Best Product Description Generator for Business & Amazon Affiliate

Not long ago, I started using AI writing assistants to write blog posts for my website. I use those AI writing tools to complete all my content needs, including blog posts, web page content, social media content, and other content needs.

Also, using those tools to generate product descriptions for affiliate blogs, I even own some eCommerce websites where I need the product description content. For your convenience, I curated the following list of the top 7 product description generators for businesses and Amazon affiliates.

Cut your chase for searching and then trying.

1. Jasper

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Get Jasper AI

If you’re looking for one of the best AI-based product description generators, then nobody can beat Jasper.ai. This tool, previously known as Conversion.ai, is among the best AI tools on the market, with many useful features. If you’re looking for a tool to generate product descriptions, stories, novels, books, and blog posts, then this is the tool for you.

This powerful tool also comes with a powerful framework that helps you write these types of content and allows you to write Facebook ads, Google Ads, and email campaigns, among other things. And guess what else? You will always get perfect human-like content through this tool, and no one can tell if these products are written by a human or an AI bot.

What technology does it use to produce human-like content?

It uses the most powerful AIDA framework for generating all product descriptions. In other words, AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action, and it is one of the most powerful copywriting principles for simplifying the lives of many around the globe.

Aside from this, integrating keywords is another appealing feature of Jasper, escalating your product high up the Google search results. Further supporting your determination to enter new markets and expand even where English might not get spoken as it is a complete package of 26 worldwide languages.

Jasper Pricing

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Jasper Pricing

Get Jasper AI

Talking about Jasper pricing, they offer three different plans, from the basic to the advanced one, with many features. The plans are named Creator, Teams, and Business Plans respectively. You get to use the trial pack of the plans for seven long days, where you will get access to all the features contained in the plan. This gives a clear idea. Once you are over your free subscription, you can upgrade to the paid plans.

Moreover, the efficiency offered by Jasper.ai when writing articles leaves the customer with no choice but to upgrade to the paid plan. Let us now discuss the features offered in each plan so that you can make informed choices when picking the ideal plan for yourself.


The best part of the pricing plans of Jasper.AI is that there is no limit on the number of words you can generate. The starter plan will cost $39/month if you choose the annual billing cycle, whereas the cost will increase if you choose the monthly billing cycle.

It allows one user to access the tool, and if you need to add more users, you will have to upgrade the plan. In this plan, you will get access to 50+ copywriting templates and as many project folders as you want.

A few other features of the creator plan include 50 memories, one brand voice, and so much more.

Teams Plan:

As the name suggests, this plan is more advanced than the starter plan and includes features like SEO mode, plagiarism checker, Grammar check, and many more features. The plan is priced at $99 per month, with no limit on the number of words you can generate. In addition, it offers dynamic templates that can be shared and saved for flexible accessibility.

You get three seats along with the plan; if you want more, you can buy them at an additional price. The plan offers three different brand voices for businesses to generate amazing content. It also has 150 memories to offer the maximum benefits.

Business Plan:

This is Jasper’s most advanced and newly added plan. AI. The
price has yet to be revealed, and if you are interested in accessing the tool’s advanced features, you will have to contact the customer support department.

The features of this plan include access to 10+ team members, generation of unlimited words, unlimited memories, unlimited brand voices, dynamic templates that can be saved and shared, API access, and so much more.

In short, the plan is best suited to big businesses that want to churn out large quantities of words every day and also want maximum flexibility with the tool.

Still, trying to decide which plan to choose?

The possibility of getting confused between the three plans offered is quite fair. To better understand the differences, you must first understand your needs. Then, you can decide which plan will cover your needs based on what you want to achieve. Rest the difference in prices between the three plans is obvious.

To try out the plans and their features, you can always get started with the trial plan and see if it meets your expectations. Also, the price you pay should be justified according to the work that you get done by the tool.


Jasper is the primary tool I use for all my content needs; even this blog post is also written by Jasper, so I can say that, in terms of content quality, no other tool is as great as Jasper. And don’t just limit yourself to geographical language barriers when Jasper is your mate. It is compatible with 26 global languages like French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, etc. Create the copy according to your customer’s comfort.

Get yourself perfect 160-word content by feeding some keywords or topic-related lines. Also, you can choose from the multiply produced copies, whichever you like for sure.


  • Ensured originality of the content.
  • Accessible and efficient UI.
  • A variety of templates to choose from.


  • Some facts might not present accurate data.

Get Jasper AI

2. ShortlyAI

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Get ShortlyAI

Shortly.AI is known for providing error-free content. If you spend long hours just writing a product description, then it is time to access AI writing assistant ShortlyAI. Making its users satisfied with output and efficiency, people make it to the existing long list of users.

Customize the content’s length, tone, and voice with this tool. To start writing the product description, you just need to write a few words, click on Write for Me, and then ShortlyAI will write compelling content for you.

You can elevate your customer engagement conveniently, and it is compatible with a multi-purpose list of things. So this AI writing assistant is helpful with product descriptions and blogs, affiliate posts, essays, and much more.

Shortly.ai Pricing

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ShortlyAI Plan & Pricing

Get ShortlyAI

The tool projects two pricing plans- a monthly and an annual plan. When availing of a yearly plan, you also get access to a discount. When you pay for 12 months, you get two months free, i.e., an overall benefit of 10 months. For further detail, the main features of the two plans are as follows.

  • Monthly plan: Shortly, AI’s monthly plan starts at $79 per month, and this plan spans around all the premium features.
  • Yearly plan: This starts at $65 per month with a difference in time duration. The bills get annually justified at the rate of the monthly price.

Have you got confused between the plans?

As a first-hand user of this tool, my piece of advice is to start your journey with a monthly plan and then make a swift upgrade to the yearly plan. Learning the new set of tools requires some time to master them. Over time as you get comfortable with all the features, the next plan is always present.

Avail yourself of the plan, approximately worth $79 per month, and make your business rank better.


Make your product descriptions unique and give your customer the joy of reading something new every time he visits your website. Not just product descriptions, various content types get produced by Shortly.AI, and all qualify to be unique. Shortly.AI’s writing assistant is GPT3 technology, and it is this technology that gets responsible for creating AI-based content and more.

Here’s a question: What makes these tools generate human-like content? The answer is this technology understands human sentiment and thus produces desired results.


  • Unlimited word credit.
  • Human-like content gets produced.
  • Write several topics quickly.


  • Sometimes, the data curated is incorrect; check it before publishing anywhere.

Get ShortlyAI

3. Rytr

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Get Rytr.me

This AI-based generator made it to the market in April 2021. Considering a not-so-established tool, I also had second thoughts about it. But, once I used it, the efficiency and ease of use made me on the list of 1500 copywriters, bloggers, marketers, and agencies. Apart from just creating product-related content, you get access to a total of 20+ content types.

You will be glad to know that you will be updated with technological advances, thanks to the team working behind Rytr. The activeness and alertness of the team make them above all the competitors. All the upcoming changes will get known to you via the published roadmap.

Working is easy because you can choose from several produced copy options even with minimal effort. Select the parameters of your expectations like tone, language, and product, put in some keywords, and just with a click, you will get your options. The ease of the process attracts many.

Rytr Pricing

ai product description generator, ai product description generator amazon, best product description generator, best product description generator business, product description generator
Rytr.me Plan & Pricing

Get Rytr.me

Without limiting yourself to several plans, Rytr allows unlimited free use with a credit limit of up to 5000 characters per month. The credit limit is equivalent to a character limit, and if 5000 is the credit limit, it means allowance of a product description generator worth 5000 characters per month.

If you exhaust your limit, switch to a premium plan for an unlimited word limit or wait for the calendar to show the next month. Rytr offers you 2 premium plans; the details are as below:

  • Saver plan: The Rytr Save plan allows you to generate about 50k characters per month and provides access to all premium features. This plan will cost you around $9 per month.
  • Unlimited plan: The Unlimited plan of Rytr will allow you to generate unlimited words, and all the other features are the same as the Saver plan. Instead of unlimited word counts, you will get a dedicated account manager and priority email & chat support in the list of additional features.

Have you got confused between the plans?

Making a choice is indeed one of the not-so-easy tasks. But in the end, you have to choose and make a choice, and here you have to choose from just two options that are still relatively easy.

After analyzing your needs and scaling your budget with the tool, if you need to generate a few product descriptions every month, you can go with the Saver plan, and if you have lots of content to generate, then the Unlimited plan is best for you.


The list of AI product description generators is quite long, but most don’t allow you to adjust the tone of the produced copy. Whereas, Rytr allows adjusting the right pitch and correct tone of the description. Harboring GPT3-based language models, Rytr never dissatisfied any of its users.

Any feature you will choose, every such feature gets backed by artificial intelligence. Delivering efficiency and ease of use justifies the long list of its users.


  • Has a free trial.
  • SEO-based content generation.
  • Has 30+ languages


  • API extends a few limitations.

Get Rytr.me

4. ClosersCopy

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Get ClosersCopy

If you have been using AI tools already, brace yourself to forget all about them as soon as you start using ClosersCopy. With new features rolling now and then, development speed is also god-like. The market has many such generators, but the quality isn’t expected.

The unique feature of this tool is it allows you to create your frameworks from scratch in case any of the premade ones doesn’t excite you. Apart from developing skills, you can also learn from the existing community’s added examples. You can create your customized product description framework for the best content.

Providing you with a first-hand customized AI workflow experience makes the ClosersCopy users list long. If you wish to leverage the power of one of the finest writing tools in the industry for your products, ClosersCopy is for you.

ClosersCopy Pricing

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ClosersCopy Plan & Pricing

Get ClosersCopy

Three major plans emerge when ClosersCopy pricing gets taken into consideration. Often the choice is led by the pocket allowance of a buyer. Several product features excite one, but in the end, if it doesn’t align with the pocket, never expect it to make it to your cart. The list of features is common among them, and the main difference is in the price and word count only.

  • Starter: Starting at approximately $30 per month, it is suitable for small work scopes. In this plan, you can generate up to 45,000 words every month.
  • Professional: As the name suggests, this is a step-up of features priced at approximately $50 per month; you can generate up to 120,000 words per month.
  • Unlimited: This is the ultimate king plan of all three, with an unlimited plethora of options for approximately $80 per month; there is no limit on content generation, and you can generate unlimited words.

Keynote: The lifetime deal for ClosersCopy is also live. There are two plans for the Lifetime deal. The first is Professional, which will cost you around $267, and the other Unlimited plan will cost you around $397. The price is continuously increasing so I suggest you make the purchase immediately.

Have you got confused between the plans?

Being a part of the modern world implies finding everything per your budget and requirement. Keeping the fact in mind, the three plans quoted at different price levels offer services according to the requirement. Considering the Unlimited plan, ClosersCopy is the most affordable tool in the market.

If you wish to write flawless and error-free product descriptions, ClosersCopy is there for you.


This AI-powered tool works for you faster than other competitors in the market. Everything can get done quickly, from writing professional blogs to selling letters and emails. The three features of ClosersCopy concerning long-form are no restrictions, no filters, and no limits. Create blogs and articles as easily as a click of a button.

Retaining old-school practices of going about things step by step, ClosersCopy has 30+ plugs and marketing frameworks for a better workflow and efficiency.


  • Intuitive UI with a quality editor.
  • Compatible with different types of topics.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Output quantity can get modified for the better.

Get ClosersCopy

5. WriteSonic

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Get WriteSonic AI

Another leading product generation tool for online businesses, WriteSonic, is another perfect example of an artificial intelligence-based writing tool. Within the initial months of launch, it bagged a lot of popularity. It is primarily one of the AI copywriting tools with other copywriter features.

Generating product-related content is also one such feature, and it holds the reputation of producing top-quality descriptions with a high conversion rate. You need to just put in some product-related information, and with a click of a button, you are good to go.

Considering the efficiency, ease of use, and list of offered features, many businesses, startups, and freelancers have signed up for WriteSonic. Analyze your requirements, and if they fall along the path of the given tool, you can also enjoy some leverage.

WriteSonic Pricing

ai product description generator, ai product description generator amazon, best product description generator, best product description generator business, product description generator
WriteSonic Plans & Pricing

Get WriteSonic AI

I tested this tool via the free testing option. The Free plan grants a person a limit of up to 10 credits. The system on which it works is a credit point system, in which it gets deducted with each generated content. So as you exceed your free limit, you need to switch to a yearly or a monthly plan. With each paid plan, you get increased access to many features.

  • Starter: This plan grants 75 monthly credits for $15 per month. The purpose served is a product description and other short-type content generation. In the case of a lengthy content framework, another credit point makes it to your account.
  • Professional: With a revised credit rationing system for a lengthy content framework, this plan gets priced at $45 per month and grants around 250 daily credit credits. Also, enjoy an unlimited credit limit for product descriptions.
  • Startup: This plan is almost similar to the previous plan; it gets stepped up for a price tag of $75 per month and 750 credit points for lengthy work assistants.
  • Business: This last plan spans around premium features like priority support, white-labeling, etc., along with the basic ones also. Pay around $195 per month to get this at your disposal.

Have you got confused between the plans?

Before trying anything online, a common suggestion is to test your subscription beforehand, either in your free trial period or with the most basic plan offered by the brand. For this AI product description generator, I also suggest you to test it before purchasing, then, you can decide which plan you need to purchase depending on your content requirement.

A variety of price plans makes it further easy for you to upgrade according to the changing needs of your business.


Working round the clock, WriteSonic’s team is bracing up the tool to meet the changing requirements effectively. Along with product description generation, it can cater to the content needs of a landing page, social media, Google Ads, etc. Expand your online business without worrying about cultural language differences with this tool in your sight.

It is compatible with producing copies in 24 different languages, and the list has popular languages like German, Spanish, French, and many more.


  • Impressive overall AI experience.
  • Quality customer service and valuable solutions.
  • Quick and efficient content is created.


  • Some mistakes might make it to the surface now and then.

Get WriteSonic AI

6. CopyAI

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Get CopyAI

After trying a long list of tools, CopyAI was another one that I laid my hands on while working. It is also one of the effective description generators designed to cater to the needs of several online and e-commerce businesses.

With this tool in hand, you have the power to create 18 different types of content, product description being one of them. In all, the technology that makes it suitable for such a diverse variety of tasks is GPT3. It is a brainstorming and content framing associate based on the artificial intelligence of CopyAI.

The launch date doesn’t date back a long time; instead, it was just October 2020. But its popularity didn’t get affected at all. Within a short span of the beginning, it managed more than 2000 sign-ups. And in turn, this milestone influenced many people to make their products hit the market via skilled product descriptions.

CopyAI Pricing

ai product description generator, ai product description generator amazon, best product description generator, best product description generator business, product description generator
CopyAI – Plans & Pricing

Get CopyAI

The purchasing decision gets affected by the pricing. Well, CopyAI offers you a seven-day free trial period. The free trial allows you complete access to all the tools. But you are limited as only 100 runs in a day are granted. After the trial, depending on your requirement, you can choose from three plans.

  • Solo: You can take a monthly solo subscription for $49/month to access unlimited runs. $39/month would be the quoted price for a yearly subscription. This option is best suited for small teams or single users.
  • Custom: A custom plan is for you if you have a larger team for working processes. For custom pricing and additional features, contact the sales team.

Have you got confused between the plans?

If you cannot select a plan, I have been in the same place while swinging from one tool to another. But if you are a small team or someone with a limited business scope, a Solo plan will do wonders for you. And only if you see your prospects widening more than ever before, a custom plan is a blessing.

A free 7-day trial is enough to give you a glimpse of what you are signing up for.


Being one of the GPT3 technology-based tools, it produces human-like content worth the appreciation. Beyond product descriptions, you can widen your horizons with this tool. Leaving no stone unturned, it also proposes a simple yet efficient chrome extension.

I purchased this tool just to check it, and now I can say that I invested my money in the right tool.


  • You secure a better ranking with non-plagiarized content.
  • No software installation is required for its use.
  • Access a free trial without feeding your payment details.


  • Servers, when down, which is not very often but can give you a tough time during working.

Get CopyAI

7. Peppertype.ai

ai product description generator, ai product description generator amazon, best product description generator, best product description generator business, product description generator

The last one made to the list is Peppertype.ai. The name suggests that the tool is based on artificial intelligence, like any other AI writing assistant in the market. Being a host to around 20,000+ users, 2000+ amazing paying customers, and 30+ total content types, it bags a lot of popularity.

The working of this AI writing assistant includes only three steps. The first step is to select the content copy you wish to generate (Here, you need to choose Product Description). Followed by the second step, which is to supply the necessary details of your product or business. And the final step is where you get your creatively curated content copies.

Peppertype.AI is widely known for providing more than the average services. These services include error-free content, unlimited content templates, and premium features.

Peppertype.ai Pricing

ai product description generator, ai product description generator amazon, best product description generator, best product description generator business, product description generator
Peppertype – Plans & Pricing

Get Peppertype.ai

Peppertype.ai divides the paid plan based on the usage of the targeted audience. Like individuals, small teams and freelancers have one option, professional marketing teams have another suitable plan, and the group of enterprises has another.

  • Starter plan: The things not included in this plan are collaboration, access control, and results. Rest it has standard features like access to 20+ types of content and active customer support. The starting price is $25 per month.
  • Growth plan: Basic features remain all the same. The difference between the growth plan and the basic one is that this includes all the excluded features of the starter one. And the price quoted for this is $165 per month.
  • Enterprise plan: Above all the plans, the Enterprise plan has made it to the wishlist of many users owing to the offer of premium features. Such features are a customized AI model for you, unlimited content generation, human quality checks, etc. For the pricing of this specific plan, you need to contact the concerned authorities.

Have you got confused between the plans?

The basic three pricing plans are self-explanatory about what they offer and what they don’t. If you feel the price tag isn’t justifying the things it is providing, you can always look for other options in the market.

First, understand your needs and then purchase a plan; if your requirements are less, I suggest you go with a Starter plan or Growth plan. For agencies, an Enterprise plan is a perfect option.


Don’t fear that once you subscribe to a plan, you won’t be able to get out of it. The tool in hand offers an easy refund policy putting no limitations on you and your choices. Expanding businesses shouldn’t be a hindrance on account of their writers. Supporting you round the clock, it grants you unlimited error-free content creation.

The content delivered is unique and non-plagiarized. Every time you put a new product in, expect new content for your product. I have been using this tool for a long time, and I can say that the quality of the content is amazing.


  • Quite responsive as a company with full customer support.
  • Quite easy to easy and has many templates to choose from.
  • The constantly evolving nature of the tool makes it updated and a better option than others.


  • After a few pointers, you can expect the content to get a little repetitive.

Get Peppertype.ai

When to Use a Product Description Generator?

Before using the AI product description generator, it is important to know when and when not to use it. So, in this case, it is also essential to understand when to use a product description generator. There might exist a space between your expectations and results if the timing varies.

Firstly, get accustomed to the fact that a generator cannot compete with professional writers. It might fill your void with satisfactory copies, but not up to the mark content. A writer dwells in your mind to frame what you desire, and this technology might try to shoulder such people, but they will always lag.

A product description generator will do you good overall, provided the remaining set-up is done and dusted.

Like in the case of luxury goods, your target audience won’t be able to make a purchasing decision just with a product description. So, when used in the right situation and at the right moment, expect them to do wonders but not everywhere.

How to Use a Product Description Generator For Best Results?

Before using the AI writing tools, ensure you know the skill. You might start using the AI product description generator and not get desired results.

Yes, it is possible when you are unaware of using an AI product description generator. You will shoulder the responsibility of being an editor round the clock.

After all, the generator will provide you with a basic framework, not an edit strictly adhering to your expected content. Keep a checklist of the following pointers while making the changes.

1. Make Sure it is Scannable

Do you find it easy to read long paragraphs of text with no breathing space or a properly formatted article with headings and subheadings?

We know the answer to this question is the latter part, not just for you and me but also for every consumer searching for products online. So save your customers from a long stretch of mental exercise by framing your product descriptions seamlessly.

2. Use Natural Language

If your product description is in a hard-to-understand, high-level corporate language, it is a red sign for you and your choice of the AI product description generator.

Anyone who lands on your product shouldn’t get directed to search engines to understand your product because they might never return. Make the text like any other day-to-day conversation and spike your conversion rates.

3. Optimize for SEO

If you are unfamiliar with SEO optimization, it is a method responsible for getting organic visitors to your website.

Your product description should be a host to the right keywords to attract this organic growth. These keywords push your product above the competitors and help you rank better. The longer the description, the better it is.

4. Prioritize Benefits Over Features

Every time you make any effort for your prospective buyer, put yourself in his shoes and then decide. Considering such a situation, prioritize the benefits over product features.

Like while buying a toothbrush, the purchasing decision often gets ruled by the benefit of achieving a whiter smile and not because of the cutting edge of bristles. So, benefits attract a customer more than features.

5. Use Several Accurate Tags

Tags help you escalate your content toward your expectations. More the number of tags you feed, the better the result achieved. The AI tools algorithm gets designed to work best according to the descriptive terms that get into the system.

So, your work is to find accurate terms according to the requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After reading the entire article about the 7 best AI product description generators, if you still have doubts, then please read the FAQs to get the answer to all your questions:

1. How do you Create a Product Description?

There are mainly two ways to create a product description. One way is to hire a human writer, make him aware of your expectations, and feed him with the necessary product details.

Another method is to sign up for an AI writing tool (Product description generator tool). It requires just a basic keyword related to the product, and without any time wastage, you get your desired multiple copies of dissipation at once.

If you ask me, I suggest you purchase Jasper AI and start generating product descriptions on your own. The content quality of this AI product description generator is amazing.

2. Are Product Description Generator Tools Better than Human Writers?

The question can have many answers, depending on personal preferences. In my opinion, human writers have a sense of emotion and personal touch, and the same goes for AI-based tools.

But, getting work from humans is costly and takes more time and effort. So in the modern era, where everything can get done with a click, AI product description generators are a boon for businesses and people.

Final Words

Product description generators proved to be a great toolkit when utilized rightly. Deploy it and save your money and efforts spent otherwise. After reading this article about the list of best product description generators for business & Amazon affiliates, choose the right one for yourself, and make your product reach the set audience.

In case of any second thoughts, you can get ahead with my tip of trying the free trials of your various prospective choices. After the free trial, you can decide based on your personal experience. Rest, you are all set to ease out the process of product description generation.

We hope this article about the best AI product description generators is helpful to you. Do share which product description generator you will use in the comments section below.

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